5 Reasons Why Tourists Love Car Insurance

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5 Reasons Why Tourists Love Car Insurance   23th March 2020

There are thousands of tourists in India at any given point of time. While many stays in one city or area for the entire duration of their stay, others choose to move around and explore. One of the most common ways of discovering new places is renting a car. As someone visiting another country, you would love to see all that you possibly can in the short time that you are there and driving around is great to do that. However, it is essential to keep in mind the necessity of car insurance. Here are five reasons why tourists make it a point to get car insurance: -

  • Covers the Costs of Repairs: As someone coming from outside the country, there are high chances that you don’t know how to drive on the right side of the car. While it is possible to learn how to do so, there can be an accident. If that happens, having car insurance in place helps because it’ll cover the cost of repairs. Depending on how severe the damages are, having the costs covered can be of great help, since they can be quite expensive.
  • Provides Extensive Financial Protection: Again, the costs to be covered would depend mainly upon how severe the accident and so, having insurance would protect you from significant expenses. Whether there is vehicular damage, minor injuries, loss of sight, disablement, or even death, car insurance would cover the costs or provide compensation. You would not have to pay a lot out of your pocket since the insurance would take care of medical bills or repairs.
  • Reduces Liability: If there is an accident, there are chances that someone else was affected as well, whether it is damage to their vehicle or whether they were physically hurt. By taking Third Party Liability, you would not only be saved from having to pay for their damages but also from the legal ramifications; the insurance would cover all that. Getting Third Party Liability is mandatory in India. By getting car insurance, tourists can avoid getting involved in legal procedures while visiting.
  • Covers the Cost of Treatment of Passengers:
  • By opting for the best car insurance policy in India, you would protect yourself from extensive costs due to a car accident (either medical bills or repair costs). There are high chances that your co-passengers would be protected. If during an accident, not just you but your co-passengers get hurt, the insurance policy would also compensate for their damages; it would cover hospital visits, medical bills, any surgeries or operations, etc.
  • Compensation after Death: Unfortunately, driving cars can lead to not just accidents, but, the accident can cause death as well. In this case, the car insurance policy you have chosen could provide compensation to the family, depending upon its terms or coverage. The demise might seriously affect the daily life of the family, and the insurance policy might help pay for their expenses.
  • Whether you are a tourist or a native, finding the best car insurance policy in India is no longer a difficult task since there are hundreds in the market. All you need to do is thorough research and choose the plan which offers maximum coverage and compensation in the event of a car accident.