Purchasing two-wheeler insurance online? Follow these 5 steps

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Purchasing two-wheeler insurance online? Follow these 5 steps  15th June 2021

Buying online motor insurance is growing into a trend. With the wide availability of many online insurance options, it takes just a few minutes to purchase an ideal 2 wheeler insurance online. The simplified processes help you with the best insurance policy for your two-wheeler instantly.

So, if you too own a two-wheeler and are planning to insure it online, below are the steps you need to follow.

1. Do the best research work:

To purchase an appropriate 2 wheeler insurance online, you need to have a basic understanding of how two-wheeler insurance works. You need to carefully study and compare the plans of different companies by taking their premium, settlement policy, and benefits into account. Familiarize yourself with terms like Insured Declared Value (IDV), Zero Depreciation, No Claim Bonus, Third-party Liabilities, and so on. This helps you to choose the best insurance plan for your vehicle.

2. Selection of a trustworthy insurance company:

Undeniably, selecting the best insurance company results in getting a perfect insurance plan. Always choose a reputed and recognized company. Also, keep track of the company’s sales pattern, settlement process, and after-sales customer support. You can even go for Third-Party 2 wheeler insurance online. Selecting an insurance company with a good customer base and effective customer support secures your vehicle against a wide range of hassles.

3. Look for the insurance plan that suits your requirements:

Once you have selected the best insurance companies, you need to check the various insurance policies listed on their website. Go through all the details of those plans, settle on the best plan that fits your requirements, and then enter your required details and share the necessary documents to buy it.

4. Set your two-wheeler’s IDV:

Post selecting your insurance plan, the next step will be entering the IDV of your two-wheeler. Basically, IDV represents the current value of your two-wheeler in the market. With time, IDV observes a downfall and affects the premium of your insurance. It can turn into the amount you can claim entirely from the insurance company if your two-wheeler faces damage or theft.

5. Pick the add-ons and proceed to payment:

Note that you can select add-ons only if you are investing in a comprehensive insurance plan. Add-ons like cover for Pillion Rider, Zero Depreciation are the best ways to boost the scope of your insurance policy. After successfully completing all the above steps, you are set to proceed to pay the policy premium online. Choose your mode of payment from the options available, make the payment, and soon you will receive the docket of your insurance policy on your email address as an acknowledgement. You can simply print this document to present as proof whenever requested.

Buying online insurance plans are increasingly replacing the conventional method of purchasing insurance policies through agents. These are fast and convenient options with many advantages like lower premium compared to their offline counterparts. Follow the trend that gives you complete control as you take a well-read decision based on terms and conditions shared by the insurance agencies online.

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