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Actively use your credit or debit card? You may be eligible for free personal accident insurance plans!

Numerous banks and financial institutions provide personal accident insurance as a perk for cardholders who use them frequently.

Do not overlook mental health consultation for complete wellness

Mental health has been a stigmatised topic in India for many decades.

Patience and parental guidance are all your child needs to make a great driver!

Driving is a task that entrusts the driver with the responsibility of passengers, pedestrians, and vehicles in their hands.

Replacing your headlights can be a DIY project with the right resources!

When your headlights give you a difficult time by going off, the instant reaction is to contact a mechanic.

With insurance digitisation, buying multiple policies and non-disclosure is a thing of the past

Unfortunate events are a constant risk that one must always be prepared for.

Legalities you should know before renting out your home

Renting a house is a time taking process. If not handled correctly

Dents are not the only things that can ruin your car’s fresh paint job

Your car's aesthetics are important to public perception of its value.

Budgeting your travel plans in advance can prevent feeling a pinch

We all have experienced planning a vacation with our family or friends, checking the travel fares and hotel rates,

Financial blunders: Things you should know before investing

Managing one's finances and accumulating wealth are essential activities that one must learn right from childhood.

Here are some situations where your car may need a jump start

Owning a car entails a considerable amount of responsibilities.

Here’s how you can support the driver while riding along as a passenger

Driving is an activity that requires extreme carefulness,

Pedestrians beware! These tips can prevent you from getting into accidents

Pedestrians have the right to cross the street without being restricted.

Tech may not be the best solution to expand the Indian policyholder base

Even though the Indian insurance market has been expanding quickly in recent years

As your liabilities rise, so should your insurance cover. Here's all you need to know

In a world of uncertainties, a financial product like insurance is no short of an overlooked superhero

Check out these picture-perfect eco-tourism destinations

Travelling is one of the best ways to escape life's mundane realities and find peace in a distant land.

Here are a few best natural remedies to ensure good skin care during summer

Your skin can suffer a lot in the summer. It can become dry, dull, and prone to breakouts due to heat

How is your premium fixed? Here’s how actuaries do it

For most people, general insurance online quote is the first consideration when buying any insurance.

Navigate roundabouts like a pro with our simplified guide

Have you already purchased car insurance India for your new car as a mandatory feature but still fear taking your vehicle on a spin?

Poor driving posture is a compounding problem that you must rectify at the earliest

Poor posture is the new smoking. It affects almost everyone around the globe, but it is not nearly talked about as much as it should be.

Taking insurance on your education loan may help you financially secure yourself

Higher education costs increase yearly, and many students turn to education loans to fund their studies.

Wonder why two-wheelers are petrol-fuelled

With private modes of transport becoming more popular, the number of vehicles on the roads and policyholders of car and 2 wheeler insurance

Here’s how you can protect your car doors from dents and scratches

The thought of getting a dent on your car doors while driving, parking, or simply due to external variables is upsetting.

Drowsy driving: Its implications and how to avoid it

Driving is a skill that requires utmost responsibility while behind the wheel.

Top tips to take care of your car windshield before leaving for a trip

Can you imagine a car without a windshield or with a cracked windshield? A car windshield caters to various functions

To-be entrepreneurs, prepare to face these obstacles while establishing your small business

Establishing a business can be challenging but not impossible.

These tips will save you from stressing on your daily long-distance commute

As the pandemic's effects subside and we return to offices, the stress associated with commuting has returned.

These tips can change the outcome of your DIY house painting project

Buying a house can be an expensive but gratifying event.

These drive-away destinations make for a dreamlike weekend getaway

Have you ever felt unproductive while having tight deadlines and no creativity or motivation to complete your tasks?

These advanced technologies are making motorcycle rides safer and how

The ever-increasing number of vehicles on Indian roads is constantly

The only one-stop guide for motorcycle accessories you must always carry

When it comes to motorcycles, many accessories can enhance your riding experience.

The ignored benefits of wearing your biking gloves on long rides

Are you a long-ride motorbike enthusiast? Fun is always the best part of such experiences.

The coverage extent of commercial general liability insurance

Running a business is seen as a highly lucrative earning opportunity.

Should you purchase multiple personal accident policies

A personal accident policy covers the loss or damage to the policyholder due to accidents.

Running your own business? Here are some insurances you should consider purchasing

Being an entrepreneur brings a lot of risk to the table. Insuring your business against liabilities and risks is a wise consideration.

Personal accident insurance plans: Does your insurance provide full protection against contingencies

The recent Economic Survey for the year 2022-23 presented by the Government of India indicates a positive growth outlook for the Indian insurance sector.

Lost your car keys? Here’s what you should do

The first impression your house has on the visitors can be everlasting as they leave.

Is it compulsory to purchase public liability insurance

Public liability insurance shields policyholders from lawsuits brought by third parties for their injuries, damaged property

If you’re not confident in completing the 8 track on a two-wheeler, this guide is for you

Cleaning a driving test to obtain a two wheeler licence seems complicated, and the application procedure for a rider’s permit often dissuades many people from learning how to drive a two-wheeler.

How careful inspection can help you avoid falling for these age-old insurance traps

Insurance policies, including non-general and general insurance plans, have gained popularity among Indians.

Here’s how smart helmets are set to change the riding experience

Helmets are protective headgear that can save your life in case you fall from a running two-wheeler or collide with another vehicle.

Here are some tips for maintaining your bike’s drive chain to ensure its longevity

A bike drive chain consists of interconnected oval loops made of metal, forming a roller chain.

Group personal accident insurance is all you need to protect yourself against the financial distress of disabilities

Human resources are the greatest asset for any company. A good workforce can make or break a company.

Get your tyres checked if you hear screeches regularly

The engine is often considered a two-wheeler's most crucial component.

Follow these steps if you're concerned about the authenticity of your bike insurance

Hundreds of options are available for your bike insurance, both online and offline.

Considering installing a solar panel rooftop? Here’s all you need to know

When switching to a sustainable energy source like solar, it is wise to conduct a careful study because this is an expensive

Collisions: Types and how to avoid them

Accidents, unfortunately, happen far too frequently.

A clutter-free home is not a distant dream with our simplified guide

After purchasing your home, maintaining and protecting it becomes the highest-ranked priority.

Here are some tips to improve your home’s appeal in minutes

The first impression your house has on the visitors can be everlasting as they leave.

Worried about driving alongside heavy vehicles? Here’s all you need to know

Driving is a tricky activity that requires extreme responsibility.

What's under a car’s bonnet? A basic guide for new drivers

Driving can be an overwhelming experience, at least when learning the basics of safe driving.

What's making your car insurance premium costlier

Most of us have invested financially and emotionally in our automobiles, making them more than just a convenience.

What is constructive total loss in two-wheeler insurance

Whether you own a two-wheeler or a car, you should always ensure that you know everything about its maintenance and insurance.

What does the budget 2023 have for the insurance sector

The Government of India presented the union budget on 1st February 2023.

What is constructive total loss in two-wheeler insurance

Whether you own a two-wheeler or a car, you should always ensure that you know everything about its maintenance and insurance.

Tired of ineffective air-conditioning in your car? Here’s what you can do

Imagine the frustration of driving on a deserted road and encountering a breakdown.

The 2022-23 economic survey indicates greater insurance penetration. Know more

he Ministry of Finance and Corporate Affairs of the Government of India

Spring cleaning is beneficial for your house and your health too

Most people love to clean their houses and redecorate them to give them a brand-new look.

Porting your health insurance policy cannot get simpler

With age, one has to adapt to the evolving environment

Pay attention to the hot weather when choosing between fabric or leather upholstery seat cover

Every individual who owns a car wants the best for their vehicle.

Material disclosures are key for a successful claim

Insurance policies can be tricky! You need to fully understand the policy terms & conditions before you sign the dotted lines.

Let's know if proportionate deduction resolves all your confusion surrounding sub-limits in health insurance

Health insurance consists of myriad terms and conditions that policyholders

Infrequent drivers, check out pay-as-you-drive insurance

Car insurance services are evolving to serve their customers more efficiently and effectively.

Incentives for policyholders may encourage safe driving on roads

The number of vehicles on Indian roads is witnessing an ever-increasing trend.

If you’re in your 20s, this is the perfect time to buy health insurance

A person’s 20s are a hectic yet exciting part of life.

Here are some bike puncture probabilities every rider must be aware of

While bikes are the most commonly preferred mode of personal transport used in all-terrain conditions

Experience the thrill of powerbocking

In the hustle and bustle of today’s modern world, youngsters are always looking for an adrenaline rush.

Do you have a high credit score? You may be eligible for a lower insurance premium

Most people own numerous credit cards from single or multiple banks.

Dealing with accident trauma and overcoming fears to drive again confidently

Road accidents can be dangerous, not just physically but mentally as well.

Are you an off-road biking enthusiast? Consider purchasing these add-ons

Bikes are nothing short of an adventure on two wheels. While they have always been highly preferred in the Indian market due to their convenience

Can accidentally misfuelling your car be a potential threat

Motor insurance is a boon that provides vehicle owners security against the financial burden of mishaps that occur to their cars.

Climate change is affecting not just the planet, but your home insurance as well

Climate change is the shift in the temperature and weather patterns over a long period.

Check out these home makeovers tasks on the upcoming weekend

A home is so much more than just a shelter.

Common mistakes beginners must avoid while changing a flat tyre

If you don't drive often, you could believe you don't need the competence to change a tyre and may leave it to the mechanic.

Are extreme sports covered under personal accident insurance

Insurance is a financial product like no other. Upon payment of a meagre premium amount

Not responsible for the accident? Here's what you should do

The numbers of road accidents in India are astonishingly increasing every year for many reasons

Nails: An overlooked indicator of good health

Good health is considered to be our greatest gift.

If you’re struggling with productivity, a morning routine may be what you need

With the advent of the hustle culture and technology moving at an incredible pace

Here are ten easy tips to reduce bloating

Bloating can be a common but painful condition for some.

Budgeting fundamentals young adults must understand

Young adults are at a nascent stage of life, beginning to understand and bear life's responsibilities.

Raising a claim for a scratch or a dent on your bike may not be the best move

Although buying a vehicle is a significant investment

Simplifying commonly used insurance jargon

While checking any insurance plan, you most likely come across terms like deductibles

Single mother: A health insurance can secure your and your child’s future

Women have surpassed their traditional gender roles and are now leading huge organisations

Your car manufacturer’s service centres can help you cut costs in the long run

Although buying a vehicle is a significant investment

Would your corporate health insurance suffice? Not amid layoffs

In the aftermath of a global pandemic and rising economic uncertainties,

Why the joy of motorcycle riding only increases in a group

Travel has become more about exploration than just following the regular itinerary and checking off tourist spots.

Top priorities for Indian car buyers in 2023

Safety is undoubtedly at the forefront of your mind when you plan to buy a new car.

Telematics car insurance: A boon for the insured & insurer

Telematics in car insurance is used by integrating telecommunications and informatics

Inbuilt restoration benefit is a boon you must consider

Recent studies indicated a 0.4% penetration rate of health insurance in India in 2022.

Here’s why your health insurance premium rises each year and what you can do to manage it

Most investments are made to reap future benefits or protect yourself from contingent liabilities that may arise.

Here's all you need to know about health insurance for smokers

Tobacco has been killing people for centuries, but people still don't consider

Here are a few key ratios to consider before buying insurance

It is difficult for us to pick out the best insurance providers in the market without having in-depth knowledge about the company.

Confused between authorised service centres and local garages? Here’s all you need to know

While purchasing a car is a huge deal, that is not all. You also need to invest in the upkeep and maintenance of your vehicle to increase its longevity.

Check out these unique tourism niches in 2023

Ever since the world reopened after the Covid-19 pandemic

All you need to know about the impact of rising medical inflation on health insurance premiums

You must have seen people around you discussing the rise in medicines, procedures, consultation fees, and expenses.

Your guide to buying the best second-hand car in Mumbai

Pre-owned cars, often known as used cars, are very economical, available in good condition and have a lower depreciation rate.

Why is wearing a seatbelt during a ride always a good habit

Road accidents in India are estimated at around 2 Lakhs per year, the highest in the world.

Why are preventive health check-ups offered by health insurance important

In the olden days, people unintentionally practised habits like following

Why are hatchbacks a preferred car segment for small families

Hatchbacks are small cars with a hatch-type opening at the rear end

Ways to get compensation for your lost or stolen luggage from the railway authorities

India's railway network is the fourth largest in the world after the USA, Russia, and China, with over 22,593 operating trains.

Top wellness trends for 2023 that you must know

There is no denying that health is one’s greatest asset.

Top trends the insurance industry is set to see in 2023

Financial products and services are constantly evolving and adapting to changing market conditions and customer needs.

Tips for maintaining optimal spine health

Millions worldwide suffer from back or neck pain occasionally or regularly.

These yoga poses can help you instantly burn your belly fat

Indians love having a high-calorie diet without balancing it with an equal workout regime.

These smart tips can help you plan the most exciting long weekend trips

Hectic schedules have evolved into the new normal over time.

Mileage tampering: How to detect tricked odometers used in the cars

India’s passenger-automotive industry was valued as the third-largest globally in 2022.

KYC compliance becomes mandatory for car insurance

Owning a car is a huge responsibility

Know more about tailgating and ways to stop it

Have you ever been driving around and seen someone cutting it too close to your car's bumper?

Concerned about malicious mischief and vandalism? House insurance is the solution you're looking for

Buying a home is a dream for most Indians. Considering the ever-increasing inflation,

Consider these factors while purchasing cancer health insurance

Cancer is one such illness that affects the patient and their family emotionally and mentally.

Here’s why the least-priced car insurance may not be a worthwhile investment

Imagine you're out with your car for some work, and suddenly another over-speeding vehicle rams into your car from behind.

How is AI set to revolutionise the car insurance sector

AI has evolved tremendously over recent years, and its impact can be seen in every sector of the economy.

How to take care of yourself amid changing seasons

Every season has its own character and is anticipated to practically play a hot-and-cold game with us.

The reliability of car safety ratings and their impact on purchasing decisions

An important choice to make is whether to lease or buy a car.

The best ways to increase your chances of getting a successful two-wheeler insurance claim settlement

Recent studies indicate that over 50% of vehicles on Indian roads are uninsured, of which two-wheelers make the majority.

Seeking to opt for a surrogate mother? Prepare to purchase health insurance

In India, as in the rest of the world, countless single people and couples want to start a family.

Protect your personal belongings with a theft add-on to your bike insurance

A comprehensive bike insurance policy protects you in case your bike gets stolen.

Move-over braces, and clear aligners are the way forward

As we progress, we are moving towards better options in all aspects of life.

Lower abdominal pain: It may be a sign of appendicitis

Abdominal pain is a prevalent issue of concern worldwide.

Let's understand the psychology behind honking and the ways to tone it down

Honking while driving on the road is a serious topic and a primary source of noise pollution.

If you are a travel enthusiast, you must buy personal accident insurance

Travel is like hitting a reset on the mundane flow of life. It is a breath of fresh air a amid hectic schedule involving tedious work.

How to recover from short-term memory loss after an accident

Short-term memory loss following an accident can drastically impact a person's life.

How can you detect faults in your home’s electrical circuit

Detecting faults in your home's electric circuit can be simple if you know exactly

Home insurance is a must for you if you are a jewellery enthusiast

Are you fascinated with the ever-changing and beautiful jewellery designs that keep coming every second day

Here’s why you should check your insurer’s persistency ratio before purchasing a policy

Seller credibility is a crucial factor that affects buying decisions.

Before riding a borrowed bike, run these quick checks

Two-wheelers are extremely convenient modes of conveyance.

Driverless cars have become a reality, but are they covered under your car insurance

Futuristic innovations are taking the world by storm, and the automobile industry is no exception.

Here's all you need to know about dry eye syndrome and the way to prevent it

Do you ever feel like your eyes are burning, have redness, sting, or blurred vision, especially when reading?

Here are the top tips for buying the cheapest two wheeler insurance in 2023

In 2023, one must gather basic information before getting a two wheeler insurance plan.

Here are the top things to consider before you buy a used motorcycle

The volatility of employment and predicting an incoming global economic recession are challenging.

Here are a few security regulations that the next-generation cars need to adapt

Technological advancements are visible in a country like India, where economic developments are happening rapidly.

Here are a few flu-like health conditions you must be aware of

You're familiar with that feeling when you're on the verge of becoming ill.

Here are a few exciting ways you can organise your home for this new year

It's the new year, and one resolution that we all commonly try to make is to keep our homes organised and well-maintained.

Fire insurance inclusions and types that you must know

Buying a high-value fixed asset like land or property is always expensive

Do you own a diesel car? Here's how you can improve its mileage

Even though diesel engines produce more mileage, car owners are always looking

Did you know that going minimalistic may improve your mental health

Development and progress are always seen as indicators of positive changes.

Did you know about the best gifts you can give your biker friend

Whether it's a weekly Sunday ride with the crew, a quick trip when the weather's nice

Complete guide on e-insurance account

Insurance is undoubtedly a saviour in unfortunate times.

Best tips to take care of your stitches to ensure a faster recovery

If you have recently operated on for surgery,

Are you a student going to study abroad? Here are a few essential things you must know

Over time, the world has come together to become a global village.

Effective tips to make your house a pet-friendly place

The joy of having a companion is truly unparalleled.

Everything you need to know about family floater health insurance plan

Due to the threat of a global pandemic and the surge of different health crises, everyone now should have health insurance.

Here's all you need to know about a lapse in car insurance

Buying a car in India is seen as more than just a mode of convenient travel.

What is a balanced diet, and how can you achieve it

In a rapidly progressing world, it is paramount to stay fit and healthy.

These signs in the morning can indicate that you might be at risk of getting diabetes

Health is an underappreciated asset we tend to overlook when pursuing our goals.

These exciting ideas can increase the longevity of your car

Buying a car is an exciting process that takes lots of planning, budgeting

The interesting travel predictions for 2023 that you must know

With the onset of the New Year, travel experts predict a significant increase in tourism despite the possibility of an incoming recession.

Practical tips for drivers to avoid pedestrian accidents

In a high-population nation like India, pedestrian deaths from road accidents are alarming.

List of essential car maintenance tips that teenagers must follow

Certain privileges become accessible only after attaining a specific age.

Know these mistakes you should avoid while selecting a wedding destination

Nothing represents India better than big fat Indian weddings! Vibrant colours

Best tips you should know while upgrading your motor insurance during renewal

Motor insurance is a mandatory purchase that helps you safeguard

Your bike’s cubic capacity can directly impact its insurance premium, here’s all you need to know

Manufacturing date, location, vehicle model, claims history with add-ons,

Wondering why your motor insurance premium is so high? Fuel may be the reason

While electric vehicles are capturing the vehicle market, petrol and diesel-based cars still need to be put in trend.

Top reasons for receiving a partial settlement from a car insurance claim

Insurance is an effective mechanism that protects the insured from the financial loss incurred due to damage to an asset.

Things to remember while making endorsements that can save your car claim from rejection

Applying for a car insurance claim may be a stressful procedure, regardless of how well you may have painted the picture for yourself.

Is single insurance for multiple cars an excellent investment

Many people are passionate about cars and love to add them to their collections with multiple vehicles of different classes and brands.

Signs of hairline fractures and tips to heal them effectively

Bone injuries are severe and painful. They make your life miserable, and everyday chores become a huge task.

Should you opt zero depreciation add-on for your bike that can increase your settlement amount

When looking to purchase bike insurance coverage, there are a variety of options available.

Read the insurance fine print if your bike has a high engine capacity

Over the years, there has been a significant and gradual increase in the demand for luxury goods globally.

Let's decode the BH series number plates in India

We have seen cars with various types of number plates.

Know whether oversleeping can be bad for your health

We all follow different sleeping patterns and habits.

Is comprehensive car insurance truly exhaustive? Here's the complete guide

A car has the capacity for durable and comfortable rides, ensures safety, and is a significant investment.

If driving in reverse scares you, here’s what you need to know

Reverse driving and parallel parking are two things that most people are scared of.

How technology-aided insurance services can be a benchmark in efficient customer handling

In recent times, technological advancements have been table-turners for corporates in the insurance industry.

Here’s a guide to parallel parking that has guaranteed results

People often complain about parking spaces, especially in our country.

Here are the best tips for administering first aid for burns

First-aid tips and techniques have been a part of our educational curriculum since junior school.

Here are a few tips for skincare in older adults

Even if you've taken exceptional care of your skin throughout the years,

Here are a few home remedies to treat psoriasis

Your body is a temple, and you must take care of it to ensure your physical,

Best tips to overcome your driving test nerves

Purchasing a home is a long, chaotic and hectic process.

Best hacks for home buyers to purchase their dream home at the best price

Purchasing a home is a long, chaotic and hectic process. In addition to the budget

A detailed guide on how plumbing works at home

When we say “water is life”, it is more a reality than a necessity.

Before you buy your car, here’s all you need to know about ex-showroom and on-road prices

You have saved money for a long time to be able to finally buy your dream car and bring it home.

A complete guide on hamstring injuries and the best ways to get relief

While YOLO (You Only Live Once) can be the mantra for many of us to enjoy and create beautiful memories

Fitness guide to making abs at home

You can create great abs without complicated equipment or expensive gym subscriptions.

Understand these signs that show newborn illness and immediately act on them

Bringing home your newborn from the hospital is a wonderful yet challenging experience as a parent.

Tips for hosting the perfect party at home

At-home gatherings are now again in fashion post-pandemic.

The effective tips to deal with motorbike wrist injury

Wrist damage is one of the most frequent types of injuries among motorcyclists.

Let's discuss naturopathy and its effectiveness for a healthy life

While the allopathic world is trying its best, home remedies have also proven very effective, especially

Learn how you can deep clean your car's trunk

As the owner and user of your vehicle, you need to understand the importance of cleaning

Importing a car to India? Here is a list of things to consider

Indian celebrities, cricket players, and business tycoons have all made headlines

How to raise a 2 wheeler insurance claim without an RC or licence

The Driving Licence (DL) and Registration Certificate (RC) are two crucial documents

How to maintain a clean riding record, and how does it impact your two wheeler insurance

For every two-wheeler owner, it is imperative to know various driving and traffic rules

Here’s the guide to enjoying a perfect group trip

Group trips are often a sort of once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for everyone.

Here's how you can treat cracked heels at home

Here's how you can treat cracked heels at home

Here are the top Indian destinations to enjoy an educational tour

Be it enjoying fun activities amidst a large crowd in another city or country or revisiting nature to restore

Here are a few tips for choosing the best hotel room during your vacation

People from all walks of life have resumed their travel adventures after the stressful time of the covid era.

Here are a few indoor activities that seniors can enjoy during the winters

What's better than enjoying a cosy winter afternoon basking in the sun? In India

Does fitting a CNG kit make your car insurance premium pricier

Diesel and gasoline both cost a lot of money. Each has benefits and drawbacks,

Do you fall into the Tourist Traps? Implement these tips to stay safe

There is nothing as fascinating as travelling, which allows you to explore new and exciting places,

Did you know these secret tips to get a window seat on a flight

The majority of air passengers are constantly searching for window seats while flying.

Did you know the role of a motorcycle choke

Have you ever attempted to start a cold engine? It will be challenging to start carbureted engines

Did you know about these cool tips to reduce online travel expenses

When we talk about travel, everyone likes to get some discounts and save money on expenses.

Complete guide on maternity health insurance, coverage, and benefits

A maternity health insurance offers financial support for childbirth.

Complete guide on Collision Damage Waiver

Travelling by car is one of the most exhilarating experiences that you can have.

Best features to look for when purchasing a new two-wheeler for women

Two-wheelers are the most convenient mode of transport in India.

Are long charging hours stopping you from buying an EV? Battery swapping is a game-changer

As the world revolutionises and turns towards more eco-friendly options, the emergence of Electric Vehicles

Check out these things if your two-wheeler fails to start

We can all agree that having difficulties starting a motorcycle is an unpleasant experience.

Can you buy two-wheeler insurance without inspection

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, every vehicle owner in India is legally required to purchase insurance.

Are fibre parts covered under two wheeler insurance

Preferred amongst different economic strata, scooters and bikes help manoeuvre through tight-packed traffic

The best ways to treat shoulder dislocation and prevent it in future

Accidents are a common occurrence these days. They can cause major upheaval and disrupt our entire life at once.

Were you aware of the health benefits of riding motorcycles

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most ethereal experiences that you can encounter in your life.

Understand these smart tactics that car salespeople won't want you to know

Buying a car is more challenging than it seems.

Which type of car alarm is right for your car

Even in a country like India, where unequal wealth distribution has persisted over the years,

Things you should know about acupuncture

Insurance is an umbrella that protects you from the financial burden resulting in the aftermath of the event you are insured against.

These steps can help you ride your motorcycle comfortably in the snow

The cold weather in the winter is a welcome change in most parts of the country that usually experience blazing heat.

The surprising benefits of drinking papaya water early morning on an empty stomach

Even though we all know that eating fresh fruits is good for our health,

The ultimate European travel guide to enjoying a perfect family vacation

Planning family vacations is a daunting task that requires lots of research, budgeting, and scheduling to ensure everyone's availability.

The smart tips to practise the perfect power nap to revitalise yourself

You might have felt tired and sluggish during the day, especially in the afternoon.

The best tips to decorate your home with travel souvenirs

We all yearn for a trip with family and friends to rejuvenate ourselves from our routine life.

The interesting facts about nutrition that people aren't aware

Every one of us tries to include as much nutritious food as possible to achieve a healthy lifestyle and stay fit and strong.

The best ways to financially manage your car

A car is usually the second most sought-after asset for any household in India after a home.

Neck injury: How do you know if it is serious

Accidents are the most common cause of neck injuries.

Look out for these smart tips to save money on medical costs

Expenses on medical treatments are usually unavoidable. All medical costs, from medications to various tests, require a considerable sum, which is an emergency crisis for most families.

How to spot the clear signs of a good insurance agency

When purchasing insurance, people check the plan's conditions, coverage, and exclusions.

Here's what you should know about the insurance while scheduling a surgery

Health insurance in India covers the costs of hospitalisation, medicines, and doctor consultation fees that can arise from any illness, disease, or accident.

Here are the ways you can identify a broken nose and perform aftercare

With a significant emphasis on laborious work that yields marginal returns, there is no alternative to physical effort.

Here are the side effects of taking excessive painkillers

Sometimes you suffer a severe headache and feel like someone is whacking you in the head with a hammer.

Here are the benefits of drinking water in a copper vessel

The emphasis on health and preventive care has skyrocketed post-pandemic.

Here are some frequently asked bike insurance questions

If you're looking for answers to some frequently asked questions about two wheeler insurance, look no further.

Here are a few items that you must never leave in your car

Buying a car was seen as a status symbol in the past.

Here are a few hacks to beat late-night snack cravings

How often have you heard someone advise you to brush your teeth to stop late-night cravings?

Here are a few clever ways you can avoid overspending on food when travelling

Travel is a favourite bucket list item for most people who aspire to discover new opportunities, savour offbeat experiences, introspect and grow holistically.

Here are a few Ayurvedic herbs to give your hair a new life

With a hectic lifestyle, unhealthy diet, and stress, your health gets affected severely.

Follow these health tips to boost collagen production in the body

If you are interested in skincare, you may be familiar with collagen production.

A few surprising benefits of having Tulsi plant at home

Tulsi is a popular houseplant in India and is worshipped by people as a religious practice in different parts of the country.

Can you claim your two-wheeler insurance twice a year

Insurance is an umbrella that protects you from the financial burden resulting in the aftermath of the event you are insured against.

Complete guide on standalone damage car insurance

Standalone own-damage car insurance is optional,

Complete guide on passenger assistance cover in two-wheeler insurance

If you have ever randomly searched for road safety statistics relating to India,

Find out which businesses in India need public liability insurance the most

Do you own a business and are undoubtful if you need to purchase a public liability insurance policy?

Guide to getting a duplicate copy of your motor insurance policy

From commuting to the office to planning a road trip with friends, having your

Here are a few myths you need to know about public liability insurance

Public liability insurance in India is a kind of insurance that aims to shield business

Here are a few tips to help you ride your two-wheeler on congested roads

Due to the extreme population density, everything in the country is crammed up and congested,

Here are the ways to find the expiry date of your bike insurance online

India ranks among the top 10 countries with the most two-wheelers

How are telematics solutions impacting the motor insurance industry

Technology has significantly advanced in recent years, with almost all businesses,

How can comparing different bike insurance policies be useful

As the Motor Vehicle Act specifies, every bike owner must acquire a third-party insurance policy.

Know more about the grace period in car insurance

Car insurance is a shield that protects your vehicle and your finances in case of accidents

Know whether your two-wheeler insurance covers fire damage

Besides its legal obligations, bike insurance can help you avoid paying heavy amounts for any damage,

Learn more about engine protection add-ons in two wheeler insurance

Bike engine damage can be severe and adversely impact you financially.

Let's understand consumables in car insurance

The MV Act, or the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, regulates the legal environment surrounding motor vehicles.

Shedding light on Return to Invoice in motor insurance

Most people are familiar with motor insurance, its benefits, and its exclusions.

The best destinations in India to enjoy the new year vacation with family

Spending time with your family is an underrated form of therapy.

These international airports are more exciting and fun than you think

You don't always have to hate travelling if you have to go through airports.

Understand the difference between multi-year and single-year bike insurance

Indian insurance companies offer two types of bike insurance validity- single-year and multi-year bike insurance.

What does the power steering alert on the car dashboard indicate

If you've driven a car with manual steering, you must know how difficult it can be.

Understanding how a cashless garage facility can be helpful

A cashless garage facility is one in which an insurance company has a tie-up with a garage.

What is hypothecation in car insurance, and how to terminate it

Cars are becoming trendier and feature-rich day by day, and the young generation

What is the no-objection certificate for bikes, and how to apply for it

Suppose a bike owner plans to sell his bike or move with the bike to a new city. In this case, a NOC, or no objection certificate, is required to avoid legal issues.

Beginners guide to learn jumping rope at home

Physical exercise is one of the basic requirements for a healthy and functional body.

Best tips to do daily tasks with convenience after a fracture

A fracture brings pain and many inconveniences while performing your daily routine tasks.

Buying a new two-wheeler? Here are the important documents that you will need

Given the crowded riding conditions and slow-moving traffic in Indian cities

Did you know about the knock-for-knock agreement in motor insurance

In India, awareness about motor insurance has grown significantly in the last few years.

Hand care tips for guitar aspirants to avoid injuries

Indulging in leisurely activities is an overlooked aspect of today's hectic lifestyles.

Did you know that your bathing habits can impact your digestion

Our elders followed a healthy lifestyle and had a long lifespan, however, life expectancy has been going down in recent years.

Have you broken a finger after an accident? Here's what you must do

Accidents can happen to anyone and anywhere. Our fingers face a significant impact

Here are the most common fire hazards you must know about

Since fire can destroy things quickly and significantly, you should pay close attention

Is the fire brigade taking too long to reach? Here are some tips to get a grip on the situation

You must have heard about several heart-breaking incidents that have destroyed

Know more about the anti-locking braking system in detail

A critical safety element that is now standard in all modern vehicles

Let's learn the facts about electric two-wheelers and what makes them a popular choice

Electric two-wheelers are one of the fastest-growing segments in the Indian automobile industry.

Let's know the reasons why walking in the sunshine is good for your health

Ageing is an inevitable part of life. Despite scientific advancements and multiple procedures that help reduce

Magma HDI launches “OneHealth Senior” Health Insurance

There is no denying that a good lifestyle depends on an individual's health.

The top places to visit in India to enjoy rappelling

Rock climbing and rappelling offer some of the most thrilling encounters with nature and adventure.

Try an offbeat houseboat experience at these popular Indian locations

Over the past decades, the emphasis on conventional methods of living has reduced

What are the consequences of riding a bike on the wrong side of the road

Every year, millions of new bikes are registered in India,

Why is it important to practice defensive driving, and how can it benefit you

Defensive driving is the technique in which you drive cautiously and smoothly

Zebra crossing: Why most drivers often ignore it

Zebra crossings worldwide provide pedestrians with a safe option to cross the roads amidst heavy traffic.

Best tips to avoid sleeping while driving during the night

We all must have travelled by road at night, either by choice or due to some emergency.

The best tips for choosing a cargo shipping company

Running a business involves many uncertainties and risks, making it a venture challenging for every business person.

The complete guide for people trying parasailing for the first time

Adventure sports have always been the best option for people who call themselves adrenaline junkies.

These are a few common drainage problems harmful to your house

Most households should foresee drainage issues.

Tips senior citizens must be aware of to protect themselves from online scams

Online scams have been on a stupendous rise, mainly because

Let's understand the advantages of fire insurance for businesses

Running a business involves many uncertainties and risks, making it a venture challenging for every business person.

Immediate steps you must take in case of identity theft

Personal information is an asset that one must safeguard at all costs. In the olden days,

Here is why too much sitting can be dangerous for your body

Regular office work requires prolonged periods of desk sitting.

Here are the emerging trends of maritime logistics in India

The pandemic significantly impacted every business globally,

Here are some interesting facts about the Indian two wheeler market

Convenience is the need of the hour during the age of rapid growth.

Here are a few flammable items in your house that you need to be careful about

Fire in a house can be devastating and bring the entire house down to ashes in just a few moments.

Here are a few effective winter travel tips for enjoying a memorable trip

Who does not love to travel in the winter season?

Everything you must know about theft insurance in India

We have discussed various types of insurance on this forum: health, personal accident, general, home, health, two-wheeler, motor, and many others.

Effective ways to treat frozen shoulder and ensure a speedy recovery

Many of us feel shoulder pain when we try to remove our wallet from the back pocket

Understand these tips if planning to send your cargo overseas

With globalisation, the world has become a closely-knit village.

Smart tips for washing home glass windows with sparkling shine

Have you ever tried running your hand over your house's glass window panes? The amount of dust you will come across is worrisome.

Here is the list of superfoods to add to your kid's diet for better brain health

Raising kids is no picnic. Parents' entire world revolves around their children. Several aspects factor in their upbringing,

Here are the best ways to diagnose and treat gangrene

With the changing lifestyle and inconsistent routines,

List of ancient temples in India that you must visit once in your lifetime

Out of 195 countries, setting oneself apart from others is difficult.

Here are the best blue water beaches in India which should be on your wishlis

Who does not enjoy travelling? Being able to visit and explore new places,

Here are the advantages of having ORVM in your car

Any car driver wants a clear view of their surroundings in the front and back to judge traffic properly.

Here are the best five car cleaning accessories you may want to have

Every car owner wishes to keep the vehicle in prime condition to maintain its sleek look.

Here’s how you can avoid getting fined due to over-speeding

You already know how important it is to drink water, but here's an interesting question:

Understand these five car parking rules to avoid traffic violation

Car parking has always been a major challenge in most metro cities.

Early risers vs. night owls – Which sleep style is healthier and more productive

REM cycle (Rapid eye movement cycle), melatonin, biological clock, etc.- these are

Enlisting the simple yet effective soundproofing solution for your room

We all want to live and work in a peaceful environment that motivates us to always give our best.

Here's why you should drink water after waking up

You already know how important it is to drink water, but here's an interesting question:

The effects of sleeping after eating that you should be aware of

From running errands to attending college to organising business meetings, life has become an endless circle of activities.

Meditation: Why is it important for today's modern lifestyle

All of us are aware of the daily challenges of modern lifestyles and our quest to maintain a work-life balance.

The immediate steps to take if you accidentally hurt your nails

Due to their tenderness, it is very common to get your nails hurt at home, the workplace, or even while you're sleeping.

Insurance fraud awareness: Prevention tips for a legitimate insurance policy

With technological advancement moving at an incredible pace, it becomes challenging

Cold or a hot shower? Which one is best for you

Taking a shower is quite refreshing, especially after retiring from a hectic day or a high-voltage workout regime.

Binge eating disorder: Six innovative ways to control it

With changing circumstances and lifestyles

Everything you need to know about hit-and-run accidents

Hit-and-run accidents are frustrating events where a driver causes an accident and flees

Here are a few health benefits of music you might not know

Music plays one of the inspiring roles through the most unpredictable journey called life.

Best tips to survive long bus journeys and make them more enjoyable

Have you ever taken a long bus journey and gotten bored?

Here are the best ways to drive peacefully and avoid road rage in India

Having your vehicle is the best way to reach your destination, commute to work, or go on a trip,

Know when and how you can get your car’s engine tune-up done

An engine is the core of our car, and you would want it to be in perfect shape every time you turn on its ignition.

Know the reasons why buying a used two-wheeler is better than a new one

If you are somebody who wants to invest in a scooter or a bike

Know more about the dying bike clutch that needs an immediate replacement

Is this your first time owning a bike? If so, you may not know how to detect a dying clutch.

Is it legal to get your car windows tinted

The demand for passenger cars has continued to grow each year

How do major floods impact the premium of motor insurance

There is no denying the importance of having the most comprehensive and cost-effective

Here's why triple riding in India is a violation and should be avoided

In a country like India, a two-wheeler is one of the convenient options for commuting.

Here is the list of must-try vacation cruises in India for an offbeat experience

River cruises are one of the best ways to explore the country's backwaters

Here is the list of lesser-known traffic violations that you must be aware of

The strict implication of rules and regulations in a densely populated nation like India is required to maintain law,

Here’s the complete guide on efficient car parking

If you are somebody who has a car, you already know how helpful and convenient it can be.

Here's everything you need to know if your motorcycle falls over

A two-wheeler provides many conveniences and advantages, particularly in terms of time savings.

Here is everything you need to know about cat eyes reflectors on the road

Cat eyes reflectors are also known as road studs or raised pavement markers.

Here's all you need to know about the eligibility criteria for riding e-scooters in India

As we know, India aspires to be an all-electric nation by 2030.

Here are the reasons why you must attend a driving school

Are you somebody who recently bought a vehicle or is planning to buy one? If your answer is yes,

Here are the effective ways to identify and fix punctures in tubeless tyres

Tubeless tyres have been a great invention to make the lives of car owners more convenient.

Diving deep to understand the importance of RPM in a bike

Despite the extra cost as compared to tube-type tyres, these make driving a lot

Did you know there exist different types of drivers? What is your type

India has a massive population of automobile owners plying their vehicles on the roads daily.

Did you know that you can be charged a fine if found driving a car without mandatory accessories

Cars are almost our second home as we spend 2-3 hours daily commuting in them.

Complete guide to installing central AC at your home

A central air conditioner cools the air in one area, then uses the furnace's air handling skills

Challenges faced by Indian female pillion riders due to side-saddle posture

There are several issues raised when women pillion riders sit in a side-saddle position.

Best motorcycle tips for female riders to have a safe ride

Riding a motorcycle into the sunset, with the wind blowing on your face, is one of the most surreal experiences to cherish.

Why using a fancy number plate for your car can get you into trouble

Have you bought a brand-new car and are excited to hit the road? The first thing that the law

Why is theoretical knowledge equally important as practical while learning to drive

Theoretical and practical knowledge are like two parts of a scale, equally important to make a balanced driver.

What to do if your bike gets stuck in gear

All your bike's parts are crucial, but one of its most essential parts is the clutch.

Understanding if motorcycle rides with your pet dog is a good idea

Are you a pet lover who wants to take your pet dog out for an adventure? With pets becoming closer

Tips to locate the best two wheeler dealer near you

Are you someone who is looking to buy a two wheeler soon? If yes, one of the important things

Things to do if your car breaks down in the middle of a highway

As a car owner, you already know that a vehicle breaking down can be extremely frustrating. After all

The perks of having the right windshield protection film on your car

Buying your dream car is only half the job done.

The best reasons why it is beneficial to fill your bike’s tyres with nitrogen

Selecting the right furniture may be a tedious task for some people who need to be more informed

Points you need to check while buying furniture for your home

Selecting the right furniture may be a tedious task for some people who need to be more informed

List of the most exciting winters fairs in India you can’t miss

The Indian winter calendar is always filled with various exciting events,

Let's understand the threats of smoking while driving

Driving is an activity that requires a very high amount of cognitive presence.

Following are the annoying habits of drivers that you must know

Indian roads witness several incidents of massive accidents and crashes of vehicles every year.

Have you ever wondered why travelling by road is the best way to explore places

Everyone from all ages and walks of life enjoys exploring new places, and there can be no better way to discover

Here are a few basic hand gestures or signals commonly used by bikers

One adorable aspect of motorbikes is the sense of excitement that quickly

Here are a few top motorcycle welding tips to get the best results

Motorbikes have been an essential mode of travel for decades now. They are not only

Here are the advantages of marble flooring done at home

Due to its inherent beauty and opulent appeal, marble has long been

Here are the consequences of installing pressure horns and modified silencers on your bike

Many young bikers love to install pressure horns and modified silencers on their bikes to show off, seek attention

Learn about the best tips for ensuring the safety of maintenance workers

Maintenance workers are a highly underrated and neglected section of any organisation until a problem arises.

Business owner's guide to make their shops and stores safe for customers

Owning a business is a challenge, but with the right mindset and efforts, you can make the most out of it. Whether a small store

Best winter destinations in India to plan bike trips with friends

As winter marks its arrival in India, planning trips with your friends becomes exceedingly essential.

Are you a flashpacker? Follow these tips to make your flashpacking trips memorable

India is a diverse nation with many beautiful surroundings, sceneries, and landscapes.

Complete guide on Directors and Officers liability insurance

Directors and officers of a company are vulnerable to being sued by several

Do the motor insurance policies cover the damage to passengers not wearing seatbelts

Drivers and front-seat passengers must wear a seatbelt when the vehicle is running according to the Central Motor

Here are the health benefits of swimming that you must know

With stressful routines making their way into personal and professional lives,

Practice these steps to best deal with motion sickness while driving

If you feel dizzy while driving where the roads are primarily like pins,

The best anger management ways to tame your temper

We have been hearing for a long time that anger is human’s greatest enemy! Before going for the strategies of anger management,

The best first-aid tips to deal with kitchen accidents

No area in the house is immune to mishaps, and Kitchen accidents are undoubtedly the most common.

The best ways to kill time at the airport

You have arrived at the airport and are excited about your holiday.

What characteristics or ways are helpful in spotting fake spare parts

Repair and service of your vehicle can be daunting and more challenging

Learn About the Insurance Claims Process

Let’s address the big question, how to go about a claim?

Top Indian heritage train rides you shouldn't miss

The train rides offer you to experience India's great culture and heritage as you cross stations and states.

Things you should know before buying health insurance for pre-existing illness

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and medical emergencies are among them.

The lesser-known benefits of regular blood donation that will surprise you

If you want to do something good for humanity, you do not have to deal with arduous tasks.

The best honeymoon destinations in India that should be on your bucket list

The honeymoon is one of the most important and beautiful periods of marital life.

Let's understand how personal accident insurance can be beneficial for sports players

India is known to be a country full of diehard sports enthusiasts.

Here’s the guide to help you design your “work-from-home” office or personal workspace at home

The “work-from-home” culture has gained prominence in India since the beginning of Covid-19 in 2020.

Here are a few tips for enjoying healthy winter

Winter brings with it a change that most people welcome.

Curating the best ways to kickstart your own babysitting business at home

Side hustles are the new rage that has taken over the world in recent years.

Best tips to look out for affordable health insurance for critical illness

Critical illness insurance covers serious health conditions that require expensive and long treatment.

Guide on single-lane driving for beginners

Learning a new skill and mastering it can be challenging and time taking.

Everything you must know about ecotourism and how it is gaining pace in India

India is a diverse country with rich history, culture, and traditions, making it a worthy place for tourists.

Do you have multiple health insurance policies? Here are some tips to handle them

Individuals nowadays may have multiple health insurance policies

How can you benefit from buying health insurance online

A sound health insurance policy is paramount in the present world because health-related risks are constantly rising, and so are medical costs.

More information on health insurance terms while planning an organ transplant

Organ transplant is a process where we replace a malfunctioning

Post-marriage amendments to be made in your health insurance policy

Marriage is a monumental step in anyone's life.

Tips for the best winter joint protection for the elders

The winter season is the perfect escape from the hot and humid climate.

What to do if you miss declaring your health condition while buying health insurance

A health insurance plan is an effective investment instrument to protect

Which one to choose: Single-trip or multi-trip travel insurance policy

Everyone enjoys travelling and exploring new places.

Complete guide on portability of health insurance policies

Health insurance policies now come with the portability feature

Do senior citizens have to wait longer for their health insurance claim settlement

Health insurance policies are a useful tool to tide over any medical contingencies.

Buying the best health insurance for your family decoded

Irrespective of age, health is easily one of the most overlooked aspects that are ironically

Let's understand the health benefits of cycling for elders

Cycling is a fun exercise with many benefits for everyone.

Apply these ten efficient measures to drive smartly and save fuel

Fuel prices are soaring daily in most Indian states and have a cascading impact on the public.

Best tips to secure your child’s future with proper financial planning

The foremost priority for any parent is to make their children financially secure

Complete guide on choosing the best biker jacket to make your riding experience safe and stylish

Biker jackets are a must-have safety gear for bike-riding enthusiasts.

Do you lead a team? Here are the ways you can inspire them to lead a healthy lifestyle

A healthy body caters to a healthy mind, resulting in higher efficiency and productivity at work

Factors that you must consider to add more value to your motor insurance policy

A motor insurance policy is a must as it provides you with a safety

Everything about electrolyte imbalance – from cause to cure

Electrolyte imbalance is a frequent issue resulting from a poor diet or excessive physical activity.

Five best tips to deal with auto mechanics

Buying a vehicle is a significant milestone in the lives of most people.

Five questions you need to ask before buying a home insurance

Insurance plays an essential role in a person's life and safeguarding hard-earned assets,

Health expert’s guide to quit drinking and adopting a healthy living

Drinking alcoholic beverages has been a social norm for centuries.

Here are a few ways to get the best car insurance in India with reliable accident coverage

Car accidents do not come after announcements. Irrespective of the intensity of the accident, it is bound to stress

How to prepare yourself before heading for an off-road bike trip

An off-road bike trip is a common wish on the bucket list of most adventure enthusiasts.

Importance of personal and workplace hygiene for a pleasant and safe working environment

Hygiene is a factor that requires attention at all points of time in one's life.

Post-monsoon maintenance checklist to ensure your bike is in the best condition

The end of the monsoon season is in sight, and even before we know it, we'll be ready for the winter days. The monsoon can be visually stunning, but it's not necessarily ideal for your bike.

Practice these measures to save money and smartly handle your finances

Recently, the discussion about money management and growing wealth has taken centre stage.

Risks and rewards before converting your apartment into a paying guest accommodation

What is the first image that comes to your mind when you hear of outdoor adventures?

What is the possible information required to claim motor insurance

Nearly 138 crores of the Indian population adhering to stringent traffic rules can seem daunting,

Why educating kids about different insurances is important and how can parents do this

Financial education is a topic being discussed like never before.

All things you need to know about Burglary Insurance Policy

What is the first image that comes to your mind when you hear of outdoor adventures?

What is glamping? Where in India can you experience it

What is the first image that comes to your mind when you hear of outdoor adventures?

Try out these five adventure sports to energise employees and team building

Do you often hear your employees nagging about how team-building activities

Travelling solo in the car? Here are eleven safety tips for long distance driving

Nothing beats the peaceful enjoyment of a long solo drive.

These village tours in India will melt your hearts with immersive experiences

India is a country with diverse topography, culture, and people. Since the urbanisation boom

These cultural fairs must be on your bucket list for the next family vacation

India’s cultural diversity is like no other nations. With every few sq. km, you can experience

The perks of buying group health insurance for employees

A group health insurance plan for employees is a group mediclaim

The lesser heard facts about health insurance policies

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a demand for health insurance policies.

The latest frequently asked questions before buying a car insurance

Do you think you find yourself mislead while purchasing car insurance?

The best hacks to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a rich source of vitamins and minerals

The best destinations to celebrate Indian history and 75 years of independence

India has a long and rich history of its fight for independence.

Take these measures to protect yourself if your bike catches fire

Motorcycle fires are horrific sites to bear. With the recent rise in the usage of electric vehicles

Six popular myths about health insurance debunked

In recent years, the necessity of health insurance has become unavoidable.

Should you hire local guides when travelling to new places

Are you someone who loves visiting new places? Many of us love to treasure those memories we create on our vacation.

List of car insurance exclusions that you need to be aware of

Car insurance is mandatory by law for every car owner in India. Also,

Let's understand the purpose of the kill switch in motorcycles

Road accidents continue to be the leading cause of death in India.

Let's discuss how you can increase the range of your electric vehicle

Electric vehicles are all the rage right now.

Let’s understand why overloading a car is never a good idea

There are many instances when people overload their cars.

How can you outsmart pickpockets and stay safe in crowded places

Crowded places are a feast for pickpockets.

How to deal with motorcycle wobble when riding at high speeds

Research states that over one third of vehicles on the road are motorcycles.

Home-based business: A step-by-step guide for success

A home-based business is crucial when we do not have a formal business setup but have a strong business idea

Here's how you can deal with pigmentation to get a glowing look and be occasion ready

The festive season is just around the corner! With dresses and outfits being shopped

Here’s all you need to know about keyless ignition and its importance in cars

A keyless ignition system is an electronic access system that allows us to enter the car and start/stop it without the physical metal key.

Here are a few safety tips for driving carefully post-surgery

Surgery or an operation is a significant event in one’s life.

Here are a few potholes survival tips while riding a bike during monsoon

Due to heavy downpours every year, the Indian roads are severely hit and damaged.

Here are a few possible reasons for highway accidents in India that you should know

India is home to over 1.35 billion people, and most of them commute daily through highways and city streets.

Following are the ways you can prevent your bike's gas tank from rusting

Taking care of your motorcycle requires a lot of personal time and attention.

Follow these tips to prepare your car for the much-awaited beach trip with your family

Since the onset of the pandemic, there's nothing that we've been waiting for like a vacation.

Entrepreneur's guide to best self-care and healthy living

The startup culture has expanded its roots across the world. Today

Avoid these body gestures that can leave a negative impression about you

Body gestures are a great way to communicate and express our feelings in addition to verbal communication.

Complete guide on buying commercial vehicle insurance online for business owners

Commercial vehicles are used for transporting goods or carrying passengers, such as a truck or a bus.

Best tips to prevent your two-wheeler's helmet from fogging

It is annoying to drive in wet weather when the temperatures are slightly lower and your helmet visor starts to fog up.

Consequences of delayed renewal and lapsed two-wheeler insurance

An active insurance policy for two-wheelers protects you against damages

Did you know that you can enjoy a drive-in movie experience without draining your car's battery

The drive-in movie culture has always been popular in foreign countries

Does junk food attract you? Six reasons why you must stop eating them

Ever heard the saying, "We are what we eat?" Our food habits significantly impact our lifestyle.

Effective guide to ace your skills in city driving

Commercial vehicles are used for transporting goods or carrying passengers,

Effective ways to best utilise the boot space of your car while planning a trip

Planning a road trip in itself can be a hassle. From deciding the location and handling

Eight common myths about buying two-wheeler insurance online

Commercial vehicles are used for transporting goods or carrying passengers, such as a truck or a bus.

Are you a woman traveller? Here are a few packing tips for your next road trip

Road trips are one of the best ways to rewind after a hectic work schedule. With the constant work-related stress of life,

Best tips to ensure good health during the season transition phase

It’s the time of the year when the weather is most unpredictable.

Best tips for choosing the right motorcycle for seniors

Many people love riding motorcycles. It's fun, daring, and adventurous.

Are you confused between different versions of the same car while buying? Here's our guide

We all have noticed that whenever a brand launches its new car, there are different versions/variants.

Beware of those selfies you might be going for in dangerous locations

The youth of today believe in capturing every moment.

Complete guide on rev matching on bikes

In India, the majority of motorcycles lack a slipper clutch.

Complete guide to changing the spark plug of your bike

If you are a biker, you know the importance of maintaining your bike in top-quality condition.

Here are some strange facts about your body that you should know

The human body is the basis of all sustenance. All your organs are arranged in a highly

Here are a few things you need to know while driving through a flooded road

You need to check the car features, mileage, prices, road safety, inner functionalities,

Here are a few effective ways to defog your car windows during monsoon

Monsoon is here, giving us the perfect opportunity to take ourselves out on a drive and snack at roadside eateries.

Follow these tips for a safe escalator ride

How often are we stuck behind people scared to use the escalators,

Effective tips to avoid panic if your bike breaks down far from home

You need to check the car features, mileage, prices, road safety, inner functionalities,

Here are ten interesting facts about cars that will amaze you

Have you ever wondered what an astounding invention your automobile is? How smoothly it moves across the roads and takes a

How can you obtain a duplicate two-wheeler insurance in case you lost your original

Owning a car is not an easy task. You need to check the car features, mileage, prices, road safety, inner functionalities,

Here are the easy and effective ways to master clutch control of a car

Mastering the clutch can be challenging for somebody who has just started learning to drive a car. When to press the clutch, when to let go, and what to do on a slope are only some of the many clutch-related questions we face every day as a beginner. But as somebody rightfully said, practice makes it perfect.

Here is the list of the top race tracks for biking enthusiasts

If racing fantasies you and if you consider yourself a biking enthusiast, we’ve got you. We all have been fascinated by high-speed car and bike chases

How can acidity lead to bigger health issues

Ever felt discomfort in your gut followed by a burning sensation in your chest? This could be because of acidity.

How different types of car engines impact insurance costs

Owning a car is not an easy task. You need to check the car features, mileage, prices, road safety, inner functionalities,

How have basic Ayurveda tips transformed our lives for the better

Ayurveda is not just about natural herbs and spices and consuming them raw.

Important things to remember if hitchhiking someone in your car

Hitchhiking is not as common in India as in other western countries.

Is it a good option to plan long-distance

How often have we dreamt of going on a perfect road trip with friends?

Is personalising your car a good idea

Personalisation is a key to reaching the customers' hearts in the current times.

Know how ATVs work and why they are becoming a popular adventure option

All-terrain vehicles, popularly known as ATVs, are a new trend in the automobile market.

Let's know more about USD forks in bikes and how are they useful

Owning a bike is a fun and thrilling experience. Bikes make it easier and less time-consuming

Let's understand the evolution of two-wheelers in India

Two-wheelers have been around for decades. Almost every average family in the country

How do the handlebars of the bike impact the riding experience

Ten minutes of your time on a road, you can see many bikes, varying designs,

Power petrol or normal petrol, which one is the best for your car

As the fuel prices are skyrocketing, it has become quite a concern for ordinary people

Pregnancy injuries you must be very careful about

Childbirth is beautiful. Pregnancy requires a lot of commitment, physical

Safety: All you need to know to safeguard yourself against crime while driving

Crime rates are increasing every passing day, and it has become necessary for

The debate around the pandemic is considered to be an Act of God

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a tumultuous time for the globe,

The know-how of two wheeler insurance policy you must consider

Purchasing a bike is not an easy task. It would be best if you had

Understanding monkeypox and how you can protect yourself

Monkeypox is a health concern registered under the World Health Organization

These things can speed up your weight loss during workouts

Long working hours, unhealthy eating habits, and lack of

Understanding public liability and its types

All businesses people are constantly conscious about managing finance and cash flow.

What are the customers expecting from the two-wheelers this year

Two-wheelers have been around for decades now. Once considered

What is a differential, and how is it useful for cars

Have you ever been in a situation where the mechanic asks

Why small businesses need public liability insurance

Everyone wishes to open up their venture someday. Entrepreneurship is taking a tight grip globally and even more so in India.

You can avoid these small claims to save more on your car insurance premium

With the increasing traffic and road accidents, taking a car insurance is imperative.

Know if it is worth buying used wheels or not

The tyres and wheels of your car are one of the most used external parts.

Know how you can build a swimming pool in your house

Who doesn’t love a private swimming pool? People of all ages have the tim

Complete guide to sustainable living at home

Sustainable living has different definitions for different people.

Here is a list of deficiencies you need to be aware of

Today's youth have an unhealthy obsession with eating junk and processed food.

Steps to take care after a firecracker accident

We all have enjoyed either bursting firecrackers

These are a few weird things that your home insurance covers

The terms and conditions of insurance policies might get a little confusing

The need and benefits of automation for a convenient life at home

Technology is everywhere, and the world has already

The updated terms and reforms in the insurance industry you need to be aware of

Every industry undergoes some reform from time to time. This can be due to various reasons- changes

What is the importance of enrolling in a self-defence class

In a world riddled with war and crime, it is always good to know that if need be,

Understanding insurance as a tax-saving option

Every legitimate and eligible citizen of India is supposed to pay Income Tax regularly within the specified time limit as per the government

Are you an IT professional? Here's why health insurance is vital for you

The career prospects for IT professionals in the post-pandemic

Complete guide on getting your dental braces done

Getting energy from food may sound like a straightforward process.

Best hacks to make train journeys cheerful

Train journeys can be quite a daunting experience for inexperienced travellers.

Here are some common yoga injuries and the ways to fix them

Yoga is considered one of the oldest forms of

Guide to reducing the use of plastic in your homes

Plastic bags have become a necessary evil in today's

Here are the important steps you can follow to appeal a health insurance claim denial

If you are suffering from health issues and other illnesses,

Here is a list of medications you must carry on a trip

With today's working culture and daily hustle,

How can general insurance be a crucial step to women's independence and financial freedom

Recent years have seen a rising number of women actively contributing in every sector.

Let’s understand the benefits and use of product liability insurance

Let's say you're a washing machine manufacturer. Due to some defect in the formulae of chemicals used in the hose pipe of your washing machine,

The top cycling tours in India you can try this monsoon

Cycling is not just a sport. It is also one of the healthiest habits one can develop, to keep one's mind and body in good shape.

The most common headache types and their remedies

Headaches are the most common but often ignored problem that people face.

What are the key differences between health insurance and medical insurance

Covid-19 has taught us the importance of having a strong immune

What are the benefits of purchasing motor insurance online

The world is adapting to digitisation, resulting in convenience and efficiency with the power of technology.

What are the useful ways to deal with leakages at home

It is highly inconvenient to face water leakage in the home,

Why is public transport the best way to travel and explore places

Exploring the novelties and embarking on new adventures is what travelling is all about. From dingy roadside motels to premium five-star hotels,

Let’s understand the different types of property insurance you can invest in based on your asset type

Building a property from scratch can be a time-taking and intimidating

Learn why insurers are suggested to carry motor insurance transactions digitally

With the world going completely digital and transactions occurring

Let’s understand how data and analytics are shaping the future of insurance

Data is considered to be the goldmine in today’s day and age.

Know more about umbrella insurance and the importance of having one

Motor insurance companies generally cover maintenance,

Here's everything you need to know about cancer health insurance policy

An estimate suggests that there are about twenty

Complete guide to intellectual property insurance

How often have you heard the phrase intellectual property?

Best tips to lower your health insurance premium

India is home to some of the best healthcare facilities

Best tips to detect fraud in your health insurance plan

The time of a health crisis is a vulnerable time for you and your loved ones.

Everything you need to know while insuring your old bike

The craze for new things never dies out.

Car insurance background check in India: Why & How

Insurance is proof of verifying your track record,

Shedding more light on CVT Continuously Variable Transmission

The most heard of types of two-wheeler transmission have been manual and automatic

Outstation emergency coverage in car insurance: Everything you need to know

Being stranded in an unknown location with a broken-down car is probably one of the

What are the current deductibles in car insurance you must know about

Whether a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, owning a vehicle is a matter of pride and sheer joy.

How many car insurance claims can be made every year

Accidents never come with a warning. And in such cases,

Most answered FAQs for motor insurance policies

Insurance policies are supposed to be understood thoroughly before you purchase them.

Here's what you need to know about adding a nominee to car insurance

As thrilling as owning a car, there are undoubtedly various risks

Here's how you can personalise two wheeler insurance

If you enjoy riding your motorbike and spend time getting it customised

Here's all you need to know about the driver and passenger cover in car insurance

Road trips with family members, friends, or companions are a pleasant experience to enjoy.

A complete guide to motorcycle headlights up-gradation

As someone who owns a motorcycle, you will know the thrill of long road trips

Does your car insurance policy cover damages due to vandalism

There are various covers that the insurance companies provide depending upon factors such as the location, the type of car,

All about the zero contact process to buy and renew a car insurance

The covid-19 pandemic put the whole world to a stop.

Top destinations around Mumbai for a perfect bike trip in the monsoon

Monsoons in India are the perfect season for wanderers to move out and explore places.

Understanding the importance of motorcycle windshields

Have you ever been riding your motorcycle in the crisp morning air, enjoying the cool wind on your face,

Top emerging technology trends set to bring a change in motor insurance

Technology has constantly been evolving and has been instrumental

Tips for transferring bike insurance from one owner to another

Owning a vehicle is a dream for many. In recent times, a

These seven factors determine your car insurance cost

Car insurance costs can vary significantly depending on various factors.

The pros of laser surgery for getting the correct eye vision

How often have you forgotten your spectacles at home and had difficulty

Why does the motorcycle engine feel smooth and throttle response crisp in the morning

The feeling of riding a motorcycle in the morning is otherworldly.

What factors influence car insurance premiums for SUVs and sedans

Driving a car without insurance is considered illegal in India.

Here are a few top magazines you can follow if you're a sports car enthusiast

Who doesn't love cars? We all do. But then there is a different

Beginners guide to writing a fitness blog

Content marketing is at its peak with the fast-paced

Ten best tips for female travellers to ensure safety while travelling

We all are aware of the saying “safety comes first”.

The ultimate theme park guide to planning a memorable family trip

Theme parks are the unrivalled choice for having

The best tips for driving with a baby on board

Travelling as an adult can be a tedious process in itself.

Things to know before planning a trip with family group on a bike

Riding a motorcycle provides the exciting feeling

What are dry-type and wet-type clutches used in motorcycles

A clutch is one of the most integral parts

Traditional vs. modern kitchen equipment: which is better for your health

A kitchen is called the heart of a home for a reason.

Must visit places for deep-sea diving in India

India has about seventy-five hundred kilometres

Why does the motorcycle engine feel smooth and throttle response crisp in the morning

The feeling of riding a motorcycle in the morning is otherworldly.

How menstrual cups can transform menstrual hygiene routine

Menstrual hygiene has been a hot topic amongst people

List of key console organisers for ensuring the cleanliness of your car

Ever been embarrassed to bring someone to your car? A sock here,

Let's understand the advantages of lightweight wheels

When you consider a bike's performance,

Here's how to stop your car's wipers from squeaking

The rains might not dampen your

Here are the top three parts that can make your bike more fuel-efficient

With fuel prices skyrocketing now more than ever,

Benefits of wearing orthopaedic shoes and quick tips for choosing the right ones

Just like any other part of your body, you must take

Best tips to check and maintain your car's suspension

The comfort and the ease of driving your new car are something that you always remember.

Complete guide on when to change car filters

The most commonly overlooked part of car servicing

Here is the special diet to keep you fit this monsoon

India is a country of diversity. Be its languages,

Visit these top stargazing sites in India to spend memorable nights

Who hasn’t desired to spend a night beneath the stars?

Useful tips to make healing and recovery of fractures fast and less painful

Of the many injuries we are familiar with, a fracture seems to be th

The best ways to clean the difficult corners or sections of your house

Your house might look clean, but is it completely dust-free?

Plan to enrol your kids in these exciting activities and make the monsoon season enjoyable

The onset of monsoon is a gift for humans, animals, and plants. The lush greenery,

Let's understand the difference between strength training and weight training

If you have recently started your fitness journey or are planning to do it soon,

Let's understand a few common sports injuries and their effects

Sports are the preferred choice of physical activity by most people.

Essential post-workout tips for the fitness enthusiasts

Exercising is something that no one should ever compromise on.

How to deal with unexpected travel expenses and ways to avoid them

Travel is a great way to expand one's horizons. It gives you a different

How walking 10,000 steps can be a life-changing activity

We have heard stories from our grandparents and parents about their

Enjoy the mesmerising experience of watching fireflies near Mumbai

Did you know that fireflies glow in the dark to attract their mate and give

Best ways to overcome and correct bad posture and alignment

How often have you heard people complaining about their bad posture?

Choosing the right itinerary for your road trip to the mountains

Mountains are the perfect getaway to spend a few moments in peace and the serenity of nature.

Best tips to keep your electric car safe during monsoon

Monsoon is finally here! From the cooling showers to the irresistible scent of the soil after rain

Best tips to travel like a vegan

Veganism is a new trend that has drawn the significant attention of Indians.

Best tips to help with nausea while flying

Have you ever felt nauseous and woozy during your flight’s take-off,

Complete guide to taking cross country trips

Road trips with your closest friends promise many fun memories

Decorating your baby's room? Here are the themes you can work with

"To-be" parents enjoy investing time and money to

Here are a few home remedies to treat sore throat

While most of the country is still experiencing the summers,

Planning your first cruise trip? Here's all you need to know

Watching the beautiful horizon from the open deck is a mesmerising experience.

Let's understand the importance of a consistent sleep routine for a healthy living

Be it the wealthiest man in the world or a celebrity

Six tips for people travelling internationally for the first time

What can be more exciting than travelling internationally for the first time?

Wallpapers or Texture paints: Which is the best for your home walls

If you are buying a new house or renovating the existing one,

Visit these best places to enjoy thrilling river rafting experience in India

Considering the multitude of experiences, travellers all across the globe talk about India being their preferred destination for travel.

Are you aiming to take basketball as your sport? Here is the guide for you

Basketball is a lesser-talked-about sport in India,

Here are a few summer diseases you need to be careful of

With the summer months approaching, it's time to restock on our summer essentials,

Here are a few ways to deal with common dance injuries for passionate dancers

Dancing is one of the most beautiful art forms and has a unique method

Here is the guide to planning the most exciting incentive trips for employees

The constant hustle of work-life can be overbearing

Here are a few ways you can use to make your balcony a cosy space

A cup of tea, a favourite book, and some music in the

Let's understand how we can be caregivers for stroke patients

Have you ever been stuck in a health emergency due to a prolonged

Using alternative medicines? Here's what you need to know beforehand

We all have heard “health is wealth” a hundred times from our elders,

Easy DIY steps to clean your two wheeler's trunk

You are aware of the importance of cleaning and maintaining your

Best ways to clean the dashboard of the car along with its internal components

Owning a car promises exciting and thrilling adventures.

Here's how you can fix the chain slipping problem in your bike

The chain on the motorcycle is one of the essential parts

Here's the list of seven surprisingly strange things that can be covered by home insurance

We all know the importance of investing in home insurance.

How can non-functional traffic lights affect your journey during the night

Traffic signals are an essential part of road safety.

How can you prevent third-party data breaches

Outsourcing some of your important work to dedicated vendors

Implement these tips to ensure the safety of truck drivers by minimizing accidents

Driving trucks is considered to be a dangerous job in many countries.

Let us know more about 'Act of God' insurance and their clauses

The events that are not under any human's control,

These good habits can increase the longevity of your two-wheeler

As a bike owner, you enjoy all the perks that come with it.

These can be the probable reasons for your bike failing to start

It can be highly frustrating for any rider to turn the key

Try these six remedies to treat food poisoning at home and get instant relief

Trying various foods is always tempting but can also cause food poisoning

These are a few mistakes done by riders with short height

There is no denying that riding bikes is a dangerous sport.

Which is a better option for buses: rear-engine or front-engine

We often see new models and designs of the buses plying in the neighbourhood.

Wondering how to keep your car cool during summers? Here are the best ways to do so

Summers in India are pretty difficult to handle as the temperature can exceed over 45 degrees celsius,

Is it good to ride your bike on reserve all the time

Fuel is one of the essential things needed for your bike to function efficiently.

Know more about different ways to handle the weird mood swings of kids while travelling

Although travelling with kids is fun, it can also be challenging at times.

A guide to change the old wiring in your house

Upgrading electrical wiring makes an old home more secure, modernised, and habitable.

Following are a few best places to go off-roading in India

Travel adventure always has its benefits for your quality of life and overall well-being.

Follow these steps to protect your two-wheeler from rusting

Maintaining your two-wheeler can sometimes be challenging.

Eat the following food to treat an upset stomach and feel better

Food is an integral part of our culture. It indicates the preference of the local people,

Here are a few best remedies for reducing back pain in senior citizens

Back pain can result from various factors such as strained muscle,

Here are a few benefits of using biker jackets while riding

Bike riding is one of the most popular activities, especially

Following are the ways to avoid the breakdown of trucks

Vehicles breaking down during a journey can be highly frustrating for any driver.

Let's understand the merits and demerits of cloud storage for businesses

Cloud storage has revolutionised data management for businesses.

Here are a few best tips for ladies to drive a car during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a challenging time. Many nurturing,

Let's understand the terms wet clutch and dry clutch

Petrol engines do not create much power at low rpm;

Lost your phone in the crowd? Here's what you need to do

Smartphones are rapidly becoming an integral and inseparable part of our lives.

What do the motorcycle warning lights indicate, and how should you address them

We all know about the various traffic rules to abide by the motorcycle riders.

What do the motorcycle warning lights indicate, and how should you address them

We all know about the various traffic rules to abide by the motorcycle riders.

Visit these top destinations to enjoy the best ziplining in India

Ziplining is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can enjoy.

Hair Fall: Try these five methods to avoid unnecessary loss of hair

As per several studies and research, hair loss is one of the leading causes of stress

Following are a few possible reasons for black smoke emission from the exhaust

Have you ever noticed thick black smoke being emitted from your

When do you need to see a chiropractor

Taking care of one’s body is often neglected.

Your guide to choosing a perfect vehicle according to the family's needs

Purchasing a four-wheeler is a huge deal for most of the families

These should be roles of a good co-passenger during long road trips

What is your job as a co-passenger in a vehicle?

Treat honeybee bite at home with these natural remedies

We've all been chased by honey bees at some point,

Visit these exclusive palace hotels to enjoy the rich culture and heritage of India

India has long been recognised for its illustrious past and imperial

What happens to your car's engine if you drive it without coolant for long

Much like oil, the coolant in your car is a special fluid that can't

These activities can promote your child's early development

Children give purpose to a family. As they carry their family's

Six effective home remedies for sensitive teeth problem

Sensitivity is a common existing dental issue faced by most people.

Let's understand the working of usage-based car insurance and how it can be helpful

The breakout of the Covid-19 pandemic brought the whole world to a halt.

Here's how you can detect and cure vertigo with ease

Vertigo is a widespread illness that affects roughly 15%

Let's understand why dashcams play a vital role while driving a car

We all know the challenges of driving these days, no matter where we drive.

Here is how you can protect yourself from the extreme summer heat

With those delicious ice creams and mangoes, the warm summer months can

Here are a few best places to visit if you are a woman traveller

Travelling is the best way to explore new places and experience

Here are a few things you need to know before considering a hair transplant

People implemented many natural techniques to strengthen

Here are a few tips for maintaining commercial vehicles

Maintaining commercial vehicles like trucks, carriers, tempos, cars, etc., can be challenging at times,

Here are a few tips and tricks to enhance your calligraphy skills

Clear text and handwriting create a good impression on the person reading what you have written.

Following are the five common home insurance claims that homeowners usually make

Every homeowner must invest in home insurance to rely upon in case of unforeseen events.

Find these exciting tips to get cheap domestic flight tickets for a budget-friendly trip

We usually hear that last-moment plans are the most exciting ones.

Five things to take care of before setting off on a desert safari

Do you plan your next holiday break enjoying the enthralling desert safari?

Complete guide to become a professional driver

Driving a car can be one of the most joyous and liberating feelings in the world.

Beware of things that can nullify your home insurance

Nobody likes to anticipate any worst-case scenario, but we still prepare for them.

Best tips to clean the seat belts of the car

A significant issue prevailing in the minds of drivers and car commuters while driving on the roads is their safety.

Practice these care tips to keep your car's tyres and rims in good condition

A car has become more of a need than a luxury in recent times. It makes commuting and travelling highly convenient.

Let's understand the possible reasons for brake failures in cars

Failure of brakes can be a terrifying experience for drivers and have life-threatening consequences.

Get rapid relief from sore throat with these natural remedies

Waking up with a sore throat can be worse than waking up from a nightmare.

Best tips for uphill bicycle riding

Cycling has seen an increased number of enthusiasts over the past couple of years.

Best tips to improve your singing voice at home

“Music is the soundtrack of your life” – Dick Clark.

Five best diet tips for people with lactose intolerance

Have you felt sick after eating a meal that comprises dairy products?

Complete guide to choose the best flooring for your home

Have you felt sick after eating a meal that comprises dairy products?

Here are a few home remedies to deal with sprains

Sprains are one of the most common injuries people encounter by suddenly hurting their wrist,

Let's understand the importance of airbags in car and passenger safety

Let's understand the importance of airbags in car and passenger safety

Make these essentials a part of your summer travel checklist

A car has become more of a need than a luxury in recent times.

Complete guide on buying commercial vehicle insurance

Transportation and trading of commodities have never been more accessible than now.

Explore these five popular street food tours in India

Several factors need to be considered while finalising your holiday destination.

Here are a few car gearbox problems and the ways to resolve them

Having a car helps you manage your personal and professional

Here are a few tips to change your bike's engine oil

No experience in life can compare to the adrenaline

Here are a few tips for installing an audio system in your car

We all love good music, especially while driving around

How early immunisation can help your infant have a healthy life

For more than five decades now, immunisation has saved billions of lives.

When should you use the handbrake while operating your car

A handbrake, sometimes known as an emergency brake or e-brake,

The complete guide to rock climbing for beginners

Rock climbing is an exciting adventure sport and a great way to stay fit.

The complete guide to overcoming procrastination in simple ways

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of things on your task list?

Best tips to clean the car carpets to make them shine as new

Understanding how to keep your car shiny is not only a

Common mistakes while learning to swim and ways to fix them

With the summer season right around the corner, it is time to take out your

2-stroke or 4-stroke bike: Which is better for you

A wide range of motorcycles is available in the market today. Every model differs in several ways.

Follow these eight handy driving tips while travelling on highways

Road trips are something that all travel enthusiasts look forward to.

Drinking Hot Water: Let's understand the health advantages of it

We have all heard about the wonders of water.

Here is a checklist to follow after the completion of servicing of your bike

Buying a bike takes a lot of thought and planning.

Here's everything you need to know about car insurance for your electric vehicle

In recent times, Indians have increasingly begun opting for electric vehicles.

Know more about the wheel alignment of your car and how to check it by yourself

To be a vehicle owner entails a variety of duties.

Know more about these motorcycle classes: BS4 and BS6

Are you looking to purchase your first two-wheeler or perhaps on the hunt for

Let's examine the most common trucking violations in India

India's economy is heavily dependent on the transport of

Let's understand the difference between fuel injection and carburettor in bikes

Buying a bike is a significant investment for any individual.

Let's understand the merits and demerits of 4-wheel drive cars

Cars are fantastic companions for commutation,

Let's understand why bikes do not have diesel engines

Diesel engines are commonly used in the automobile sector.

How to improve the fuel efficiency of your car

No matter how much we stress about the rising fuel prices,

Know more about the total loss car insurance claim process

Car insurance might include many technical languages that can be difficult

The best car accessories and extensions that can safeguard your vehicle from damages

Several car owners consider their vehicle to be an expression of themselves.

Six practical gifts for any parent they would love

Parenting is tough, but buying an ideal gift for your parents might

Six best ways to avoid backaches during car journeys

Planning impromptu road trips is always a great way to take

Six best tips for the newcomers in fishing

Fishing is an easy sport that can be enjoyed by people

Plan your perfect workcation at these top five serene destinations of India

Two years ago, the pandemic took over our lives like a storm.

Plan a perfect summer vacation to these top island tourist places of India

From ice-capped mountains in the north to beautiful peninsulas in the south, India promises several travel experiences for everyone.

The merits and demerits of combi brake system in two-wheelers

The braking system in any bike is the most important mechanism.

The best summer driving tips for long-distance drivers

With the summer approaching, we are all excited to get out and soak up the sunlight.

Try these effective ways to have a pimple-free and glowing face

Our skin and face bear a lot due to oil production,

These are a few ways you can detect bad clutch problems in your bike

Riding a motorbike with smooth-shifting gears gives you a sense of pleasure that no other thing can.

Tips to renew the vehicle fitness certificate of your old two-wheeler

As two-wheelers turn old, their performance and the quality

What are the signs that show suspension problems in bikes

As a bike owner, you know that your vehicle requires routine maintenance,

When is the right time to give your child a smartphone

With the world going digital, smartphones have become an important part of our daily lives.

When should you switch to comprehensive car insurance from third-party insurance

For many years, owning a car has been looked at as a show of wealth.

Why are annual health checkups required for adults above 50

As we get older, our body becomes subject to more wear and tear.

Checklist to change your 2 wheeler insurance online

Having two-wheeler insurance helps you during unprecedented financial situations such as accidents, natural disasters,

Ways to detect natural gas leaks at home

Natural gas is commonly used at homes for cooking and heating purposes.

Complete guide on using the residential apartment for commercial use

The sea has always opened up numerous opportunities for humankind.

Five effective tips for lorry drivers to have safe nighttime trips

Driving a lorry at night can have several advantages,

Five home remedies to deal with insomnia

People with insomnia do not get enough sleep, and most of the days do not wake up feeling refreshed.

Practise these habits to improve your cognitive skills

We have all heard the famous proverb, "a sound mind lives in a sound body".

Tips for finding a short circuit in your car's system

An automobile comprises interconnected mechanical elements and complicated electrical wiring technologies.

Top car care tips during the summer season

Be it the summer season, winters, or heavy monsoon, you need to take care of a few things to ensure your car's proper functioning and longevity.

Let's understand the risks of driving overloaded trucks

India's vast network of national highways is usually busy with trucks carrying hefty cargo across the states.

Follow these effective tips to keep your asthma under control

Asthma is a health ailment that can take a severe toll on your health. In this condition,

These are the six best destinations to enjoy paragliding

Every one of us has once had a dream of flying. As kids, we have looked at birds and planes and wished for the ability to fly.

Best tips to apply adhesive wallpaper for better results

Owning your own home is an extensive process.

Important things to know before you set on a cruise trip

The sea has always opened up numerous opportunities for humankind.

Six tips for choosing the right auto repair shop

Owning an automobile is one of the most rewarding things in life.

Six things to check before you take new car delivery

Are you taking delivery of your new car?

Let's understand the benefits and risks of keto diet

Over the last few years, we have seen an increasing number of people making various

Know more about the long term effects of using cosmetics

Cosmetics have become an integral part of our daily lifestyle. Facial makeup,

Try these effective home remedies to get rid of constipation

Constipation is the most prevalent digestive condition and can affect people of all ages.

Things you should know before renting a house for the first time

Searching for your perfect home can be quite overwhelming,

What you need to know before getting your booster shot

India faced the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in January 2022.

Why is travel insurance becoming more important now

Life is full of unexpected events, but the downside is that even the slightest miscommunication can put your goals at risk.

Your newborn: Best tips to babyproof your home

For soon-to-be parents, a lot of significant changes seem to be right around the corner.

Five reasons every salesperson needs a personal accident insurance

A salesperson is always on the go, meeting new people and constantly travelling from place to place.

Buying a house? Here are some tips for finding the right real estate broker

The majority of house buyers and sellers use the services of real estate brokers to make the process hassle-free.

Five ways to help your child choose the right career

As a parent, the responsibility to help your child choose the right career can be challenging.

Five tips for parents before they send their kids off to university

As kids turn 18, they begin to own up to their duties of seeking higher education and building a career.

Healthy tips to help colour blind people lead an easier life

The eyes are one of the primary sensory organs, and they react to different colours in different ways.

The best tips to clean the exhaust system of your car

Owning a car can be a thrilling experience, but it also comes

Here's why reading is a good habit

In a digital world where everything happens at the touch of a button, books emerge

Here are a few reasons why your two-wheeler may be making strange noises

If you are a bike rider, you know that your bike needs to be

Five ways to tackle dental anxiety and respond well to your treatment

Dental issues are quite prevalent these days.

Five reasons why you should have a family doctor

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have realised the potential risk that

Keeping memories: How to save old photographs properly

For decades, clicking photographs with a film camera was the only way to store memories.

The best tips to survive exhausting flights

'Travel' is often associated with beautiful views,

Snake bite: Seven immediate actions you need to take

No matter how prepared you are or how well planned your life is,

World Cancer Day: Ten self-help tips to quit smoking

Tobacco use is both a physical and mental addiction.

Car Indicators: A comprehensive guide to know more about them

Cars have multiple indicators, all with specific functionalities.

The best tips to ride a two-wheeler with an attached sidecar

Riding a two-wheeler with an attached sidecar is

Learn how to slow down your bike after an unexpected brake failure

We can rave about the look and mileage of our bike's engine,

Learn how to control your bike on slippery roads or slopes

While riding a bike, it is necessary to know when to apply the rear or

Here are a few ways to identify worn-out brake pads and fix them

If you own a car, you have to check on different

Five best tips for picking the right two-wheeler to satisfy your needs

Imagine you are already running late for an important

Effective ways to jump-start your two-wheeler

Imagine you have an urgent meeting in five minutes,

Complete guide to buy a short-term car insurance policy

Did you know that you can insure your car for a short period?

Understand these tips to secure your vintage two-wheeler with bike insurance

When you hear vintage, you instantly associate that with an old yet cherished classic piece.

All you need to know about road tax in India

Several state and national highways link India's vast geography.

Disadvantages of using duplicate spare parts for your car

Spare parts can either extend the life of a vehicle or cause it to fail instantly.

Here are a few important tips to undertake while taking your bike for a wash

If you have just come back from a long trip and your bike is covered in dust and looked nothing

Follow these simple steps to detox your kidneys at home naturally

Kidneys are vital organs of our body. These two small, bean-shaped organs are located

Five reasons your car undergoes acceleration problem

Car acceleration issues, apart from being bothersome, can also be dangerous.

Five reasons why eating in your car is a bad idea

Distracted driving is one of the most common reasons for fatal car accidents.

Driving through the snow? Here's what you need to know

Choosing to go for a drive while it's snowing outside may sound like an

Here is a list of five things that elders must take care of before planning a road trip

The passion for exploring does not fade with age. Many seniors start planning their

Here are a few useful ways you can adjust your bike's idling by yourself

If you’re seeing this, you probably are wondering about a phrase that

Here are a few tips for maintaining the optimum tyre pressure in two-wheelers

Tyres are the least talked about part of a bike and usually get tossed to the side.

Let's understand the working of car rental insurance

In the modern era, cars no longer remain a luxury. Instead,

Let's understand how a central locking system impacts a car's safety

Since its implementation, the central locking system has become one of

Let's talk about car fenders and how they are distinct from regular bumpers

As a car owner or enthusiast, it's prudent to educate yourself about vehicle parts.

Important tips for selecting the best engine oil for your car

Regular car maintenance is a worthwhile investment since it allows a vehicle to

How to ensure maximum visibility by adjusting your car mirrors efficiently

Driving is a predominantly visual activity. Only learning the controls of the car is not enough.

How mice threaten your bike and how you can prevent it

Indoor rodent infestations may have significantly reduced over the years; however,

Should you opt for a second-hand car insurance policy

Buying a second-hand car is a quick and easy way to get into the world of driving.

Six tips to have a better vision and healthy eyes

The world has gone digital, and given the current technologies coming in,

The complete guide to learning boxing and training your muscles rigorously

When it comes to a superb full-body workout that can help you grow muscle

Tips to minimise the risks of driving in fog

There are times when driving becomes challenging due to extreme weather.

Seven best gardening tips for beginners to have a perfect garden

The past couple of years saw an increasing trend of people inculcating gardening in their daily lives.

Tips to reduce high beam glare problem while driving at night

Clear vision is critical for safe driving because it accounts for over 90% of our driving reaction time.

Understand the importance of ABS in bikes and how it works

Today, it's no longer necessary to use drum brakes on commuter bikes.

Why is two-factor authentication important to assure additional safety

Two Factor Verification (2FA) is recognized by many names,

Try these seven tips to safeguard your devices from spammers and hackers

We utilise the internet in almost every aspect of our lives,

Trekking solo or with a group? Let's clear the air of confusion

"The best view arrives after the hardest trek,"

The complete guide to perfectly and effortlessly painting your home

Painting your house can be a great way to improve its appeal,

Seven effective ways to sharpen your memory with increasing age

Memory loss is a prevalent problem among the elderly and a usual complaint from their caretakers.

Six signs of declining health conditions in aging adults

We often tend to take our health for granted at a young age.

The best reasons to opt for sports bikes for touring and adventure

A sports bike provides riders with an exhilarating and adventurous

Here are a few options to help you plan your budget-friendly destination wedding

In recent years, destination weddings have received increasing attention.

Implement these six tips for the maintenance of a car you don't drive often

We all know how much effort we have to put in to maintain a car that we drive daily.

Five effective benefits of implementing the Pomodoro Technique

There are several techniques for time management out there, but as tasks pile up and burdensome thoughts loom,

Apartment living vs. Independent housing: Which choice to make

Owning a house is a dream that most of us wish to turn into reality.

A room-to-room guide for deep cleaning your home

Cleaning our home is a regular task for all of us. It improves hygiene and promotes physical and mental well-being.

Five best two-wheeler renting tips to enhance your riding experience

Various fitness trends have come and gone since the 2000s, but people are still looking for new ways to get fit.

Here's why you should prioritise early diagnosis and treatment of minor illnesses

Diagnosis is the point around which judgement and logical reasoning move, bringing the light of scientific clarity.

Keep these seven tips in mind to retain your car's value

Do you want to have your car looking new and flawless for an extended period?

Know about the loan process if you are buying a two-wheeler as a college student

If you are a college student, the chances are that you have tried to convince your parents to buy you a two-wheeler.

Learn more about the grace period of health insurance policies

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we realised the importance of public health and safety.

Let's understand the impact of depreciation on the cost of your two-wheeler insurance

There are numerous factors to consider when buying two-wheeler insurance.

Revealing the hidden benefits of cashless mediclaim policy

The pandemic has brought the whole world to a standstill

The complete guide to the steps of the ‘Miracle Morning Routine’

During the last couple of years, we have seen an increasing trend of people preferring a more holistic approach to their lives by reading books,

What are the online safety precautions to follow while using public Wi-Fi

Public WiFi is widely accessible and enables everyone to use the Internet freely.

What are wheel alignment, balancing and rotation

After putting in months of research, reviews, and careful consideration, you finally zero down on one car.

Why you must consider getting a trainer before joining the gym

Aiming for a more intense physical fitness level is achievable, but consider hiring a personal trainer beforehand.

Six financial goals you should target in the year 2022

The year 2022 is specifically crucial as the pandemic has caused individuals from

The best tips to live a sustainable lifestyle

For years, humankind has been a cruel predator that has not cared for or preserved the environment.

Visit these top six unexplored tourist destinations of India in 2022

We all enjoy the occasional getaway to rejuvenate ourselves and break the mundane routine of our day-to-day lives.

Physiotherapy: A sustainable method to recovery after an accident

Most of us can recall experiencing the agony of aching joints and strained muscles at some point in our lives.

Reasons why heart attacks are becoming common in younger generations

Heart attacks, cardiac arrest, and other cardiovascular disorders have remained a serious public health problem worldwide.

Here are a few reasons why two-wheelers are a preferred alternative to public transport

Commuting during the peak office hours in India requires around 149% more time than usual,

Best tips and remedies to deal with severe toothache

Teeth that are strong and healthy are a sign of overall wellness. However,

Eight effective interior designing tips that are not openly shared

One common myth is that people believe the best interior designs require spending countless money.

Last-minute hacks and tips to make your home look guest-ready

We've all been at a point where we've faced the situation of sudden guests’ arrival.

Know about these seven causes of industrial accidents

Industrial employment frequently constitutes a high degree of danger of workplace accidents.

Know about these interesting tips to tackle dry skin problems

Taking care of your skin is probably not the most straightforward task,

Here is a list of the top seven national parks in India to visit for your next wildlife retreat

Sometimes, all we need to cool off and get the synchronization between our mind and body right is a break from the fast-paced city life.

Here are a few effective ways to heal injuries faster

In traversing through a fast-paced life, accidents are bound to occur.

Five ways to make your workplace a more positive and secure place for women

The safety of women has always been paramount in every sector. Every year on March 8th,

Five tips to help children become fast learners

Young children require the most guidance to help keep up with their development.

Best tips to successfully survive long train journeys

While many people consider flights to be the most convenient mode of travel,

Things to know while recovering from a dog bite

Although most dogs are friendly and offer infinite affection to the humans around them,

The complete guide to growing an indoor vegetable garden

With increased awareness about the health advantages of organic vegetables,

Nine features that make supercars special

Supercars are known for their elegance. One can spot them from a mile away.

What voids your vehicle’s warranty? Here’s what you need to know

When you buy a new car, the seller offers you a warranty for a certain period.

Surprising ways in which bike riding can benefit your health

For regular people, bikes are only a form of commute. But for passionate bikers,

Ten motorcycle tips for women riders

Throughout the years, a large percentage of women have taken up motorcycle riding as a passion.

Things to know about before you start your skating lessons

Skating is an exciting way to have fun while exercising.

Twenty fitness trends you need to adopt in the year 2022

Various fitness trends have come and gone since the 2000s,

Six methods to make your bike's exhaust less noisy

The bike enthusiasts have always wanted the liberty and joy of taking their two-wheeled companion on enchanting rides.

Know how to control your bike after a tyre burst

When you go out for a drive, hearing your tyre burst is the last thing you want.

Are you downsizing to a smaller space? Here are five tips to know

Moving to a new house can be an exciting change.

Eight best tips to help you pass your driving test

A driving test can be one of the biggest challenges for many.

Here are ten reasons why motor insurance claims get rejected

We all know motor insurance has been made mandatory in our country.

Here's why windshield wipers are important

What are the primary things that come to your mind when you think of car maintenance?

Know about these protein rich foods that can be good alternatives for vegetarians

It is a widespread concern that healthy diets may not provide enough protein to the body.

Know about these ten tips to deal with hand numbness while riding

Hand numbness affects all bikers, from beginners to professionals.

Here are a few anti-theft devices and how they can impact your motor insurance

Automobile theft instances have increased drastically throughout the country.

Here are a few lesser-known bike insurance add-ons you must know about

If you own a 2-wheeler, you might know that it is compulsory to possess bike insurance.

Here are a few safety measures that parents should ensure when sending their kids back to school

With the COVID-19 situation getting relaxed, the world is returning to the way it used to be.

Top seven scenic driving routes of India to experience a memorable road trip

With the huge influence of Bollywood films, the idea of road trips has prompted strongly among India's youth.

Know about these useful ways to minimize jet lag

Your luggage, along with clothes and other travel items, brings a lot of excitement for the trip.

Learn about the appropriate ways of disposing the automotive fluids and chemicals

Toxic waste should not be thrown in the trash, flushed down the drain, or dumped in the yard.

Best tips to make your home warmer during the winter season

From Christmas to New Year, winter is welcomed as the joyful season.

Merits and Demerits of consuming additional food supplements

Dietary supplements can be an easy option to provide your body with enough nutrients.

Seven benefits of waxing your vehicle to keep it in a good shape

For some, vehicles are simply a method of commuting.

Seven best activities to help the elderly stay active and fit

If you are someone with an older adult in your house, you are always concerned about ensuring they live an active and healthy life.

Six effective ways to overcome the fear of driving

The same activity that brings joy to many can be a stressful experience for others.

Six ways to reduce your lower back pain while riding a bike

Whether you ride as a passionate biker or for daily commuting purposes,

These simple tips can make your house hunt easy and carefree

First of all, Congratulations! If you're reading this article, we assume that you're taking your first step towards buying a home.

Ten best tips to reduce high cholesterol levels

Increased cholesterol levels are a cause of concern as it brings multiple health issues,

Stinky car interiors? Here's how to get rid of the foul odour

Everyone wants the shiny look of their cars. But what about the smelly interiors?

The complete guide to start learning carpentry

Often people think they need to invest years in mastering the art of carpentry.

Ten best holy places to visit with your family

Inhabited by some of the most highly religious communities and cultures, India is the world's

Eight best tips to be a good pet parent

Having a fluffy and tiny pet with you is similar to raising a small kid.

Here are the six best ways to combat work fatigue and get back your energy

We have all been in a situation where we've felt completely drained of energy but have no clue what to do to get it back.

How to raise low self-esteem and boost confidence for an improved living

Suffering from low self-esteem is something that most people deal with in silence.

Make your next bike trip more eco-friendly with these travel accessories

Having a sound sleep after a long day of work is undoubtedly one of the best things for your well-being.

Eight things to know about when travelling with a big group

Visiting new places and destinations is one of the most fulfilling life pleasures you can have.

Ways to educate your employees about cyber security

The recent surge in cyber-attacks on businesses indicates that no organization is exempted from the online threat.

Understand these tips to drive safely in the ghat region

Having a sound sleep after a long day of work is undoubtedly one of the best things for your well-being.

Ten things to take care of before starting with your martial art lessons

We assume that you're about to have your first martial arts lesson soon if you are reading this post.

Storing your motorcycle for a short term? Follow these tips to keep it safe

Are you going for a long holiday break? Or the winters are around the corner, and it’s just not your season to ride.

Say goodbye to indigestion with these seven effective home remedies

Some foods might delight your taste buds but can cause discomfort in your stomach.

Why is good sleep important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Having a sound sleep after a long day of work is undoubtedly one of the best things for your well-being.

Six lifestyle changes that can help you fight anxiety

Fear is a powerful emotion that affects us in different ways.

Seven tips to make your child learn to ride cycle quickly

Skills like swimming, playing body-accelerating sports, and riding a cycle on their own are must-have skills for any kid entering their teen years.

Nine ways to avoid injuries while working out in the gym

In this fast-moving world, the importance of fitness is rising every day.

Nine reasons why minimalist lifestyle is crucial for mothers

There could be no greater pleasure in the world than becoming a parent, but we have heard tales of how being a mom is no picnic.

Let's understand the difference between regular and synthetic motor oil

Routine oil change ensures that your vehicle’s engine is in good shape.

Know more about the types of fires and the ways to tackle them

In residential complexes or workplaces, fire situations are severe risks to the safety of people and assets.

Five healthy habits that can enhance the life of your bike

Motorcycles are a motorhead's most prized belongings.

Five car dashboard warnings that you shouldn't neglect

our vehicle’s dashboard is usually something you don't give much attention to.

Eight signs that indicate an oil change for your car

Lubricating the car is essential to ensure your vehicle's overall fitness and functionality.

Essential tips to buying a second-hand two-wheeler

Two-wheelers are the most preferred travelling option for people from home to the workplace as they help your way through traffic smoothly.

Guide for transferring your bike registration number while relocating to another state

Relocating to another state appears to be a daunting task if you’re experiencing it for the first time.

Guide to change the tyre of your vehicle on your own

Imagine you are on a road trip, and suddenly you encounter a “flat tyre” situation.

Here are few essential life lessons that bike trips can teach us

If you get to have a conversation with a motorhead, you'll probably hear them say that the joy of riding a motorbike comes second to none.

Important things to know while disposing off a two-wheeler

There is no denying that many outdated vehicles are still plying on Indian roads, causing massive pollution.

Interesting facts to know about FASTag before installing it

The Indian government has recently stated that installing FASTag is mandatory for every vehicle.

Know about these seven driving habits that might be damaging your car

We all want our cars to stay forever sparkling and perfect, and we do everything in our capacity to keep them brand-new.

Secret to manage stress for working moms to have an efficient work-life balance

Being a mother is not easy, and if you are a working mom, it becomes even more challenging and overwhelming.

Top six camping destinations around Mumbai to spend a happening weekend

Surviving the heat of the hectic work schedules throughout the week and managing the balance between work and personal life is challenging.

These useful hacks can help you remove rust from your two-wheeler

There is no question that motorcyclists are crazy about their bikes and want to keep them glowing all the time.

Follow these simple steps to renew your expired driver's licence

Whether you are driving a motorbike or car, having a valid licence is mandatory.

Is it possible to install CNG kits in two-wheelers?

Following year-long debate and discussions, the Indian government finally allowed CNG kits for two-wheelers as well.

Planning a long road journey at night? Follow these nine safety practices

The city, highways, and the sky above look much more beautiful at night.

Take a look at the seasonal maintenance checklist for your home

The changing season affects our health, especially when it is winter.

Include these protective measures to keep your business safe from cyber attacks

As per recent statistics, India has got into the top 5 of most cyber-attacked nations globally by recording more than 1.

How do self-driving cars work, and how will they impact in shaping the future?

The changing season affects our health, especially when it is winter.

Full-face vs. Modular. Which helmet provides the best safety and convenience?

The changing season affects our health, especially when it is winter.

Best tips to improve the mileage of a CNG car to cover more distances

The changing season affects our health, especially when it is winter.

Best ways to clean the foggy headlights for improved visibility

The changing season affects our health, especially when it is winter.

Best tips to prepare your cargo to be shipped safely

Correct packaging is the most crucial part to ensure your package arrives at its destination in the best condition.

Everything you need to know before starting a retail business

The retail business in India has evolved amongst the most diverse and fast-paced businesses in the world.

Facts about dry van shipping you need to know before starting a shipping business

The changing season affects our health, especially when it is winter.

Child nutrition: Are you feeding your toddler in the right way?

Toddler years are the most crucial milestones in your kid's life that emphasize utmost transformation,

Celebrating the glorious 75 years of Independence – Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav

The tales of our brave freedom fighters and their over-the-line selfless deeds are always an inspiration to the whole nation.

Simple tips to keep your home allergy-free

The changing season affects our health, especially when it is winter.

Six best safety tips useful for born again bike riders

The returning riders, also known as the born-again riders,

What to do when the brakes fail suddenly while driving?

How well are you prepared for a situation like a brake failure? Well,

Tattoos and piercings? Understanding the possible side effects and risks involved.

Tattoos and piercings are one of the most common forms of art of self-expression.

Complete guide for learning horse riding as an adventure

Horseback riding is one of the most ancient adventure activities introduced in ancient times.

Nitrogen or Air – What suits your car the most?

Tyre management has become a critical factor in maintaining the overall condition of cars.

Efficient ways to extend and maintain the battery life of your two-wheeler

People have a habit of covering more miles on two-wheelers than cars for convenience and cost saving.

Reasons why underage driving is posing a threat to the lives of other commuters

Learning to drive is a thrilling moment for teenagers.

Best tips to protect your car from rodents

At some point in time, you've consciously or subconsciously imagined worst-case situations for your car,

Eight advantages of a frugal lifestyle for improved living

Frugal living contemplates a lifestyle in which a person is cautious about spending money and utilizing available resources.

Eleven ways a traveler can reduce his carbon footprint

Climate change is not a new threat to our planet, and we all are well aware of it. Large amounts

Five best tips to make your home fireproof

The mornings are lazier, and the showers are a little hotter. Hoodies are out of the cupboard; winters are here! While we are desperately seeking to warm ourselves and our houses to a more comfortable temperature,

Five trending technologies that will avoid distractions while driving

According to a report centered around accidents in India,

How is intermittent fasting trending in the fitness world

A nutritious and filling breakfast fuels you up for the day and provides you with the energy you need after fasting for 8 to 12 hours.

Learn about these efficient ways to ensure health and safety in your office post-Covid

The pandemic was emotionally challenging for everyone globally.

Nine habits that are killing our metabolism

Metabolism constitutes the chemical activities that repeatedly occur inside your body that keep your organs regularly operating,

Seven useful exercises that can improve your bone density to make you feel strong

A nutritious and filling breakfast fuels you up for the day and provides you with the energy you need after fasting for 8 to 12 hours.

Six things that you must be aware of while buying a superbike

Are you like one of those superbike enthusiasts who would stop talking to their friends only to watch a superbike pass by?

Ten best budget backpacking tips for solo travellers

We all have one bucket list to travel the world and witness every corner and culture of the globe.

Ten best tips to glide through traffic with safety

No one likes to be caught in traffic for hours. But let’s face it,

These five indoor plants can significantly improve your health

The past two years have indeed taught us the importance of staying at home and keeping our house and surroundings healthy.

Tips to boost your body's performance during winters

Winter is just around the corner, and we all are excited to welcome it with a smile.

Why do some people prefer cab service over owning a car

A nutritious and filling breakfast fuels you up for the day and provides you with the energy you need after fasting for 8 to 12 hours.

Seven best methods to ensure fire safety for buildings

In the wake of the catastrophic fires in India these days,

Are electric scooters a reliable commuting option

With each passing day, people are extra concerned about the environment and the reality of climate change.

These seven healthy breakfast recipes will charge your day

A nutritious and filling breakfast fuels you up for the day and provides you with the energy you need after fasting for 8 to 12 hours.

Why should businesses start thinking about cyber security?

You may be spending every day driving around in your car but not well aware of its every feature.

What are happy hormones? Best ways to activate them and your lifestyle

The current pandemic situation has undoubtedly left us feeling depressed and lethargic.

Unable to decide between petrol and diesel car We got the answer

Unlike old times, almost all car manufacturing companies are now producing new vehicles with both petrol and diesel variants.

Things to do after your car gets totaled post an accident

You may be spending every day driving around in your car but not well aware of its every feature.

Ten features that your car might have but you've overlooked them

You may be spending every day driving around in your car but not well aware of its every feature.

Planning to make modifications to your bike? Understand how it may impact your insurance

The craze of upgrading the look and feel of bikes has been a massive attraction, especially for the youth.

Know about these cool technologies for safe two-wheeler rides

With increased riders' registrations and two-wheelers plying on the road,

How to ensure the safety of pillion riders during bike journeys

If you travel daily to work together or plan long rides during holidays,

How to install WiFi in your car and make it a moving hotspot

The internet is a whole new universe that is opening up several opportunities for people.

How to be the saviour of bike accident victims? Know about these first aid tips

According to government data, 50% of India's road accident deaths might have been avoided if the injured had received basic first aid within an hour of the accident.

How are hybrid cars a boon for our environment

Researching what type of bike to purchase and comparing its features is not enough; getting a test ride of your chosen model is equally important.

Hit and run parking scenario? Know what to do next

Imagine how you would feel while returning to your parked car and finding it dented out of nowhere.

Guide to make your first ever flight journey more exciting and less daunting

Flying thousands of feet up in the air for the first time is always one of the best experiences in life.

Buying a used car? Avoid these seven mistakes

Buying a used vehicle has taken centre stage as people believe that second hand vehicles are not a bad investment.

Best tips to save money on your car loan

Most people think that buying a commodity like a car is a significant expense,

Be adventure-ready and know these six tips before your next overlanding trip

Have you ever felt bored of your mundane daily routine and wanted a much-needed break?

Are you using your private vehicles for commercial purposes? All you need to know

Transportation is one of the essential parts of our day-to-day lives.

A complete guide for first time commercial vehicle buyers

Whether you're looking to purchase your first pickup vehicle, minivan or heavy-duty truck, there are several aspects to consider beforehand.

21&90 magical rule to build a routine and your dream lifestyle

Do you want to break a bad habit? You probably should. According to one research, nearly 40% of the "decisions" we make aren't decisions.

Here are a few tips that you should know before you go for a two-wheeler test drive

Researching what type of bike to purchase and comparing its features is not enough; getting a test ride of your chosen model is equally important.

Got a salary hike? Four things you must do after getting an increment!

Ever imagined what the three magical words for people with jobs are? It has to be, “Salary got credited”.

Trendy international cuisines becoming famous in India

George Bernard Shaw had once said, "There is no love more sincere than the love of food".

These appliances can ease your life at home, learn how

In this hustling world, everyone wants to save the most valuable aspect of their life – time. Finding out time for household chores feels like an impossible task in the middle of your tight schedule.

Twelve tips for the new parents to upbring their little ones in the best way

Being a parent is always a testing situation and becoming one during COVID-19 adds to the many new challenges.

Why a first-aid kit in your vehicle is an excellent step towards safety

Justifying the name, first-aid kit is the immediate response of medication at the time of emergency.

Winter motorbike tips: What all you need to know for cold weather riding

Morning chill, dense fog, and cold weather are the signs of winter's arrival.

Ten tips to follow before attempting bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is a growing obsession for thrill-seekers.

Ten useful tips for finding your passion after retirement

You worked your entire life to become financially happy.

Running a food delivery business? Here are some important tips you must follow

Technology is paving the way for convenience in all businesses, and even food delivery businesses are taking advantage of it.

Five reasons why campervans are becoming popular among travellers

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page".

Follow these best tips to ace your batting skills in cricket

"The bat is not a toy, it's a weapon. It gives me everything in life, which helps me to do everything on the field."

Here are eight common myths about traffic laws in India

The growing number of vehicles plying on the roads have notable implications on traffic congestion and highway accidents.

Here are five ways to make travelling fun with your pet

Having your furry friend accompanying you as a travel partner can be an exciting experience.

Is your car making unusual noises? Know what they could mean

People are emotionally attached to their car so much that even a small scratch or dent woes their heart.

Keep these essentials in your two-wheeler riding kit at all times

In a busy and constantly moving country like India, most of the population uses two-wheelers as the daily mode of transportation.

Proven ways to stop worrying and overthinking

Overthinking is a thief of your energy. It takes away your peace and composure of mind.

Complete guide on how different colours can make your home alive

Multiple studies claim that the paint of your home plays a significant impact on your mood.

Are you feeling depressed? Ten proven ways to combat depression

According to the World Health Organization, around 57 million Indians suffer from some sort of depression. Depression takes a considerable toll on your health.

Eleven good habits every two-wheeler rider should follow

The two-wheeler segment is considered the most convenient mode of commutation in our country.

Here's a guide to help you start your bike rental business

Big business starts small' – wise words by Richard Branson.

Work From Home (WFH) culture: Revealing the truth

The year 2020 was considered the year of WFH (work from home).

How social media is affecting your mental health

With the internet being easily accessible even in remote areas,

With these five tips, you can give your bike tyres a long life

Bikes are the most commonly used vehicle when it comes to riding on India's busy roads.

Understand these four things before you modify your two-wheeler

Bikes are never out of fashion, and every biker wants his favourite bike to be the show-stopper.

Ten habits that will make you highly productive

In this new normal post-Covid world,

Learning music can do wonders. Here are ten ways to prove that

Music is the universal address of happiness, and even Einstein had once expressed:

You cannot miss these five exciting water sports at beaches

Beaches are no longer just lying down in the sun under a shady umbrella and relaxing by the bay.

Why seat belt for the rear seat is equally important

A seat belt is one of the necessary safety items that come with the car.

Vaccinated? Why do you still need to build your immunity

The vaccination drive is in full swing in India,

Twenty-one handy tips to protect your home from burglary

Problems come uninvited, so do thieves.

Six habits of successful weight watchers

If you want to reduce weight, you may be considering a complete lifestyle change.

How is technology making the lives of truck drivers easy?

Technology is undoubtedly a key driver for the economic growth of a country.

Five safety tips while riding two-wheeler in bad weather

Bad weather comes with some real testing of your riding skills.

Eight safety measures that need to be followed at a construction site

In the developing world, with growth comes the need for constant construction of infrastructure.

Do helmets really save lives? Here's proof

Section 129 of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 makes it mandatory for two-wheeler riders to wear safety helmets.

Wildlife photography? Eight tips for the beginners

Wildlife photography requires a great deal of skill to master.

Six easy ways to decorate your home for festive seasons

When the festive season is around, our homes need a touch of elegance.

Moving into a new house? Follow this essential checklist

The idea of moving into a new home is exciting,

Healthy habits: 21 Best things to do for your body

Maintaining good health is everyone's goal.

Drink and drive: Five compelling reasons why it is bad for you

Only because you made it home “safely” does not make drunk driving a good choice.

Baby on Board? Why You Must Have a Child Seat

Children are full of energy, and therefore they tend to have a higher risk of being injured in a moving vehicle.

A middle-class life on a two-wheeler: Common mistakes to avoid

Transport is the lifeline of civilization,

Constructing your dream house? Make these suggestions a part of your strategy

It is our lifelong emotional dream to have a home for us.

The most common driving errors you don't know you're making

When you start driving, you don't become an expert overnight. For any perfect driver,

Sculpt the perfect body in 25 minutes a day at home

The concept of "no time" gradually becomes an excuse for

Internet shopping: Remember Convenience, Deals and a Few Scams

With the rise of internet-based e-commerce websites,

Follow these top six tips to declutter your digital world

It’s easy to lose track of time while going through your closet and segregating clothing into keep

Exercise or diet? What works best for you

There is much debate on what exactly helps a person to stay fit

Caught in traffic? Here are five innovative ways to keep your mood high

Getting stuck in traffic has become a usual thing in rush hours.

Best Tips: Choosing the right colour for your car

Getting your new car is one of the significant milestones you may think of.

Are you a lone wolf? Use these ideas to manage your luggage on your bike

Do you like motorbike road trips but always struggle with what to pack and how to pack?

Action camera for your bike travel: Nine tips to film the best videos

Action cameras have become a new trend among bikers.

Relocating to another city for work? Tick all these boxes.

Starting a new job or getting transferred to another city is stressful already.

Why running a marathon is not a crazy idea at all

You'd love the fact that not many people can say.

Upgrading your car? Why do you need to consider these five factors?

So, you have got a promotion and decided to upgrade your car.

Turning 18? Here is our beginner's guide for riding a bike

Are you turning 18 soon and just starting your life as a motorcyclist?

Proud to be a foodie? Check these five amazing food tours that you cannot resist

There is no doubt that the relationship of an Indian with food is above and beyond anything else.

Planning a reunion? Consider these five tourists spots you should go to

It's been a long and challenging time of social isolation.

How rock climbing can help you boost your leadership skills?

There was a time when only those with unbelievable daring and high tolerance levels could enjoy rock climbing.

Aerophobia – How to overcome the fear of flying next time?

Roughly around six million people are flying somewhere every day.

Does bike riding excite you? The top five bike trips you must not miss

Going on bike rides in India is an enthralling experience, as our country is home to awe-inspiring landscapes.

Are you health and budget conscious? Here is how you can eat organic on a tight budget

On a limited budget, going organic and all-natural sounds unusual.

Festival sale! How to get a good deal for a new bike

It is the festive season in India, the perfect time for family get-togethers.

Family on the road trip? What to know before you go

Road trips are the best part of any vacation, and if it is with family.

Five safety tips every female driver should know

Women taking over the world has defeated the dependency on others to get things done.

How innovation in e-scooters is making the headlines in India

Today, climate change is a severe concern.

Wondering how to keep your car shining post-monsoon

We love the monsoon for bringing down the temperatures and making us fall in love with books.

Why do most millennials buy health insurance online in India

India is a global capital for housing millennials, as almost 34% of its population is GenY. Powered by advanced technology.

Two wheeler insurance hidden costs you should know about

Have you got stuck in heavy traffic again? Guess who'll make the riding experience smooth and convenient by sliding through traffic?

Two-wheeler insurance policy. Popular facts and myths

Have you got stuck in heavy traffic again? Guess who'll make the riding experience smooth and convenient by sliding through traffic?

The benefits of staying loyal to the same car insurance company

Are you happy with your existing car insurance policy and making repeat purchases from the same insurer every year

Planning a long bike tour? Read these motorbike riding tips beforehand

For adventure seekers, biking trips across India have become more common than you would have imagined.

15 smart tips you always wanted to know about your car insurance

How can you make your car insurance foolproof? The intricacies of car insurance can be puzzling, but it is undoubtedly worth the effort.

How can your motor insurance save you money

it can still save your money and provide you with the financial security you need.

Are you in your 40s? Here are some essential medical tests you should consider

unhealthy lifestyle are becoming the new normal, impacting their everyday lives.

Getting your health insured is as easy as just a few clicks online

For today’s generation, long working hours, irregular sleep schedules, take-out meals, and an unhealthy lifestyle are becoming the new normal, impacting their everyday lives.

Are you picking up the right car mechanic? Here are a few questions to ask

We all can debate if mental health is as crucial as physical health.

Everything you should know about General Insurance: The complete guide

Life is full of turns and twists, making it thrilling and happening, but every turn comes with a different experience that can sometimes set you back.

Online bike insurance plans. Why and how is digitization helpful

The insurance industry in our country is experiencing an IT revolution.

Personal accident insurance can be surprisingly beneficial. Know more here

Accidents can sometimes cause severe damages, disability and, in the worst-case scenario, even death. Situations like these can have an unfortunate effect on a person's financial stability.

Is mental illness covered under your health insurance policy

We all can debate if mental health is as crucial as physical health.

What is cooling-off period in health insurance

Not many people are familiar with the term cooling-off period in health insurance.

Seven interesting facts about car insurance you should know

With all types of car insurance available out there,

Five health tips for people with obesity

People suffer from obesity disorder worldwide because of their hectic lifestyle and inactive fitness routine.

Steps to claim your health insurance policy

The Covid-19 pandemic shook the world's medical infrastructure from the ground.

Top tips to cut the cost of car insurance renewal

If you are a car owner, it is mandatory to have valid car insurance before driving on roads.

Know about zero depreciation car insurance policy

Does the depreciation value of your car scare you.

How to find bike insurance details with the help of the registration number

Did you know that you only need the unique registration number of your vehicle to get the details of your bike insurance online.

Five ways you can stay healthy at your workplace

Is working 9-5 taking a toll on your health? Sometimes we involve ourselves so much in work that we forget to pay attention on our health.

Five reasons why parents should not give in children's demands for bikes

Whether you decide to buy 2 wheeler insurance online or otherwise, many myths and misconceptions are associated with it.

Five misconceptions about two wheeler insurance

Whether you decide to buy 2 wheeler insurance online or otherwise, many myths and misconceptions are associated with it.

Five Car Insurance blunders you need to avoid

The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 requires all vehicles to be insured by adequate insurance coverage before they are driven on the road.

Best tips to reduce premium of your two wheeler

Two-wheelers like scooters and motorcycles are the most commonly used vehicles due to their fuel efficiency and ease of use on congested roads and streets.

Six Tips to purchase a good bike within your budget

Two-wheelers are always the easy moving, compact and sleek asset to glide through congested traffic and to move faster on the roads.

Six car driving tips for first time car buyers

Are you buying a new car? If you're a teenager, or an adult, getting a car is always a great feeling .

Six benefits of exercise and good eating habits

In today’s pandemic time, wellbeing and health have become more important than ever before in our life.

How to sell your bike at a good resale value

Your bike reminds you of road trips with friends and many other memories.

How to maintain the paint of your car

A shiny car with an attractive colour is a head-turner for anybody.

How to keep your blood sugar under control

“Blood sugar” is termed as the amount of sugar present in the bloodstream of a body at a given time.

How can IDV and NCB benefit your two-wheeler

Understanding that two-wheeler insurance is as important as your health insurance because your vehicle needs coverage and security .

Best tips on claiming a third-party two-wheeler insurance

A two-wheeler insurance policy covers the cost of repair and replacement for your bike or scooter. It includes theft of the two-wheeler and damages to the bike that involves paid repairing.

Best home-workout equipment for you in 2021

It includes theft of the two-wheeler and damages to the bike that involves paid repairing.

Benefits of usage-based insurance for your car insurance

A two-wheeler insurance policy covers the cost of repair and replacement for your bike or scooter. It includes theft of the two-wheeler and damages to the bike that involves paid repairing.

Best car accessories and gadgets to buy

Cars are the most comfortable mode of commuting and road trips.

Advantages of buying health insurance at an early age

There is a myth that young and healthy people do not need health insurance.

What is fully insured in a motorcycle accident

A two-wheeler insurance policy covers the cost of repair and replacement for your bike or scooter. It includes theft of the two-wheeler and damages to the bike that involves paid repairing.

Top Foods to Boost your Immune System

As large scale infections sweep the nation, there is a massive demand for COVID-19 related medicines and vaccines, apart from the surge in demand for health insurance online.

How to protect your car during covid-19

there is a massive demand for COVID-19 related medicines and vaccines, apart from the surge in demand for health insurance online.

Tips to maintain your energy levels during quarantine

there is a massive demand for COVID-19 related medicines and vaccines, apart from the surge in demand for health insurance online.

How to care for your family mental health during quarantine

there is a massive demand for COVID-19 related medicines and vaccines, apart from the surge in demand for health insurance online.

Ways to prevent the spread of covid 19 at your workplace

As large scale infections sweep the nation, there is a massive demand for COVID-19 related medicines and vaccines, apart from the surge in demand for health insurance online.

Fuel economy tips for summer

India has some of the harshest summers for any country in the world.


Over the past year, the importance of living a healthy lifestyle free of diseases and morbidities has become exigent.

Have a beautiful smile with five tips for healthy teeth

Oral health is not only important to keep cavity and gum disease at bay, but it also plays an important role in keeping you fit.

All you need to check before buying a new car

So you are just a few steps away from owning your dream car.

Purchasing two-wheeler insurance online? Follow these 5 steps

Buying online motor insurance is growing into a trend.

Key tools for effective maintenance of your car

Your car's routine maintenance is key to saving time and money and keeping it in the best condition.

How to get two-wheeler insurance for an old vehicle?

It is pretty easy to get insurance for new two-wheelers. Several dealerships provide a complimentary 1 to 5 year insurance plan when you buy a two-wheeler.

Does my existing Health Insurance cover Coronavirus?

This unfortunate and devastating pandemic situation has completely shaken the quality of health globally.

Complete guide for the first-time bike insurance buyer

Two-wheelers are the easy moving, compact and sleek asset to glide through congested traffic and to move faster on the roads.

Benefits of Long-Term Health Insurance

In India, health care has become a major expense than ever before, with 15% annual inflation. Given the increase in lifestyle-related diseases in current times,

8 key benefits of car insurance renewal

In India, cars are among the most purchased and valued commodities.

Choosing the best Medicare plan for 2021

This pandemic situation has yet again given us a wake-up call to be alert and handle the matter of health wisely.

How to prevent two-wheeler theft?

Two-wheeler thefts are very common. Bikes or scooters parked without proper safety can catch the eyes of thieves giving a chance to steal them away.

Motorcycle safety tips for safe riding

The motorcycle ride is an exhilarating adventure that gives you enthusiasm.

Ways to maintain your two-wheeler in good condition

So, you love riding your two-wheeler? And, how often do you spare time for maintaining it? Riding is way easier than maintaining a two-wheeler.

Six things you should not miss about your car’s maintenance and repair

Owning a car is one of the crucial investments that we make. But just buying a car is not sufficient; it is equally important to keep it well maintained.

Best tips to understand heating and cooling problems in cars

How many of us can address the problems that arise unexpectedly in our car’s heating and cooling system? Not most of us are skilled to do that.

How a healthier lifestyle can actually save you money

We all wish to have a healthy life and stay fit to live a long and happy life. Investing in a healthy life can give you excellent benefits.

5 tips for healthy and happy retired life everyone should know

During our growth and working years, there comes a stage where we all usually start thinking of our post-retirement life.

Ways to buy Long Term Two Wheeler Insurance Cover Online

Insuring your motorbike the day you buy it, is often referred to as a thumb rule.

Your Complete Guide To Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy

'Health is wealth’, perhaps one of the most commonly used phrases that stand true for all of us. This phrase stands more relevant for elderly people present in our lives.

All About Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Coverage

Two-wheeler insurance or bike insurance is one of the essential tools that you need to invest in, for your vehicle.

When should you not Claim Car Insurance?

The first task after buying a car is to get it insured. These insurance tools assist you in case of any damage or accident.

Things to Know Before Buying a Health Insurance Plan for Your Family

Maintaining your fitness might be a controllable factor, but predicting medical help indeed isn't.

Types of Motor Insurance Policies in India

The importance and relevance of motor insurance policy are increasing day by day in India.

Road Safety Tips that may Potentially Save your Life

Even after the countless campaigns and awareness programs on road safety, the accident rate has not reduced noticeably.

Safety Tips for Two-Wheeler Owners

Are you passionate about your ride? Own a bike, scooter, or a moped? The thought of gearing up for a long ride or a short spin around the city can be truly refreshing.

Know how to stay healthy and fit as you get older

As you age, it's essential to blend in with an active lifestyle to get the most of your life. Interestingly, the thought of an active lifestyle (to a majority of people) is taking up fitness subscriptions.

Personal Accident Insurance Policy – How does it Work

What do you think personal accident insurance is? A policy that will take care of your monetary needs if you ever get into an accident or a tool with economic benefit

Importance of personal accident insurance

Health Cover, is it an option or luxury? Well, it’s a necessity! Having a financial tool that covers your medical bills & saves you from a hole in the pocket is a must.

How to file a claim quickly in case of an accident?

Accidents can happen at any time and are often uninvited.

Health Cover! Why do you need it?

Health Cover, is it an option or luxury? Well, it’s a necessity! Having a financial tool that covers your medical bills & saves you from a hole in the pocket is a must.

Everything you need to know about Health Insurance

Health insurance is a policy that provides financial cover for your medical expenses.

5 Things to keep in mind While Renewing Your Health Insurance Policy

Buying insurance is not uncommon, one wants to secure the money involved in an asset and thus he gets it insured.

6 things that affect Your Car Insurance Premium

Accidents are uncertain and can come uninvited, leaving behind an inevitable financial loss.

Benefits Of Buying A Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy

Why do you need comprehensive motor insurance .

Benefits of Long Term Two Wheeler Insurance Plan

Do you own a two-wheeler? Do you use it frequently? Do you commute every day to get to work using your two-wheeler? If yes, then this article is meant specifically for you.

Complete look at Affordable Car Insurance Plans

Do you know the most significant factor that drives insurance purchases in India? It is not the services or the goodwill of the service provider but it is the affordability.

Complete Guide for Buying A New Bike Insurance

Bikes are the most popular modes of transport on local roads. It is the best option for daily commuting to your workplace. Owning a two-wheeler comes with its own set of responsibilities.

What are the signs of a weak immune system?

Do you feel fatigued often, or have random episodes of diarrhoea or catch a cold now and then? It may mean that you have a weak immune system. There can be several other symptoms too, and so are the reasons behind it.

How can we keep our bike insured while relocating?

Whether due to work-related tasks or personal matters, relocating has become a way of life.

How to choose your health insurance company wisely?

Humans have the most precious gift from God in the name of health, and we ought to do our utmost to sustain the benefits of that gift for a healthy and happy life.

How to find the best personal accident insurance plans for you?

Optimism is good but it doesn’t mean that we don’t prepare ourselves for the unforeseen circumstances thinking “it will not happen to us”.

The rising need for health insurance in India

There has been an exponential increase in the number of people opting for health insurances across India in recent years.

Why investment in health insurance at a young age is beneficial? 

Life is an enigma; it has countless possibilities with many struggles. .

The Five Best Health Insurance YouTube Videos

A health insurance policy is meant to save you from the financial impact of a sudden illness.

5 Things about Health Insurance Your Kid Should Know

Given the problems we still face as adults today, educating your kids about being responsible consumers is always a great idea. If you prepare your child with good planning skills now, they’ll be better prepared to face financial challenges in their adulthood.

How motor insurance add-on covers can benefit you

Having a basic third-party insurance is a must as per the law, however.

5 Best riding destination in Mumbai

With the rain slowly subsiding and the roads getting clearer, Mumbaikars can finally get on their bike for a nice.

Drive Safely _ Your family needs you

Driving is an adventure! You hold the steering wheel, buckle your seatbelt, get on the road.

Is Riding a Two Wheeler Easy

For a lot of us, learning how to ride a two-wheeler involved tripping and falling, messing up the gears.

Do not ignore these exclusions in health insurance policies

Health insurance in India is a necessity in contemporary times as it takes care of your finances in case of any health emergency with the help of a single policy.

Road tripping on your favorite ride, here's what you need to do to gear up

Road trips on a car are enthralling. These drives fill our camera rolls with memorable moments that we recall with much fondness.

Tips before going on a bike trip

Long bike rides are relieving to the soul. They teach us many lessons, test our patience, and brings the best version of us on the road.

Why choose a long term two-wheeler insurance policy

Bike rides are thrilling — the wind teasing your hair, the sound of the motor groaning, bringing in a sense of movement, a much-welcome change.

What are the features of fire insurance in India?

Fire is a serious risk for pretty much all physical structures, whether it's your house or your shop.

What is a personal accident cover, and how does it benefit you?

As per an official report released by the government, an astounding 469,910 road accidents were reported in 2017.

Tips on how to keep your car insured while relocating

Packing up and moving out can be a real chore.

Let's talk claims

While choosing an insurance policy, the claim settlement ratio of the insurer is a major factor to consider.

General Insurance: Know your rights and duties

Things change. It is the law of the universe, and we, along with everything that we do, are a part of it.

How pollution can affect riding two-wheeler?

One of the most important questions asked these days is.

How to check your claims online?

Having insurance is like having a safety deposit. That means if anything goes wrong, you would not be at a total loss.

Is it preferable to buy a house or rent one?

A home is something every individual requires and aspires for. A place you can come back to after a long and stressful day but purchasing a house is no child's play.

Road safety rules for citizens of India

A lot of people become victim to unfortunate road accidents. Merely witnessing an accident can leave a huge impact on the mind of an individual.

What are the benefits of getting health insurance from 3 different companies?

'The more, the merrier'. A lot of you must be familiar with this phrase. It states that the more the number of people, the more fun they are likely to have.

What are the new bikes launching in India?

The large competition in the market between different companies leads to the launch of several new bikes and scooters by the major brands almost every month throughout the year.

Why is an exercise like cycling very helpful?

People are becoming more and more aware of physical fitness and activities that keep them healthy.

Coronavirus - Precaution is always better than Cure !

Dos & Don’ts for the global health threat –Coronavirus

FASTag uses and benefits

Do you travel a lot by road? Are you tired of waiting for your turn at toll plazas on the interstate highways or expressways? Do you wish to get done with it as quickly as possible? If yes.

What are the benefits of renewing two-wheeler insurance online?

Not only buying insurance online but renewing it online as well is also possible and is very important at the same time.

What are the best practices to be followed in a corporate office?

Motivated employees are the biggest asset of any company or organisation.

Why people are purchasing insurance policies online?

Carrying out activities such as phone recharges, bill payments, grocery shopping, clothes shopping, etc.

Why should Senior Citizens get insurance policies?

With the onset of old age, a lot of people start facing a variety of health-related problems and diseases.

What are the different types of general insurance policies?

In modern times, uncertainty has become a part and parcel of life. You can take as many precautions as possible but certain unwanted situations can always take place.

Why do we need to be careful while crossing the roads?

With a striking increase in the number of vehicles on the road.

Why is your employer health insurance not sufficient?

As a part of the measures undertaken to keep their employees motivated.

Why should we follow the traffic signals while driving vehicles?

Traffic rules are meant for your safety, and there should be no arguments against why you should ensure to follow traffic rules while driving or walking on roads.

5 myths of Home Insurance

Home insurance is one of the most common insurance that people buy, but most of the buyers do not know about the complete limitations and benefits of such insurance policies.

5 Reasons why you should have an Individual Personal Accident Policy

Accidents are always unfortunate, and you can never foresee when you might face such a circumstance.

10 useful fire safety tips that you should know

A fire can start anywhere and you will be surprised to know that you may have as little as two minutes to escape from such fires to safety.

Quick guide for Add on Covers that you can opt for with Two Wheeler Insurance

Whether you buy a four-wheeler or a two-wheeler, you can easily buy bike insurance or private .

Quick Guide on Fire Insurance

Fire insurance is a contractual agreement between the policyholder .

Quick Guide on Liability Insurance!

Liability insurance provides the insured party protection against claims resulting from damage or harm to people or property.

Home Buyer's Guide

Owning a home is generally seen as a sign of adulthood and financial responsibility.

How to buy Health Insurance online in India?

Health insurance is a medical insurance policy which ensures that you and your family remain .

How to Buy Motor Insurance Online?

If you nurture and protect every little thing in your life, why not your car.

How to protect your home from theft?

Even if you live in one of the safest cities of the world, you should not leave your home open and unattended else you might lose all your valuables to thieves.

How to register your car insurance claims?

When you buy a car insurance policy online, you enter into a contractual agreement .

How to renew your car insurance online?

Nowadays, renewing your car insurance is also as simple as just buying new car insurance.

Is Personal Accident Insurance essential in India

While driving on the Indian roads, the possibility of an accident can never be ruled out.

What are the clauses in Marine Insurance?

A good marine insurance guards you and your consignment from a variety of hazardous and unforeseen disasters and events.

Mechanical Loss of Engineering Insurance

Does your company rely on some huge equipment to generate revenue.

Mistakes to avoid when buying a car insurance policy

So much deliberation goes into buying a car, but car insurances? Not so much.

Physical loss of engineering Insurance

Today, the number of cases with construction workers being a victim of such accidental risks is increasing.

Quick Tips on Fire Insurance

Fire and related events can cause very big losses, and they have become one of the biggest causes of losses in recent times.

Quick Guide on Marine Insurance

Marine insurance companies offer a wide range of policies that cover any damage or loss to ships, cargo, terminals or transport by which products are transferred.

What are affordable health insurance plans?

Health insurance is a type of policy that offers coverage for medical .

5 Best Sports Cars for Sports Avid Riders

Cars besides being a mode of transportation have been also a passion for many. For some driving a car simply to get somewhere is not the sole goal.

Consider These 5 Points When You Want to Sell Your Car!

Cars are a great means of making your daily commute easier since they allow you to travel .

Does making modifications in your Car affect your Car insurance?

Everyone dreams of purchasing a car in life. Reasons can be numerous; after all, having your car has several benefits.

Don’t miss out on these Medical Tests you should be doing in your early 30s!

Getting older could be a little scary. You begin to worry about your physical health, your finances, along with many other things, but it shouldn’t have to be.

These should be your Fitness Goals in 2020

As the new year rolls in, it is time to begin setting down goals for the year, or New Year’s resolutions as we call them.

How to claim car insurance after your accident in India?

While driving a car is a pleasure, a misfortunate incident can spoil everything.

How to Start Your Career in Life or Health Insurance?

If you are someone that derives pleasure out of helping others.

How to Reduce Car Pollution Level During Smog Season?

While driving a car is a pleasure, a misfortunate incident can spoil everything.

Tips to Help You Maintain Your Bike Better

There are many people who decide against buying a car, especially since it can be quite expensive to purchase as well as maintain, and instead opt for a motorbike.

You Must Know These Things While Driving!

With a constant need to go from one place to another and on a fairly regular basis, there is a necessity for a suitable means of transport.

How to make claims for multiple Health insurance policies

Medical Science has grown by leaps and bounds, so has medical expenses.

How to Secure Your Home Against Calamities?

It's an old adage "New or Old - Home is where the heart is".

How to Stay Financially Healthy?

One of the major determinants of how you live your life is your financial condition.

Important Terms in Health Insurance That You Should Know

The term “health insurance” is something that you must have heard multiple times.

Safety Tips Before Going on a Trip

There really isn’t the right time to go on a trip.

Know the Top 5 bikes of 2020

If you prefer bikes over cars, either because you are looking to save money.

Top 5 Cars to Buy in 2020

As part of their New Year goals, a lot of individuals decide to purchase a new car.

Top 5 Destinations in and Around Mumbai

Mumbai and its nearby locations have always been regarded as some of the best places to explore in the country.

What is no claim bonus in Car insurance?

Car insurance is all about cutting your losses in case of an accident or theft.

5 Explanation On Why Health Insurance Quote Is Important

Anyone who has seen a person close to them in the hospital will agree that it is the most stressful time in their life.

Making “Work From Home” Work

Given the current circumstances, social distancing is the need of the hour as all offices in most parts of the nation are opting for ‘Work From Home’ approach.

5 Reasons Why Tourists Love Car Insurance

There are thousands of tourists in India at any given point of time. While many stays in one city or area for the entire duration of their stay,

5 Things Your Parents Taught You About Fire Safety

Right from childhood apart from studies we are taught about being safe in general, there are numerous ways in which you could hurt yourself

A Beginner's Guide to Accident Insurance

With so many options in the market today, it is no longer a difficult task finding the best personal accident insurance policy in India still

Five Common Mistakes Everyone Makes While Buying Car Insurance

Almost everyone today owns a car, which means they would most probably either already have a car insurance policy or would be looking to buy one soon

Five Reliable Sources to Learn About Health Insurance

Health insurance is something that every single person should have at all times, so they are protected from any unnecessary

5 Things Nobody Told You About Car Insurance Quotes.

Health insurance is something that every single person should have at all times, so they are protected from any unnecessary

5 Doubts You Should Clarify About Motor Insurance Quotes

A personal vehicle is a huge blessing.

How to Control Fire Loss Due to External Cladding?

Buildings and houses are constructed very carefully; they are correctly planned and are built in a way that they can withstand any calamities or damages to the maximum extent possible.

What Makes Car Insurance So Popular?

When buying a car, you would take your time when it comes to choosing the right model, the right colour, the best safety features, the latest entertainment system, etc.

5 Common Misconceptions About Health Insurance

Almost everyone gets health insurance to make sure that their medical expenses are taken care of when needed; so that that they don’t have to pay a huge amount from their own pockets.

7 Reasons Why Tourists Love Health Insurance

Health insurance is an absolute necessity, and everyone must have a policy in place to be financially covered if there are health issues or injuries.

5 Preparations You Should Do Before Buying Health Insurance

Buying a health insurance policy is a significant responsibility since it will determine how financially capable you are of dealing with any illness or accident.

Some top stories about bike insurance

Nothing beats the feeling of cool winds engulfing you as you glide past the scenery on your bike.

5 Apps to Help You Manage Your Bike Riding

For many people riding their bike is the joy of their life.

What Will the two-wheelers Industry Look Like in the next ten years?

Two-wheelers have changed the landscape of transportation forever.

5 Laws Anyone Working in Marine Insurance Companies Should Know

Maritime transport is one of the most efficient ways to transport goods overseas.

10 Great Individual Health Insurance Speakers in India

There is nothing more saddening in life than the loss of a close family member or close friend.

10 Things You Learned in Preschool That'll Help You With Home Fire Insurance

Your home is the place where you have the most beautiful memories. It is the place where you grew up to become the person you are today and where your heart resides.

Does your Health Insurance Policy cover Corona Virus?

The outbreak of COVID 19 has affected millions of people across the world.

Is there any waiting period applicable for viral infections like Ebola, H1N1, and now Coronavirus?

Every hospitalization insurance policy comes with a stipulated waiting period which signifies the number of days that must lapse before the policy coverage begins for specific health conditions.

Five benefits that make health insurance an absolute necessity Revised 5

Health is a critical aspect of life. Hence the famous phrase health is wealth. With today’s pollution, changing and often unhealthy lifestyles, changing weather, an increase in diseases and mutation in the illnesses that already exist, etc.

Five exercises that keep you healthy

Exercise is a hobby for several people. Many people enjoy going to the gym every day, sweating it out, and keeping fit. For some people, a gym is just too intimidating or even not the most preferred choice.

Five things to keep in mind when you are buying a new house

It is not surprising that many people have a dream to own their dream house where they want to build their world.

Seven ways to lower your cancer risks

As everyone knows, cancer is quite dangerous and can lead to death. This is the reason that many individuals specifically opt for a cancer cover with their health insurance policy.

Common bike insurance terms that you should know

Owning a bike may be a necessity for someone and a status symbol or merely a pleasure deriving activity for some other one.

What documents are required for buying a used car from a private seller?

Buying a car, be it new or used, is a big event for any family because who doesn’t want to enjoy the perks that come with your car. However.

Health Insurance Marketplace Explained

Health insurance marketplaces in India have been created to reach out to customers with different insurance schemes, which are customized to cover the needs of people with various needs.

Heart Diseases

Many times it is when we have come across a mourning family who have lost their near and dear one due to heart disease.

How to keep your home safe from fire

You always try to do a lot for the happiness and wellbeing of your family.

How to claim your bike insurance?

Having a bike insurance policy is essential as it safeguards the bike owner from many unwanted losses that may otherwise disturb the mental peace of the owner.

Personal Accident Cover In A Car Insurance Explained

Accidents are dangerous and can cause immense physical harm to the individuals involved in them.

Some health tips to prevent chronic kidney disease

Being healthy is one of the essential human development goals that has now turned into a necessity of the hour.

Things to keep in mind when you shift your car insurance

Most car insurance plans are usually aimed at providing the services for one year, post which they are renewed.

Why driving license & motor insurance policy is necessary

As a vehicle owner, specific responsibilities come your way, which must be taken care of with utmost care. Driving license and motor insurance are two of the most important papers that must always be there with you, irrespective of the fact whether you have a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler.


Why home insurance is a must for your house in today's time

All of us are extremely lucky to stay in a nation as diverse as India, which has a plethora of climatic changes to offer and support its citizens. .


Expert Speaks

All of us are extremely lucky to stay in a nation as diverse as India, which has a plethora of climatic changes to offer and support its citizens..


How to port your health insurance to Magma HDI?

A lot of people around the world work hard and save their income to one day purchase a car. A car provides you with much more freedom and mobility than local transport.

5 Effective Tips to Deal with Stress and Anxiety amid the Global Pandemic

The global pandemic has hit everyone hard, in terms of health and economy. But, more importantly, it harmed our mental health severely. Completely locked and confined to home for several months has led to some kind of depression to a large number of people.

6 Ways to Reduce Risk of Contracting COVID-19 While Commuting to Work

The end of 2019 had brought forward a deadly virus that is still haunting the world, the COVID-19. Since we are still lagging in getting a proper vaccine for this virus, the situation is causing more and more adverse effects, even fatality.

15 Simple Health Tips For Monsoon!

The monsoon is a welcome change for many from the scorching summer heat. It brings promises of new life with itself. Thus humans often greet this season with open arms.

Boost Your Immunity To Combat Health Risk

Immunity is your utmost strength which makes your body work properly daily. However, along with age and time, the immunity system starts getting weaker depending on your lifestyle and many other factors.

How to take care of your car during Monsoon?

All of us are preparing for the rainy season with our umbrellas and raincoats in place. While we are getting ready for the heavy rains, let us not forget to prepare our cars for the same.

Eating during COVID-19: How nutrition can protect people's health during COVID-19.

Started from the province of Wuhan in China, COVID-19 has spread all around the world, leaving behind the massacres.

Family Health Insurance or Individual Health Plans – What to Choose?

Establishing life goals entail insurance plans, but that’s not a holistic confirmation to your investments. The next question would be - whether to settle for an individual or a family floater plan

Four insurance covers you must have this monsoon

Monsoon brings us particular delights, after the scorching summer season, rain is the only respite we look forward to. But they are not so delightful when they leave a trail of plight.

Why Home Insurance against Natural Calamities is Essential

One of the most expensive assets that an average earning Indian buys in his/her life is a house. A good part of our earnings is spent on buying and furnishing our dream home.

Precautions to Take For Your Bike in Monsoon

Monsoon prefaces an ideal fit for a biker’s dream for a planned respite out of the city hustle. Although the season is arguably the best one for bikers, it is also irreversibly lethal primarily due to torrential downpour and fog - that can create scenarios prone to accidents.


Monsoon arrives with new promises and provides a route to escape from the scorching summer heat. It comes as a respite to many but has its consequences.

Road Safety Tips for Two-wheelers

The majority of road accidents in India are those driving two-wheelers, taking the lives of thousands of people every year. It is a common sight to notice a two-wheeler rider cutting past the traffic, riding on the pavements, or finding a way even in small lanes.

Top 9 Foods To Be Included In Your Diet For A Safe Monsoon

Monsoon often arrives as a welcome relief to many. The scorching summer heat and humid tiring days are replaced by new hope and joy as the rain comes with new promises of life.

Two Wheeler Insurance- Types of Cover you need, Exclusions, Benefits

Two-wheeler insurance provides coverage to two-wheeler vehicles and bikes.

The weather seems to be perfect for a car drive, but your vehicle is refraining from starting, ever ben in such a situation?

Yes, we understand your problems, and the struggle is real when it comes to cars that stop suddenly.

5 Essential Things to Keep in Your Car

Cars become a second home to those who love travelling and driving. Be it driving long distance or shorter ones.

5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Eyes If You Work At A Computer All Day

Cars become a second home to those who love travelling and driving. Be it driving long distance or shorter ones.

5 Ways To Fight Depression With Health Insurance

The pandemic situation triggered a rise in depression and other mental health issues. The Supreme Court motivated the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India to allow all insurers with health insurance on mental health issues.

Dealing with Back Pain_ Causes and Treatments

Is this you, rambling about back pain? Whether it is a one-day return or every two weeks, you need to know the reason behind your back pain and how quickly you can treat it before it's late!

COVID-19 Second Wave_ Can We All Stay Safe Indoor

The breakthrough of the corona virus has led us to these challenging times. And staying healthy and disease free to prevent yourself from the virus is one crucial task. To prevent yourself from corona, it is advised to stay indoors.

Guide to Buy a Used Car

Owning a brand new car is a dream that most of us have had when growing up.

Healthcare tips: How to keep yourself safe during Diwali in COVID-19

The festival of lights seems to be around the corner and preparations seem to be at the same pace as the previous years.

How to stay healthy at home - During the COVID-19 Lockdown

With extended lockdown being the most current happening around the country, we aren’t expecting things to get normal anytime soon. However, what stays intact even during this pandemic is the fact that we need to stay healthy by ourselves.

5 Strangest insurances ever!

Buying insurance is not uncommon, one wants to secure the money involved in an asset and thus he gets it insured.

What you should do in case of accidents?

You’re driving safe. You’ve got your eyes on the road, and your seat belt on.

The new age insurance is changing the game.

The New Age insurance is evolving and we are seeing a lot of new age insurers entering the game alongside the traditional players

Keep your car in great shape!

Your car gets you safely everywhere you want to go, but it requires that you take good care of it in order for it to keep running.

A look at how far we've come and where we're headed.

When truth and transparency are built into the core of fibre of an insurance company, you know you are in trustworthy hands. This is the way of life at Magma HDI, and the fundamental reason it has been able to sell 1 million policies in FY19, as on February 21, 2019.

Buying insurance? We’ve removed the fear factors.

We understand your fears and apprehensions and here’s what we have done to put an end to that Magma HDI general insurance’s range of policy for your health and assets:

How Magma HDI liability insurance makes you a responsible citizen?

It is hard to name a single businessman who hasn’t taken risks, but you will know many brave ones who trusted luck and risked everything. Truth be told, as a responsible business owner and citizen, one needs to be prepared with and Magma HDI offers a wide range of liability policies

Here is how Magma HDI is revolutionizing claim settlement.

Thanks to the technology, computers or the smart phone in your hand filing a claim has never been easier.

Buying a house? What you need to know about home insurance policy

Home is a name, a word, it is a strong one; stronger than magician ever spoke, or spirit ever answered to, in the strongest conjuration. – Charles Dickens

You’ve made the big decision to purchase a dream house: reality is finally sweeter than your dreams! Congratulations.

This Raksha Bandhan, do it differently!

Someone has rightly said that siblings are your only enemies you can’t live without.

Did you know you could safeguard your precious gadgets/equipment with this one step?

Connectivity has become the fourth pillar of our rations today.

What is the claim settlement ratio?

Have you thought of your insurance claim getting rejected? Scary is’nt it?

Do I need marine insurance?

Insurance provides the safety net required to protect the financial integrity of your personal and professional needs. If you are in the business of sending or receiving physical goods from one destination to another, insuring your goods and business interests inevitably becomes your priority. 

Mistakes to avoid while buying a health insurance policy

Given the rising healthcare cost, a sudden medical emergency can put a significantly hole in your pocket. A health insurance policy, therefore, is an absolute must to get timely and expert medical help for yourself and your family. Plus, the added tax benefits help you save money.

Health insurance v/s critical illness insurance: All you need to know

There’s an ongoing debate between the importance of health insurance and critical illness insurance.

Get the peace of mind you deserve with one step

We all know that setting up a business and buying an asset takes a lot of time and toiling, it may be a car, your dream house or simply a household item.

Everything you need to know about engineering insurance

Does your business rely heavily on machines and equipment? If yes, then you surely must’ve heard about machinery breakdown insurance. Even if you haven’t, worry not, we’re here to explain

How to find affordable personal accident plans with these easy steps

Congratulations! That’s a very smart decision you’ve made, having decided to get personal accident insurance for yourself. But what now? Not sure where to start or which insurance to get? Don’t worry, that’s why we are here – to help your find the right plan using our truth lens 

Why do you need health insurance in India?

We’re always talking about how densely populated India is but have you ever stopped to think what it means for us? Well, the metros are over-crowded for one, but there is more. 

Everything you should know about bike insurance in India

If you own a vehicle, most likely it’s a bike. A two-wheeler is most people’s first choice due to the low price and easier upkeep. The latter.

7 things you need to know about public liability insurance

Accidents happen. Sometimes due to negligence and sometimes due to sheer bad luck.

Bought A New Car This Monsoon Season? Don’t Forget to Buy Car Insurance Too

Driving around in a new car is an exciting feeling. But with owning a car, comes the responsibility of keeping it safe on the roads.

How NCB Works for Car Insurance?

Your car insurance comes with an annual premium, which helps you bear the financial losses that may arise due to an accident.

How to renew your bike insurance?

Are you wondering why it's important to renew your two-wheeler insurance on time? Well firstly.

What the world would be like if general insurance did not exist?

A world without general insurance is a world with millions of financially unprotected people. It may even be compared to a person without vaccination! The going is good as long as you don’t contract major diseases.

The only travel packing list you will ever need!

“I don’t want to go on a holiday!” SAID NO ONE EVER.

7 things to keep in mind while buying health insurance in India

Health insurance happens to be one of the most serious decisions of your life as far as your health is concerned.

Best Bikes to ride in your youth days

The thing about youth is that it is not everlasting. It comes and goes before you might even realize.

Best Two Wheelers to Buy in India

Two-wheelers come as saviors at a time when Indian roads are bustling with traffic. It is particularly annoying when you are going out for a ride. If you are alone, then rides are best experienced when you are on a two-wheeler.

How to get a 360 Degree health cover and what are its benefits

The onset of modern life has lead to various dietary and lifestyle changes. In an effort to keep up with your health and deal effectively with any health issue, it is essential to get hold of a health insurance which provides 360-degree all-round protection.

Why health insurance claims get rejected

One of the best ways to safeguarding your finances while availing medical treatments is getting health insurance. Good health insurance protects you and your family against the various health risks that life toss at us over time — it lets us have that peace of mind.

A Comprehensive Health Insurance Checklist

The health of you and your family is something that cannot be traded. You must make sure in all walks of life that it is well taken care of, and that if something falls stray, you have good health insurance to back things up.

Deductibles you should be aware of in your health insurance plan

Health insurance plans are much needed as they provide you with a sense of protection against the various odds in life. If you are trying to get the best health insurance in India for parents, or other members in your family, then you should look at a plan which offers extended cover at low premium rates.

Monsoon Safety Checklist for your cars

Monsoons might not be the ideal time to drive around. The roads are slippery, and there are higher chances of meeting with an accident. However, the rainy season does not mean that you should stop driving altogether.

Things to Know before bike alterations

If you are someone who loves riding bikes, then you would not mind spending hours end on trying to make the best out of it, modifying it so that it stands out and reflects your personality.

Common Two-wheeler issues that can lead to brake failure and its solutions

Bikes have different components, and each of them has separate sets of functions that serve different needs. However, there is one particular component, the role of which cannot and should not be underplayed — brakes.

Tips for first-time health insurance policy buyers

Our lifestyle has been changing steadily with time. These lifestyle changes have made room for several diseases that may come unnoticed .

6 Truths about general insurance you must know

Simply put, general insurance includes all personal insurance plans except life insurance..

Benefits of getting car insurance

An increasing number of vehicles on the road, along with the insufficient infrastructure to support them, is leading to a rise in the number of accidents and fatalities.

Everything you need to know about general insurance

Now that you have the relevant know-how on general insurance, why delay further? Secure yourself, your loved ones and leave all your worries behind.

Everything you need to know about marine insurance

It is always a great idea to assess your unique needs before going out to purchase any insurance. However, getting a plan that is comprehensive in nature can never lead you wrong.

The Evolution of Health Insurance

Health insurance is a necessity in today's age.

The truth about theft insurance

There will inevitably be a few exclusions to your cover. For example.

5 Reasons why you should have an Individual Personal Accident Policy

There is a false sense of security in most individuals, where one feels like they can never meet with an accident.

Affordable Health Insurance is a reality

The benefits offered by a health insurance plan are too good

Benefits of daily cycling

In modern times, various lifestyle-related ailments such as diabetes, hypertension, depression, obesity, etc.

Five things you should know about personal accident insurance

Financial security is a priority for any family and having

Home Security during festive seasons

Though the home is a synonym of safety, home burglaries are common and have gone up rapidly in recent times.

What are the frequently asked questions about motor insurance?

Getting motor insurance regardless of the fact that whether it is new or old, is always confusing.

Buy the best car Insurance with this Guide

Buying a car is no more a family dream as people are investing in a car in their early careers.

Car Insurance Policy status checks simplified

Thanks to higher disposal incomes and many attractive car loans available in the market, owning a car in India is no more a luxury.

Car insurance premium is influenced by these factors

Having a car insured takes many brainstorming sessions in which you have to consider several factors.

Choosing the right health insurance for our family

Health problems can occur suddenly and without preamble, and it can often mess up your financial planning with unexpected expenses.

Easy ways to choose affordable health insurance

Medical facilities in India have now achieved the status of being “world-class,” allowing the people of country with access to best treatment within the country.

Events when your Marine Cargo insurance claim gets rejected

With the continuous rise in international trade, the volume of marine cargo is also increasing.

Tips for a homeowner facing a fire or smoke damage

Disasters have many faces and can strike anytime, anywhere; they can be seen in the form of quakes, floods, gas leaks, explosions, etc.

First-time car insurance buyer's guide

Buying your first car can be a little overwhelming. You work persistently and save your hard-earned money aside to buy the vehicle of your choice.

Hazards of shipping goods by the sea & how marine insurance can help

Ocean shipping is one of the most cost-effective means to ship out your goods to international borders.




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