Know the Top 5 bikes of 2020

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Know the Top 5 bikes of 2020   12th March 2020

If you prefer bikes over cars, either because you are looking to save money or just because you like the feel of whizzing past the many cars, there are many options for you. There are many out there just like you, and to cater to their needs, the motorcycle industry is constantly coming out with new bikes, each with their own special features. However, while it might be fun to ride a bike because of the thrill it offers, it is of utmost importance that you drive within the speed limit, always wear and helmet, don’t get too adventurous (especially amidst traffic) and are have an insurance in place to cover any damages that may occur in the future. If you are looking to buy a bike this year, here are the top 5 bikes to look forward to in 2020: -

  • Honda CB500X: Built for the adventure lovers out there, the Honda CB500X comes with a free-spinning two-cylinder engine, long-travel suspension, and a diamond-tube frame which makes it easy to handle and balance. At the height of 830mm, the seat offers excellent visibility and makes the riding position quite comfortable as you’d be able to sit upright. The bike is made in such a way that you can drive it on any kind of terrain. Also, it comes with a clear information panel to give you exact details about mileage, speed, fuel etc.
  • Suzuki SV650: Since the introduction of this model in 1999, it has gone through a series of improvements to make it what it is today. With a polished powerplant, the bike has low emissions, great fuel economy, and overall excellent performance. The bike has a trellis-style frame built with high-strength steel tubes, which make it lightweight. The bike is built in such a way that it offers manoeuvrability, plenty of lean angles along with great comfort.
  • Yamaha XSR 155: Do not be confused by the slightly retro look of the bike. It has been designed in a way that gives you support, comfort, control and speed. The bike, much like its previous counterparts, has a Delta-box frame which makes it lightweight. The seat, made in leather, is a single-piece seat. The handlebars are slightly raised, which is what adds to its retro look. You can see where the single-cylinder engine is on the bike and the tank is slim.
  • Honda CB650R: The bike comes with a four-cylinder engine, which makes riding smoother and provides a lot of power during the rev range. The seat makes it more comfortable to stay upright, especially if you are riding for a long time. Along with this, the neo-sport style of the bike makes it look sleek. Other features of the bike include wide handlebars, LED lighting in the front and back, and waterfall-style headers.
  • Aprilia RS 660: This sporty bike comes with a parallel twin-cylinder engine. With a refined frame, this bike is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Some notable features of the Aprilia RS 660 include cruise control, dual-channel ABS, easily adjustable brake settings, traction control amongst others.
  • Again, when looking to buy a bike, you must take every precaution to avoid getting into an accident, especially since it does not offer the kind of protection a car does. A great way to ensure that you have any unforeseen accidents or costs covered is by private car/vehicle insurance in India.