Motorcycle safety tips for safe riding

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Motorcycle safety tips for safe riding  29th May 2021

The motorcycle ride is an exhilarating adventure that gives you enthusiasm, thrill, and a joyous feeling. But a two-wheeler ride also involves higher potential risk because of the exposure of the rider. It is important to prioritize your safety against any pleasures, and as a rider, you need to make the roads safer for others as well by abiding by some essential road safety tips.

Along with below mentioned important tips for safe riding, we also recommend you to possess a valid

two-wheeler insurance

coverage that offers you risk coverage against any injury to you or damage to the motorcycle.

1. Helmet before ignition

Before kick-starting your ride, ensure that you are wearing a helmet over your head. Never start your bike without a helmet; your head is the most vulnerable part. It is crucial to protect your head entirely while you are riding on the roads. Uncovered head faces the most severe damage when met with an accident. Also, remember to invest in a good quality helmet, preferably one with an ISI quality certificate.

2. Make safety gears a part of your ride

If you want to reach safely to your destination, it is advised to wear sufficient safety gear. Carelessness and mistakes on roads are not an intelligent thing to do. Shield your body by wearing motorcycle gears that protect you from debris, road rash and other elements. Knee caps, elbow guards, good riding jackets, and hand gloves are excellent accessories that can save you from serious injuries. Female motorcycle or two-wheeler riders are suggested to be careful regarding their outfit or accessories like dupattas while they are riding.

3. Your motorcycle, your responsibility

Before touching the road, basic checking of the motorcycle should be done. Brakes and clutch should be checked if they are functioning correctly. Air pressure of the tyres should be noted. Regular oiling of the gears and chain should be done. Most importantly, regular maintenance of your motorcycle should be scheduled. Take care of your bike, and only then your bike will take care of you when you are on the roads.

4. Follow the road safety rules

Once on road, you are responsible for strictly obeying all the traffic rules. Traffic rules are designed to ensure the complete safety of people when travelling on the roads. First and foremost, you should never DRINK and DRIVE. Never try to ride on the wrong side of the road, avoid overtaking, or over speeding, and always obey the traffic lights. Be a responsible rider, use the indicators on your bike before taking a turn, press the horn whenever required, maintain a safe distance from the other vehicles, and always follow the lane discipline.

5. Gift your motorcycle a good insurance plan

Try to invest in a two-wheeler insurance policy that suits best for your bike. Carefully understand the benefits of the policy, the process of claiming the insurance, and the payment of premiums. You can even buy two-wheeler insurance online that offers coverage for your injuries including medical bills, coverage for your bike, and damage you cause to others.

Keep safety as the priority and never compromise with the fun factor involved with bike riding. Loss of a bike can be compensated, but the loss of life cannot! Also, when you are on the road, you are not just responsible for your safety but also for the people around you.