Two-wheeler insurance hidden costs you should know about

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Two-wheeler insurance hidden costs you should know about  14th Sept 2021


Buying a two-wheeler insurance requires investment of time as the long and complex policy document in small font might look tiresome and time-consuming to read. Most people overlook those crucial details and rely on their life insurance agent while purchasing a policy. You need to be aware of the hidden charges that ridiculously drive up your insurance bill, as your agent might not explain everything you should be knowing.

A few adjustments here and there in your two-wheeler insurance policy might not seem like a big deal to you, but trust us, those will help you save a considerable sum that stays with you over time.

So, here are a few two-wheeler insurances hidden costs you should always pay attention to.

1. Paperwork fees:If you are not opting for 2 wheeler insurance online and instead buying your insurance physically through cheque, you are certainly paying a higher premium. Your insurance company charges you a couple of hundred rupees for the paperwork. Also, the company will not bear the postage cost and handling of all that paperwork; they will undoubtedly pass those expenses on to you. In an online policy, your insurance providers will reward you by waving off extra charges for choosing to go paperless, setting up automatic payments, and paying your premiums online.

2. Avoid monthly payment: When it comes to your 2 wheeler insurance, the payment interval is equally important as the mode of payment. If you pay a monthly insurance premium, the company charges you for specific "processing fees" and "administrative costs" each time you pay. The "instalment fees" will cover all these expenses. Like most businesses, insurance companies also would like to collect their money first. So they encourage you to consider paying upfront, and for that, they offer you some rewards. Therefore, if you decide to pay quarterly (four times each year) or semi-annually (two times a year), you will notice that you have saved considerably on your premium. Of course, if you pay annually or pay-in-full, the offers are even better.

3. Cancellation fees: If you decide to withdraw your policy within 14 days of the cooling-off period, you will have to pay a small fee to the insurance company for the paperwork. What if you cancel your policy post completion of 14 days? Unfortunately, it'll cost you an even bigger fee for the days your insurance company has insured your 2 wheeler. These fees range from zero to thousands of rupees or even more. It takes administrative efforts to cancel your policy, so these efforts justify the cancellation fee.

Other fees include replacing paper documents or fines for providing inaccurate information to insurance companies when getting a quote. Yes, that's the fact that most of us are not aware of. Therefore, make sure that you provide the correct information while applying for a policy.

Did you also get promotional emails and phone calls for the cheapest 2 wheeler insurance online? Don't get fooled by these fabricated illusions of these promotional offers; instead, be a smart buyer to make intelligent purchases. You can often save a significant amount by moving online and paying annually.

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