Five benefits that make health insurance an absolute necessity Revised 5

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Five benefits that make health insurance an absolute necessity Revised 5   14th May 2020

Health is a critical aspect of life. Hence the famous phrase health is wealth. With today’s pollution, changing and often unhealthy lifestyles, changing weather, an increase in diseases and mutation in the illnesses that already exist, etc. are extremely hazardous to health and, in turn, life. Not to mention the unknown health hazards that could come out of nowhere; for example, an accident is not something you expect or know off. Also, the medical costs of all these health hazards can be huge and can make a massive hole in your pocket. Some of these diseases could be a long term meaning your investment in the treatment will also be long term. The bills of these treatments go very high and can end up making huge holes in your pocket. To avoid that, you can choose any of the available, affordable health insurance plans in the market. Following are five benefits of a health insurance policy that make it an absolute necessity: -

  • The main reason why most people or families choose to go for health insurance is to have medical coverage. As mentioned above, health insurance plans offer coverage for high medical bills and can be extremely helpful. A health insurance plan covers hospitalization expenses, in-home hospitalization expenses, and many other such expenses too.
  • Nowadays, insurance providers also offer critical illness cover. This cover can be stand-alone or can be a part of your health insurance plan. A critical illness cover assists in medical costs of critical illnesses related to kidney, bone marrow transplant, a stroke, loss of limbs, etc. and many other such illnesses. If you are diagnosed with any critical disease, you receive a lump-sum amount as part of the cover.
  • Cashless claim benefit is also quite a popular part of affordable health insurance plans. In this plan, you don’t have to make any out of your pocket payments. If and when assistance is required, you can settle the hospital bill with consideration from your insurance provider, the hospital, and you. Keep in mind if any such situation arises, you must get admitted into a hospital that is included in the list provided by your insurance company.
  • Many companies or organizations cover health insurance for their employees. You must remember that this type of insurance, however, is not custom made for every individual but is instead the same. Also, you could lose insurance if you are not working at the company. Apart from the above specifications, the health insurance provided by your company is also q good. Make sure to go over the terms.
  • Almost all health insurance policies have tax benefits. Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961, part of the premium that you pay towards your health insurance plan is eligible for tax deductions. Of course, there are a few terms and conditions that apply to this based on age, insurance plan, etc.
These are five benefits of a health insurance plan that show how beneficial it can be for you. Keep in mind all your needs and requirements and choose the best health care plan. You will find different types of affordable

health insurance plans

from which you can choose as per your convenience.