5 Best riding destination in Mumbai

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5 Best riding destination in Mumbai!  20th Jan 2020


With the rain slowly subsiding and the roads getting clearer, Mumbaikars can finally get on their bike for a nice, pleasant ride. Now, you can finally say goodbye to the cloud-laden sky, dust off your bike, and hit the road for some hot cutting chai as you delve into the sceneries that your trip is going to offer. So without further ado, let’s look at the five best riding destinations in Mumbai. However, before you set out on your ride, make sure that you have access to the best two-wheeler insurance in India so that you can stay out of legal trouble.

1. Durshet

Durshet is located 64 kilometers from Mumbai and is known for its jungle safari and water sports. It’s hidden well in the laps of the Sahyadri mountain range and is covered in lush greenery. While you are here, you can take a dip into the shimmering cold water of the Amba river to refresh your senses. If you are someone who finds pleasure in visiting holy sites, then there are several temples around for a good morning walk that will fill you with a sense of devotion — the astounding nature only adds up to the serenity of this place.

2. Mulshi Dam

This dam is located 127 kilometers from Mumbai and is known for its several forts. It is a perfect place to get your camera out and click some amazing pictures that will decorate your gallery. The dam, which is constructed on the Mila river, works as a hydroelectric plant. The monsoon is particularly a good time to visit this place as you can see the river at its full flow while the mist fills the atmosphere, mesmerizing you with its beauty.

3. Malshej Ghat

Located serenely in the Sahyadri range, the Malshej Ghat is located at a distance of 154 kilometers from Mumbai. A bike ride here will offer you the naturally decorated view of lakes and valleys. It has some unique flowers that will make you take your camera, and perhaps never put it back. During the rainy season, you can even spot a few flamingoes perching, feeding themselves. It is a must-visit if you are into trekking, bird-watching, and hiking.

4. Vihigaon Waterfalls

The Vihigaon waterfall is located at a distance of 115 kilometers from Mumbai city. It is known for having the highest peak in Maharashtra — the Kalsubai. It is hidden in the greenery and can offer you some great treks that have some mesmerizing views. You can dive deep into the calmness which this place offers, which makes for an ideal spot for having a picnic with your friends and family. On top of everything, the waterfall offers a great view. It is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

5. Thoseghar Falls

Thoseghar Falls is located at a distance of 230 kilometers from Mumbai, which makes it a great place for bike rides, as you will be spending enough time on the road. The place receives abundant rainfall, and during monsoon, the waterfalls gush at high speed which makes it a pleasant sight. You can either sit around the lake or take a dip in it or merely gaze — there’s always enough to do at this place. With so many places to go around all you have to do is top up you fuel tank and hit the road. However, make sure that you get the best two-wheeler insurance in India so that safety becomes a top priority.