5 Essential Things to Keep in Your Car

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5 Essential Things to Keep in Your Car  18th November 2020


Cars become a second home to those who love travelling and driving. Be it driving long distance or shorter ones, before we start off to any destination we need to ensure that we are stocked up on essential things that will come handy in emergency situations. As goes the saying, precaution is better than the solution, it’s better to be well equipped than to wait for help.
Still feeling unsure of what should be the essential things that you should keep in your car?
Well, we bring to you the 5 most important things that your car must have.

● Documents-

These are the things that should be your topmost priority. Documents like registration papers, the license and insurance papers, are a vital and most crucial thing that should always be in your car in a safe place. In case of any emergency like an accident, these papers are essential and required for any legal procedures. Also make sure to include the car manual, your emergency contact numbers, health cards with your medical records. Emergency contact numbers would help someone to call and reach out to your near and dear ones when you are in need and are unable to do so.

● Safety kit-

Before heading out anywhere, you should always carry the first aid kit with you at all times. A safety kit includes band aids, antibiotic creams, pain-relievers, tweezers, cottons, and many more. It is not only important but also crucial to ensure you do not need to wait for the first aid to arrive when in need. You can administer it to your fellow travellers or even yourself when required. A safety kit provides you with the immediate medical aid that is indispensable and very essential in saving lives. A safety kit does not only include the medical aid, but also includes the survival tool kit.

● Dry food-

Every time you drive, the other most essential thing to be stocked upon is the non-perishable food items. These can be anything starting from energy bars to the dry fruits and nuts. Dry foods ensure you do not end up being hangry when driving.

● Spare parts and tools-

Spare parts and tools like duct tape, match sticks or lighter, window breaker, flashlights, etc, are another list of important things that you should make sure to carry before you drive any car. When driving, there are times you end up with road emergencies like a flat tire and having a spare part and knowing how to change the tire makes it easier and quicker for you to reach your destination.
Not only do the spare tools and parts facilitate a smooth drive, they also ensure you do not need to run and search when having an emergency.

● Health essentials-

Every person has their share of health emergencies. Especially when you are a woman driver, you need to maintain your health hygiene whether you are on the roads or anywhere in the world. Keep a health essential kit to make sure your health does not take a back seat when driving and travelling. Clean microfiber cloths, packs of ‘lady’ products, sunscreen, your kit of prescribed medicines that you might need incase of any health emergency and tissues.