Why is your employer health insurance not sufficient?

Health Insurance Policy for Family

Why is your employer health insurance not sufficient  06th Feb 2020


As a part of the measures undertaken to keep their employees motivated, many companies provide various types of incentives and insurance services, for example, personal

health insurance

, car insurance and so on.

No doubt this can be a great gesture from the company's end. But is it sufficient for you? Well, a lot of factors advocate why you should not remain dependent on employer health insurance as it is not enough. They are as mentioned below:

  • Less customization - Before signing up for insurance, employers decide all the features of the cover with the insurance company which include - the number of diseases, minimum and maximum amount that can be claimed and so on. This leaves very less scope of customisation available for you. You cannot be sure whether the diseases you have been dealing with or the ones that run in the family are covered or not. You cannot use the plan for any specific expenses as a fixed policy is made from a combination of various aspects where all are given almost equal weightage. This is the best option for the employer as he has to select a general plan for all employees, but the case might not be the same for individuals.
  • Continuity of the plan - Companies that offer a group cover have the facility of discontinuing as per their will. Moreover, insurance is related to the duration of your job. As long as you are associated with the company, you can reap the benefits of the policy. But if you wish to leave the job, you wouldn't be able to exercise the same benefits. Once you quit the job, the policy gets terminated on its own. Moving from a group plan to an individual one can drill a hole in your pocket after retirement as it is very costly.
  • Covers only one person - Generally, all companies offer insurance plans for their employees only. That can be beneficial to you on an individual scale, but what about your loved ones? Even if you wish to avail a health insurance policy for family, you wouldn't be able to ask for it by your superiors. Their care and concern are limited only up to you as only you are their employee. Therefore, it is best for your family members if you buy insurance for them rather than solely relying upon what your company is providing. .
  • Changes in the conditions of employer's policy - There is a possibility that your company has joined hands with any insurance agency to save money and reduce their liability towards the employees. They can thus, change the terms and conditions of the insurance policy as per their convenience. Some type of diseases can be exempted, coverage of certain expenses can be removed, and such similar measures can be undertaken by the employer. That is why it is best to choose an appropriate cover based on one's requirements.
  • Post-retirement coverage - As stated in one of the above points, your insurance is relevant only until the duration of your job. You would lose the cover after retirement, which is the time when it is required the most. And that is when you would have to buy your insurance policy. Getting one after a certain age, here say the retirement age of 60, is a very complex task. You might not be able to get a cover for the preexisting diseases. This means that eventually you would have to bear your medical expenses and the insurance amount would be of no use. To avoid any hassle in your senior life, you must get a cover in your youth to protect your health as well as your hard-earned money.
  • All this proves that opting for a health insurance policy for the familyrather than relying on employer health insurance is a far better decision.