How to find the best personal accident insurance plans for you?

Best Personal Accident Insurance India

How to find the best personal accident insurance plans for you?  27th Nov 2019

Optimism is good but it doesn’t mean that we don’t prepare ourselves for the unforeseen circumstances thinking “it will not happen to us”. Accidents are as unpredictable as anything, we can take measures to face the minimum damage but we cannot avoid a sudden fall for eg. wearing a helmet while riding a bike is a precautionary measure but if you fall and get yourself hurt, you might save your head but what about the knee?

A personal accident insurance cover ensures that you will be financially protected against any such mishaps but the most suitable or the best personal accident policy for you would be the one that takes care of your head as well as your knee which means it gives you full coverage.

Apart from this, keep an eye on the percentage of the promised pay-out. For example: In case, if someone gets highly injured during an accident which leads to amputation of a body part then claim towards the insurance policy might be restricted to 50% of the total sum assured. So, don’t forget to read every clause of the policy before signing it.The same is true here while choosing the best personal accident policy in India, don’t forget to read the policy lingo, jargons and the clauses word by word carefully

Key factors to consider while choosing the best personal accident policy in India includes!!!

Plan type: First of all, you need to decide the insurance policy type that you want to purchase. You can choose any plan from an individual plan to a family accident plan as per your needs and requirements. If your family is financially dependent on you then safeguarding your family against accident is always a good option. 

Premium: Premium is another factor that you need to consider while choosing the right accidental insurance for you. Of course, everyone wants to get higher coverage while paying a lower amount of premium fees. Choose the one which has an appropriate balance between the premium charged and the coverage. You should never choose minimal coverage insurance just because of the low-cost premium charges. Consider your needs, read out the policy and then make the right choice.

Policy coverage: The higher the coverage, the safer you will feel. So, you should choose a wide accident coverage. Because such policies provide coverage against any kind of accident and disability while basic insurance coverage covers death caused by an accident.

Add Ons: Several add-ons are present there offering enhanced protection on your chosen policy. Think about what add- on might come as useful and then choose the right rider plan for you. Though the add-on services change from one policy to another policy, offering you the choice to choose from the right option.

The claim settlement process: You should always choose a policy with an easy and hassle-free claim settlement process. What’s the benefit of paying premiums if you are not able to claim when you are in need. While choosing a policy, read the claiming method carefully. Generally, in all the policies, you will get a 30 day of the claim period. During this period, it is necessary to intimate the insurer regarding any loss caused by accident. 

Bottom line!!!


the best personal accident policy in India

that offers you higher protection against any loss caused by an accident with minimal hassle.