What Will the two-wheelers Industry Look Like in the next ten years?

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What Will the two-wheelers Industry Look Like in the next ten years?    3nd April 2020

Two-wheelers have changed the landscape of transportation forever, ever since the invention of the bicycle world has adapted and moved forward with the revolutions two-wheelers brought in the world. Motorized two-wheelers have brought about the most significant change. They have better mileage than cars and are not as bulky as they are. Also, they are compact, and it is easier to tackle the traffic on a two-wheeler than in a car. They have made the world a smaller place. Now you can reach any destination you desire without tiring yourself. Two-wheelers have also empowered women. Women are generally nimbler than men. Now they can travel long distances and carry luggage on their two-wheeler without breaking a sweat.

Indeed, the invention of bikes has forever changed the transportation industry for the better. Most of the individuals and couples opt for purchasing a two-wheeler while families still rely on cars. Bikes have lower maintenance costs than vehicles, and also their cost per distance travelled is less than that of cars. Their compact size allows them to fit in most homes without the need for a garage. Though, you must never drive a bike without a helmet, nor should you ever drive it without insurance. If your bike is not insured, then now you can conveniently buy

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online. As science progresses, there have been many revolutionary changes in bikes from how they look to their performance. The two-wheeler industry has also seen many economic changes over the years. Here is an overview of how the two-wheeler industry is expected to look in the next ten years: -
  • Currently, most of the two-wheeler market is dominated by mid-range two-wheelers. Id the current trend continues, we will witness an increase in high-range and low-range two-wheelers. This may lead to better technology in low-range bikes as well as high-range motorcycles to have more premium features and out of the box designs.
  • A.I. technology may make the bike riding experience better for everyone. We may witness automatic gear adjustments, terrain adjustments, fuel consumption adjustments, and much more. If A.I. technology grows at the current pace, the future is not too far when we will see it being installed on bikes.
  • We should hope for much better mileage and alternative fuel options. Currently, we have electric motorcycles, but they take a long time to charge and do not provide that much coverage. Electricity consumption is also high in bikes. In another decade we shall see much better bikes on the market that will run on electricity.
  • There has been recent news on bikes that utilize water as fuel and provide incredible mileage. There are no mass production variants yet. In another decade, we may have a range of motorcycles that use water as fuel and are environment friendly.
  • The future of the two-wheeler industry looks excellent. We have some significant advances in store for us within a decade. One thing will never change, though, that is safety guidelines and insurance policies. It is and will always be dangerous to drive recklessly. There is no hope of bikes that will allow you to drive without a helmet, either. Insurance policies will change slightly and will add more features and guidelines as technology progresses. They will more or less remain the same. It is essential to have your bike insured at all times. Right now, you can buy bike insurance online; maybe the future will be even more convenient.