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What is no claim bonus in Car insurance?   12th March 2020

Car insurance is all about cutting your losses in case of an accident or theft. You will pay the premium annually or more frequently as per the guidelines of your policy. You need to pay the premium regularly to keep the policy active. Car accidents do not happen that frequently, but they do occur quite a lot. This makes having a proper car insurance policy extremely important. Though at the time of purchasing a car insurance policy, it is important to look up new car insurance rates, so you do not end up shelling an unnecessary amount of money. You will also be rewarded for driving safely and responsibly by No Claim Bonus.

No Claim Bonus is essentially a discount over the own damage premium component. It means that you would have to pay less in the forthcoming premium if you do not raise any claim in the entire year. You generally start with zero NCB (except in the case of NCB transfer) and accumulate discounts over the years. It is often misinterpreted, so here are few features you need to be mindful of: -

  • NCB is available only on policy renewal. It is a reward for not making any claims during the entire year. It is earned by keeping a claim-free record. It starts at 20 percent after one claim-free year and accumulates steadily with each subsequent claim-free year and can reach up to a maximum of 50 percent.
  • NCB belongs to you and not the car. It is essentially a reward to the driver. If you decide to change the car and get an insurance policy for it, you will retain your NCB discount from the first premium on your new insurance policy. So, in essence, NCB is transferrable between cars. However, NCB is not transferrable between two people.
  • Transferring NCB is a simple procedure. After the purchase of a new vehicle, you have to submit Form 29 and Form 30 along with a letter requesting your insurer for NCB transfer. Your insurer will issue an NCB certificate which will be valid for three years after the date of the issue. You have to submit this certificate to your new insurer to retain your NCB benefits.
  • NCB is only valid over the own damage component of the premium. This means NCB is not valid over the third-party liability component of the premium.
  • NCB must be kept in mind before making small claims. NCB is reset to zero, no matter the magnitude of the claim. It is therefore important to make calculations before making any small claims. You can end up losing more than you gain. In addition to NCB be set to zero you will also lose any accumulated discount and will have to start over to reach a 50% discount earmark.
  • You can purchase an NCB add-on cover that will allow you to make a limited number of claims without affecting your NCB. This can help you if you are stuck in the decision to make a small or moderate claim.
  • Maximum NCB discount is 50% though some insurers allow higher discounts in their policies for driver's clean records.

Insurance is nothing but risk management. You buy insurance just so you do not fall into a financial burden in emergencies. Insurance is all about saving money. At the time of purchasing a new policy, you must always check up new car insurance rates, so you don't end up paying more. NCB too is a step towards saving money, you must always drive safely, and NCB ensures you will be rewarded for it.