Is mental illness covered under your health insurance policy

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Is mental illness covered under your health insurance policy  12thAugust 2021


We all can debate if mental health is as crucial as physical health. Because of our stressful lifestyles, it is necessary to stay both mentally and physically fit. Nowadays, doctors, fitness and wellness experts recommend equal attention to a person's mental health, which seems reasonable.

Is mental illness covered in health insurance? Any person who is buying health insurance would have this query in mind. The answer is "yes". The IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) has also made it mandatory for insurance companies to have policies with mental illness coverage. Every insurance company has to keep coverage for treating a mental illness in the same way they cover physical ailments.

We explain in this article how a health insurance policy can take care of financial emergencies arising out of any mental illness.

What are mental health and mental illness?

Characteristics such as psychological wellbeing, behaviour, emotions, cognition, and socialising make up a person's mental health. Each of these influences how we act, think, respond and feel. It also plays a role in our decision-making, interactions, and other functional activities. Mental illness refers to the situation when at least one of the characteristics mentioned above falls short in performing their role, and an imbalance occurs in a person's mind. It affects their thinking ability, decisions, behaviour, grasping, responses, memory, and the like.

Facts to know about mental illness coverage in health insurance.

Here are some factors you should know about mental illness and how it is covered in a health insurance policy:

- Just like any physical health insurance, mental health insurance covers your expenses of treatments, hospitalisation, medications, etc.

- Any person suffering from overthinking, moodiness, anxiousness, depression, loss of memory, coordination inability, and the rest is considered mentally ill and can opt for a mental health insurance policy

- Mental health insurance also gives you cashless services like comprehensive insurances

- Unfortunately, mental health insurance does not cover retardation

- The benefits and claim process may differ from one patient to another

- Illnesses resulting from the consumption of drugs or alcohol are excluded from the coverage

- It is more advisable to include mental health insurance in the initial stage with health insurance

Final thoughts:

As we lead a stressful lifestyle, investing in mental health insurance is undoubtedly a wise decision for every health insurance policyholder. We spend a lot of time discussing our physical wellness and weight loss plans, but not nearly enough about our mental wellbeing. Every third person you come across may be suffering from some kind of mental issue. Although there is still a taboo of mental illness being inferior and shameful, it is remarkable how IRDAI acknowledges this concern and makes it compulsory for insurance companies to cover mental disorders.

Though the policies have some exclusions and restrictions, it is only equitable for the insurance companies to provide you with the best available facilities even in emergency.

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