Ways to maintain your two-wheeler in good condition

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Ways to maintain your two-wheeler in good condition  29th May 2021

So, you love riding your two-wheeler? And, how often do you spare time for maintaining it? Riding is way easier than maintaining a two-wheeler. But we need to understand that if we neglect the regular maintenance of our two-wheelers, then in no time they will face issues which will ultimately cause trouble to you. For a safe and happy ride, maintenance of your two-wheeler is important.

Along with below mentioned six tips for mastering your two-wheeler maintenance, we also recommend you not to neglect the important practices of good driving habits and a relevant

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1. Start with the engine

The driving force of your two-wheeler should always be in good working condition. Regularly check the engine oil level and change the oil if necessary. Always use good quality oil to prevent the deterioration of the engine’s performance. Keep the oil filter dirt-free and drain out all the waste. If needed, replace the existing filter with a new one.

2. Go for the air filter

Air filters are either made of paper substance or foam. Depending on the type of air filter installed in your two-wheeler, you should clean the air filter accordingly. The paper-based filter can be tapped to clear the dirt and clean it. For a foam-based filter, use water to wash out all the dust clogging the air filter.

3. Examine the spark plugs

Over the years, the spark plugs undergo wear and tear, which gradually increases the gap between the electrodes. Identify the exact gap that should be present between the electrodes and manually adjust the electrodes to reposition them to the appropriate position. Also, note the current physical state of the spark plugs. If they appear to be corroded, change them immediately.

4. Address the clutch

Maintenance of the clutch is crucial for jerk-free gear shifting. Check out the clutch cable and adjust the thread along with the nut to observe a smooth operational clutch.

5. Look out for the brake

For preventing unwanted road accidents and for a safe ride, the braking system needs to be functioning efficiently and the brake pads need to be checked. Usually, brake pads experience some wear and tear due to continuous friction applied to them. Grooves present on the brake pads act as indicators to represent the level of damage. If the damage is beyond the permitted limit, then it is wise to replace the brake pads. One should never be careless when it is a matter of brake pad maintenance. Also, change the brake oil regularly for proper lubrication of the brakes.

6. Don't forget to renew your two-wheeler insurance

You don't want anything loose that may compromise your two-wheeler's maintenance, including a potential driving risk. A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan protects you and your vehicle in case of accidents that may occur while riding on the road.

On a conclusive note, the life of your two-wheeler rests in your hands. Invest your little time in its maintenance and repair to enjoy a pleasant riding experience. Also, understand that your two-wheeler is your possession, so it is your responsibility to reward it with proper maintenance.