How to maintain the paint of your car

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How to maintain the paint of your car  07th July 2021

A shiny car with an attractive colour is a head-turner for anybody. After all, it's also a reflection of your personality. Yet, a few years down the line, the paint on the car usually loses its sheen and begins to look dull and dead. Failure to provide regular care to the car paint is the most common error car owners make.

Getting a brand new paint job can be heavy on your pockets and lower the value of your vehicle, but if you take care of things, your car's paint lasts for years. Along with below mentioned little important tips about proper care of the car's paint, we also recommend you to possess a car insurance that offers you coverage against any damages to the vehicle. You can also check online car insurance for the best premium.

1. Cover up your Car: Sometimes, the simplest of things are the most efficient ones. For example, putting a cover on your car for as long as possible is the key to preserving the paint. Also, owners who park their vehicles in an open area have to take special note of this point as their cars are more prone to damage by bird droppings, direct sunlight, and dust.

2. Regular Car Washes: A car wash at regular intervals would go a long way in protecting the paint of the car. However, only washing won't help; you need to wash it correctly to get the best results. For that, use a sponge, and a car shampoo specially made to suit a car's paint. Never use detergents and cloth. They cause more harm than good.

3. Drying is Equally Important: Washing alone isn't enough. If you leave your car to dry on its own, you're doing it wrong. The leftover water can cause a lot of damage to the paint. Always dry your vehicle right after a wash, that too in the correct way. Use a microfiber towel or a weave fibre cloth for the drying process.

4. Wax your car. Do not polish: While both of them are the techniques to bring out the sine on your car, there's a big difference between them. Polishing brings out the lower layer when a layer of the paint job is removed. On the other hand, waxing adds an extra layer of protection to the paint and is always suitable for your car.

5. Repair the damages: If your car has suffered from scratches and rust already, take the help of a car paint shop and repair the damages. The longer the scratches stay, the harder it takes to treat them and may permanently damage the paint job. The minor scratches can cause a lot of damage to the surrounding area of the body paint. So do not neglect these minute things and fix them before they create trouble for your car.

Additional coatings like vinyl wraps, paint protector film, and clear coat protectors can bring an extra layer of security for your car paint. Following these simple tips will surely turn your dull looking car into a shiny prize. As stated earlier, pick a suitable online car insurance plan as early as possible that will benefit you and your vehicle for an extended period.

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