Five ways you can stay healthy at your workplace

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Five ways you can stay healthy at your workplace  11th August 2021


Is working 9-5 taking a toll on your health? Sometimes we involve ourselves so much in work that we forget to pay attention on our health. Unfortunately, it commonly happens to every other working person. And even though we try our best to bring a balance, we somehow end up neglecting our health.

Most people blame their jobs for not being in good shape. However, it is no news that most of the population works in offices and remains at their desks for about 9-10 hours a day.

Such a lifestyle looks manageable while you’re young, but as you grow old, it starts to have terrible consequences on your health, including back pain, eye strains, stress, neck syndrome and those extra calories adding up to obesity.

Go through these five tips to find simple ways to balance your health and work simultaneously.

1. Drink adequate amounts of water and have healthy meals:

Pay proper attention to how much water you consume while at work. It is essential to stay hydrated throughout the day for an active mind and body. Similarly, eating a healthy lunch is an equally important part of a balanced diet. Make salads and fresh fruits a part of your meals. Eat reasonable portions and do not skip lunch. Avoid nibbling on snacks while working.

2. Frequent breaks:

Make sure you take a 5-10 minute break every 2 hours. Do not confuse yourself by thinking a break is a waste of time. On the contrary, you must consider it as a way to be more productive. Sitting at a place for too long can make you less productive. Just like any system, your body needs time off to keep performing in a better condition.

3. Hygiene and cleanliness of your workplace:

Your computer keyboard, mouse, and telephone can be a harbour for those germs just waiting to get you sick. Beware of your surroundings, ensure cleanliness and proper hygiene of your workplace. For instance, your desktop or laptop needs to be regularly cleaned. Use disinfectant, keep sanitizing wipes handy to clean the surface of your workplace and table often.

4. Follow a workout routine:

One of the good things you can do to stay healthy and in shape is exercise. Squeeze in a workout routine in your daily schedule as much as possible. Exercising for at least thirty minutes is recommended for keeping the best shape and health. Walking for a few minutes during lunch is also a great idea. Find a walking partner in the office whom you can join in for a daily walk.

5. Get a good health insurance:

In today’s world of stressful lifestyles, it is very important to have your health backed up by health insurance. Some companies have even made it mandatory for their employees to have one. Look for online health insurance, choose the best that fits you and purchase online health insurance without hesitation.

People always tend to turn a blind eye towards their health and end up prioritizing work over health. Take a note of the above valuable tips to ponder on staying healthy when at work. Work has no alternative, nor does health, so be wise and have health insurance backup.

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