Ways to buy Long Term Two Wheeler Insurance Cover Online

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Ways to buy Long Term Two Wheeler Insurance Cover Online  10th May 2021


Insuring your motorbike the day you buy it, is often referred to as a thumb rule. However, the entire process of selecting and buying an insurance can be confusing, especially when you have to approach different agents & collect all those brochures.

Interestingly, the days for approaching an agent, getting multiple brochures, analyzing them, and buying the insurance are gone. Now, all you need to do is purchase your two-wheeler insurance online over several clicks. There are many companies that are providing you with instant insurance through online mechanisms. You can also choose to just call the customer care of the concerned company, give them the details through the mail, and you will have your insurance in no time.

What to buy?

There are mainly three types of two-wheeler insurance: comprehensive, third party, and standalone. These three types of insurance come in two varieties- short-term one-year policy and then the long-term policy that extends from 1 year to 3 years.

● Prevent Any Large & Long-Lasting Injuries: While the short-term insurances might seem tempting due to their lower premium amounts, long-term insurances provide you better benefits. Interestingly, buying long-term plans saves you ‘three’ renewal-free years, and that’s just one of the many benefits. Want to know more? Let’s get started!


Benefits of buying long term insurance:

1. No yearly renewal - When you buy long-term

two-wheeler insurance

, you don’t have to worry about renewing it every year. Sometimes you may miss the deadline for renewing the insurance; there may be extra charges for renewing the insurance after the deadline.

2. Penalties and charges - If you forget to renew your yearly insurance, you may face heavy fines and penalties if you ever get caught by the traffic police. Lapsed insurance attracts heavy fines due to non-compliance.

3. No claim bonus - You are entitled to receive bonuses if you haven’t claimed in a year. This is called the non-claim bonus. Long-term insurance is perceived to be expensive but the real fact is that it has got a lot of monetary benefits.

4. Attractive discounts - When you buy two-wheeler insurance online , you are ought to receive discounts in some or the other form.

Ways to buy a two-wheeler long term insurance:

1. Online - This is the best and the easiest way to procure two-wheeler insurance. When you buy two-wheeler insurance online, the main benefit that you get is that you eliminate the need for physical documentation. The Covid-19 era made it more crucial to procure insurance through online means because meeting with the agents physically doesn’t seem viable anymore. The insurance companies are resorting to mediums that will help the customer and the agent connect through the mode of chats, telephonic conversations, etc.

2. Agent - This is the oldest way of buying insurance that allows you to purchase insurance through an agent who handles all your formalities and claims documentation in this option. In this process, the agent charges you a commission for his work. It is a little less feasible option. This works as a suitable option for those who are not aware of online mechanisms and mediums’ mainly the old age group.


The benefits of buying two-wheeler insurance are immense. Starting from staying relieved from renewals for longer terms, to paying them at your convenience, going online is the best option. We are going through a pandemic that has taught us that it is crucial to adopt the online mechanism of anything available. Remember, besides striking great deals, the main reason to adopt an online mechanism is the safety parameter in terms of your as well as your family’s health.

Quick tips around buying a long-term insurance policy:

● Assess all your needs before selecting the insurer

● Read all the scheme related documents carefully

● Buy an insurance cover that you can afford

● Since you are buying online, ensure that you compare all the term benefits by different insurers