How to buy Health Insurance online in India

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How to buy Health Insurance online in India?   12th Feb 2020

Health insurance is a medical insurance policy which ensures that you and your family remain protected in the case of sudden hospitalization due to any illness by providing financial coverage for all the medical expenses under such conditions. Health insurance policies are generally claimed in two different ways, by way of cashless treatment or through reimbursement of the cost of treatment at the hospital. All health insurance policies cover hospitalization costs if the hospitalization is more than a specific period but there are many different policies offered by different insurance providers wherein you may also obtain the benefit of coverage of hospitalization costs, pre-hospitalization costs, post-hospitalization costs, accidental covers as well as daycare procedures.

You can buy health insurance by visiting the respective insurance providers’ office but there is an even simpler method where you can buy health insurance online in India with ease with no extra effort. You just need to choose the type of plan that best suits the requirements of you and your family and then start the premium payment process. But, there are many things you need to consider before you finalize on a particular insurance provider and after that on a particular insurance policy provided by that insurance company. One of the most important things to consider when choosing an insurance provider and any policy is to check if most of the major hospitals of the country are included in its network list. Once you see that the network coverage of hospitals is good enough and will be suitable for you, you also need to decide on what should be your policy amount. The decision of the policy amount will also depend on your financial stability because a higher policy amount is directly correlated to the premium amount.

These health insurance providers many different types of health insurance plans, such as:

  • Individual Health Insurance Plan
  • Family Health Insurance Plan
  • Senior Citizen Health Insurance
  • Critical Illness Health Insurance
  • Maternity Health Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance Cover
  • All these insurance providers have lots of different policies ranging from 1 lac to 2 crores, and you can choose the policy that suits you the best. It is rightly said that prevention is better than cure and health insurance policies are the best prevention against any future health problems you may face. You can buy health insurance online in India very easily by directly visiting the website of the insurance provider whose policy you want to buy. You get the complete list of all the policies that insurance provider has available and you can check the complete benefits of all the policies and compare them to find the one that best suits your family. Once you finalize on one particular plan, enter the details of the family members you want to buy the plan for and you will be shown the calculated premium for the policy. This premium amount depends on the number of people you are insuring, their ages, the type of plan you are choosing as well as the policy amount. You will be asked to pay the first premium immediately and this premium has to be paid yearly to keep the insurance plan running. The process of buying an online health insurance plan was as simple as discussed in the last few lines. Most of the time is spent in deciding the plan, and once the plan is final, you can get set with your health insurance plan within minutes.