Is it preferable to buy a house or rent one?

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Is it preferable to buy a house or rent one?  24th Jan 2020


A home is something every individual requires and aspires for. A place you can come back to after a long and stressful day but purchasing a house is no child's play. It requires a certain degree of commitment and a lot of financial resources. In case you do not have adequate financial arrangements to buy a home, you would rather want to take a house on rent. But if you do have the required resources but are indecisive about buying a new home or renting it, then the following factors determine whether you should buy your own how or rent one: -

Total income - The basic requirement for buying a house is a steady income. If you wish to buy your own house, you definitely need a high level of income to pay for it. On the other hand, if your income is quite less or irregular, you can opt to rent a house instead of purchasing as rent amount is always less than instalments of the house.

Loan repayment - The above point brings us to a loan and is quite similar to this one. Let's say you obtain a loan from a reputed bank to buy a house. But would you be able to pay the EMI along with the amount of interest? Do you have enough loan repayment capacity while meeting other necessary expenses? If the answer is yes, then go ahead and buy your house. If no, then renting a house can be the best option.

Duration of time - A huge factor in the decision of buying a house is the time you plan to live there. If you know that you want to settle in a particular city or region, you can buy a house. However, if the case is not so, you should stay in a rented property to avoid any extra costs.

Security - If you wish to have a stable base instead of constantly looking for houses or being under the fear of having to empty the property you are currently living in, you should buy a house. You can ensure that your children too would have a strong backup plan if they long for their own house.

Job certainty - If you have a job that requires you to travel from one place to the other or is not stable, you should avoid buying a house as real estate is not a current form of asset. It might hold you back from changing cities or changing jobs. You cannot predict the growth of downfall of real estate. Thus, buying and selling might not go as per your wish. In such a scenario, renting a house is the best choice as it does not bind you.

Maintenance expenses - If you own a house, the responsibility of maintaining it falls upon your shoulders. No doubt, you can buy the best home insurance in India, but the damage occurred cannot be undone. Other than that, repairs of leakage inside the house, renovation, repainting and other maintenance expenses would have to be borne by yourself. However, if the house is rented, you need not worry about any such things as the owner will take care of them all.

Other expenses - If you intend to buy a car, travel extensively, spend on your children's education, make strong retirement plans, or have any sort of other long or short term expenditures, you should take a house on rent. That way you would save some money by not paying instalments of the house and be able to fulfil all other expenses.

Whether you plan to buy a house or rent one is completely your call but do make sure that in either case the property is secured with the policies of best home insurance in India. This way, you can be stress-free and live life peacefully.