How to take care of your car during Monsoon

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How to take care of your car during Monsoon?   14th Sep 2020

All of us are preparing for the rainy season with our umbrellas and raincoats in place. While we are getting ready for the heavy rains, let us not forget to prepare our cars for the same.

Wondering why your car needs a bit extra care? It’s because the heavy rains have a terrible effect on your vehicle’s body. The dirt, mud, waterlogging, and massive jams are all bad for your car’s health. The water during the rain sticks to your vehicle resulting in rusting and electrical issues and has a corrosive effect on the car in the long run.

Many car owners miss out on essential tips necessary to take care of their vehicles during the monsoon weather.

Here are some useful tips for maintaining the good health of your car during the monsoon.

Tip 1:

  • Make sure that you have perfectly running tyres on the road to have a safe ride.
  • The right amount of tread is crucial for your care during monsoon.
  • Shallow tread in tyres during monsoon can be risky and can lead to road accidents. Get your car insured from the best

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    in India for your safety.
  • Also, keep a check on the tyres’ inflation regularly as low pressure will make it difficult for you to drive your car.
  • Tip 2:

  • Get the brakes of your vehicle checked.
  • Their proper functioning during monsoon is much more essential due to slippery roads and waterlogged streets.
  • To maintain the excellent condition of brakes, make sure you regularly clean and, if required, replace the brake pads.
  • Make sure they have required friction material, especially during the rainy season.
  • Tip 3:

  • Maintenance of wipers and washers during monsoon season is of prime importance.
  • Check and make sure that the wiper blades of your car do not leave behind any lines or smudges.
  • Wiper blades tend to wear out fast. Get them checked before the monsoon season sets in.
  • The rubber blades tend to crack during the summer season, making them ineffective during the monsoon season.
  • Check the washer’s reservoir level and top it when the level is low or as and when required.
  • Tip 4:

  • Water and electricity don’t go together, and we all are well aware of this fact.
  • Patch up any exposed wiring beforehand to ensure that your car’s electrical is in good working condition.
  • The life of your car’s battery too tends to decline if you are living in an area that receives heavy or regular rains. Get the battery replaced if required so that all the electrical components like headlights, wipers, etc., function properly.
  • Tip 5:

  • Working headlights, tail-lamps, and indicators or turn signals are vital regardless of the weather.
  • During monsoon, visibility is hampered, which requires your car’s lights to function well, making it easier for you to notice other road users.
  • Test your vehicle’s lights by running them together. If you notice that they are getting dimmer or are inconsistent, get them replaced with new bulbs.
  • Make sure they have required friction material, especially during the rainy season.
  • Note that flickering lights are also an indication of a weak battery.
  • Tip 6:

  • Do not allow water to sit on the body of your car, as this can harm its paint.
  • You can use a thin layer of wax polish to prevent the body of your car. Alternatively, you can also use anti-corrosion sprays.
  • Make sure to keep these tips in mind to have a safe ride. Chances of accidents during monsoon are high due to slippery roads and reduced visibility. Get car insurance from the best car insurance company in India at the best possible price and enjoy your ride with your loved ones.