Personal Accident Cover In A Car Insurance Explained

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Personal Accident Cover In A Car Insurance Explained    15th May 2020

Accidents are dangerous and can cause immense physical harm to the individuals involved in them. While it might be not under your control to avoid a collision but most certainly you should have a safety net to protect you if any such mishaps occur in the form of the best personal accident insurance policy in India.

A personal accident cover is something that can act as your safety net. An own accident cover in a ‘car insurance’ is included for extra security if you ever find yourself involved in an accident. A car mishap can cause harm not only to your car but also the physical and mental wellbeing of the people travelling in the vehicle at the time of the accident.

You can protect yourself from financial stress after an accident with the help of car insurance. But, car insurance only looks after your car; hence you must include a personal accident cover in your car insurance to ensure the protection of you and your loved ones as well.

What Does Personal Accident Cover Mean?

  • Personal accident cover is usually an add-on in a car or vehicle insurance. This add-on offers protection to the person driving, may it be the owner or a hired driver. In case the concerned person suffers a permanent loss, like the loss of a leg or an arm, they can claim the entire 100% of the sum that is included in the insurance. The amount is handed to the nominee in case of a death. Remember, if the person driving does not have a valid driving license, the insurance policy will not cover any damage caused thereon. In the case of the owner having multiple vehicles, the car with the valid insurance cover is the only one that is considered for a cover.

Standard Features of a PA Cover

  • Permanent partial or total disability cover: The percentage claimed by the driver depends on the extent of the disability. In the case of total disability, the entire sum is payable.
  • Temporary total disability cover: In this case, the concerned person gets a weekly benefit for a specific period.
  • Accident hospitalization cover: The policyholder can also opt for a PA cover that looks after hospitalization. This is usually only included in the best personal accident insurance policy in India.
  • Death cover: In case of a death, the entire sum is claimed by the nominee.
  • Transportation of mortal remains: At times, the nominee is also paid a certain amount for transportation of human remains.
  • Education grant: In case of death, in some insurance policies, the education expense of the children dependent on the policyholder is also covered.
  • Advantages of a PA Cover
  • It offers financial assistance in case of an accident.
  • It provides compensation for minor injuries as well.
  • Some policies also have additional cover for temporary and partial disability or loss of livelihood, etc.
Car insurance is essential. It covers a significant part of your costs in an accident. A

personal accident cover

is also a handy and necessary add-on in car insurance, as it offers financial cover for injuries and other such unexpected costs. It also works as additional security against possible losses due to the accident.