Tips for a homeowner facing a fire or smoke damage

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Tips for a homeowner facing a fire or smoke damage   27th Nov 2019

Disasters have many faces and can strike anytime, anywhere; they can be seen in the form of quakes, floods, gas leaks, explosions, etc. and one of the most commonly known faces of disaster is fire. Damage felt after a partial or full-blown fire mishap is quite painful and nearly unrecoverable. However, if you have your house insured with ironclad insurance from a well-reputed fire insurance company, then your hassles can be reduced to a minimum.

A fire insurance policy plays an essential role in dealing with the losses and damages incurred due to fire. It is highly recommended to purchase

fire insurance

to safeguard your homes from any future calamity that a sudden fire or smoke can cause.

Here are some of the tips you can follow if you face damage from fire or smoke in your homes.

  • Ask for an advance against your claim: -  Right after the house has been gutted to fire, you might be forced to evacuate the house, considering the dangerous situation because of the smoke. In this case, you are eligible to get an advance from your insurance company so that you can buy your daily essentials. Inform your insurance company and ask it to issue a cheque and bring it to wherever you are staying. It will help you in this dire need and will be enough for your survival until your claim gets accepted.
  • Checking for the extent of losses: - Once the fire tragedy is controlled, the first act of the homeowner is to calculate or check for the damage extent of personal belongings and property loss in the fire. Once the total loss is measured and counted, it will be easier for you to negotiate with officials handling the claim process.
  • Having your receipts documented: - After facing a disastrous house fire, you may be forced to live in a temporary dwelling like a hotel or guesthouse close to your vicinity. It would be ideal to secure all the receipts, document all the costs and expenses carefully. Once you receive the claim for the house fire, you may also get a compensated amount you incurred on your living expenses.
  • Check bank statements if you don’t have a receipt: - People tend to be careless when it comes to saving receipts for every new thing that they buy. While we might save receipts of the electronic items for warranty or claiming a refund, it’s not easy to keep those long bills every time you go for grocery shopping. However, your every online transaction would bring a huge relief; hence look for credit card statements and bank statements to prove the value of items.
  • Back up your vocal claims with evidence: - After the fire tragedy, some items are destroyed or damaged to such an extent that for the insurer, it could be challenging to identify for assigning the claim. So, as a responsible party, you ought to click as many pictures and shoot videos as possible of the damaged, smoked rooms to show the physical evidence of the actual damage before it gets wiped by a restoration company.