Mechanical Loss of Engineering Insurance

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Mechanical Loss of Engineering Insurance   12th Feb 2020

Does your company rely on some huge equipment to generate revenue? Even one failure or breakdown will lead to costly repairs to the extent that a company can even be forced to shut down indefinitely. So, how would you possibly have operated, without these key pieces of machinery like heavy machinery or specialized manufacturing equipment?

Usually, considering other things, companies overlook the importance of manufacturing power. The machinery is the backbone that keeps the force running. They're also a major investment and if not insured, any damage can cause not only hindrance but could also stop workflow altogether and huge loss. Therefore, it's important to opt for a machinery breakdown insurance policy. It is a form of property insurance designed to transfer unexpected breakdown risks associated with a company's mechanical and electrical equipment.

This insurance will cover physical damage from the unanticipated breakdown of machinery. By repairing or replacing the additional costs, this insurance will keep your work going and ensure it doesn't halt in the light of such unforeseen events.

Unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances caused due to carelessness, short circuit, electric overpressure, failure of safety device operation, defects in assembly, structural or mechanical, loosening of parts or excessive speed, falling, impact, collision and entry of foreign goods in the machinery are covered. Under this policy, the sum insured includes the following:

  • Replacement value of the equipment
  • Erection costs
  • Freight charges
  • Duties paid
  • Value of brickwork
  • These policies are usually flexible and help organizations recoup financial losses related to property damage, interruption and spoilage. The premium, however, is calculated once the type of equipment and factors like their capacity and price are taken into consideration. There is a different premium for different machinery used. The machines that can be insured are-

  • All stationery machinery equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • Mechanical plant equipment
  • Process machinery in industries
  • The eligibility criteria are that the owner or lessor of the machinery can get the insurance.

    Mechanical loss of engineering insurance policy includes compensation for the cost of repair and replacement arising from unforeseeable circumstances. The cover is effective even if the equipment is not in use. The machinery is also covered if the equipment has been dismissed for maintenance and overhauling or is moved to a different location.

    Usually, with an additional premium, the machinery breakdown insurance policy also covers third party liability, additional customs duty, air freight, escalation, property surrounding machinery, overtime, holiday wages etc. This makes it an essential complete package.

    Since machinery breakdown insurance policy is for electrical and mechanical equipment, electronic material such as computers are not protected or covered. Specific risks that are not included in this policy are wear and tear, war, fire, gross negligence, damage due to overload and known pre-existing defects.

    Machinery breakdown insurance is now crucial for businesses of all kinds and provides protection. However, secure the right policy to ensure your business is covered before, during and after an equipment breakdown.