Tips before going on a bike trip

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Tips before going on a bike trip  21th Jan 2020


Long bike rides are relieving to the soul. They teach us many lessons, test our patience, and brings the best version of us on the road. There is much for the sight to behold — the steadiness of the highway, the slopes of the mountains, the glimmer of the rain, and the kiss of the wind. If you are planning a bike ride alone or with your buddies, then congratulations to you — you have made a great decision. However, before you start, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Start by getting your papers — the bike’s registration and insurance — right. Yes, it is mandatory to have registration and two-wheeler insurance in India. Once you have the documents in place, you can move on to the other steps.

Choose a comfortable bike

You might not want to for a bike trip on any engine. Pick a bike which can burn those miles without stressing its engine. You would want to have a cruiser so that your sitting posture does not give you back pain later. If you are worried about the budget, then pick a fuel-efficient bike. Several mid-range Indian cruiser bikes offer an excellent highway experience in India. It would help if you get a proper bike gear so that you are well-prepared for harsh weather conditions. Carry essential spares and tools for unforeseen circumstances.

Pack and eat light

You would not want to carry much luggage on your back while you are riding. It will add extra weight to your ride. Try to pack light — just the essentials. Try to fit the essentials in a pack and tie it up behind your bike, as you would not want to carry a load on your back while you are riding. Try to start early in the morning on a light stomach. A heavy meal takes a lot of energy to digest, so if you have a hearty meal before setting on the ride, then you might feel drowsy on the way.

Take breaks to stay motivated

Long bike rides may never seem to end. Riding constantly may tire you up. Try to take short breaks every hundred kilometres or so. This will help you feel refreshed. Keep this in mind that the trip will come to an end, and that more than the destination, the journey is what you are looking for — the sound of the wheels humming on the highway. India has mesmerising landscapes so there will be enough to see on the way, and all these sights will keep you motivated throughout your ride. If you are worried about getting good two-wheeler insurance in India, then your search could end with Magma HDI two-wheeler insurance. Magma HDI bike insurance comes at an affordable price and provides features such as personal accident cover. It also has support for anti-theft devices, so you can keep on riding, roaring on the road without worrying about anything at all.