What are the different types of general insurance policies

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What are the different types of general insurance policies?   06th Feb 2020

In modern times, uncertainty has become a part and parcel of life. You can take as many precautions as possible but certain unwanted situations can always take place. These situations can be related to your health, your life, or your possessions like car, mobile, house etc. Due to any man-made situations or natural disasters, you can suffer losses on various accounts. In such situations, an insurance policy is something that can reimburse you for the losses suffered to a great extent and reduce the monetary damage.

Although insurance policies cannot prevent the happening of any unfortunate incident, they can help minimize losses suffered due to such incidents. Irrespective of the fact whether you decide to buy insurance policy online or offline, having an active insurance policy is a must.

Insurance policies are available in various types and categories. The two main categories are life policies and non-life policies. The life policies are the ones that deal with ‘life’ of an individual. On the other hand, the non-life policies are the ones which deal with all other types of mishaps that can occur. These non-life policies are also called general insurance policies.

What are the different types of general insurance policies?

Following are the different types of general insurance policies that are available, whether you

buy insurance policy online or offline: -


  • Health insurance covers all the expenses related to a person’s health when he/she gets hospitalized due to problems like any illness or any accident. It also covers situations like an annual health checkup, daycare procedure, psychiatric support and other health-related situations. Specific extensions of these insurance policies cover critical illness, maternity-related situations and organ donation. The premium of a health insurance policy is based on the individual’s age, history of the health, any genetic disorders and other cases like that.
  • Travel insurance losses suffered while travelling to domestic or international locations are covered by the travel insurance policy. Situations like loss of baggage or passport, hijacking, medical expenses and other travel-related situations that require settlement are covered. Any accidental deaths caused during the travel are also compensated by the insurance policy. Some insurance companies also allow the travel insurance policy to be free of any deductibles. In this situation, the company covers all the expenses.
  • Motor insurance has further two types of policies that involve comprehensive and third-party policies. The third-party policy involves the settlement in situations that involve any damage caused to another vehicle or person by your vehicle. The accidental expenses caused by your vehicle are settled by the insurance company. Comprehensive policies also cover the damages caused to your vehicle. It is a policy which encompasses the features of third party policy in it.
  • Marine insurance is useful in reimbursing of losses cause to goods that are being transported through cargo ships to national as well as international locations.
  • Commercial insurance policies deal with the business-related insurances that involve loss of property, professional liability, marine damage and other such expenses.
  • Home insurance the insurance covers the losses related to theft, fire, or other damages caused to your home.
  • In case you are interested in buying a general policy, you can do so by contacting any insurance company, or you can even buy insurance policy online. The quotations will be provided to you in both online and offline cases. You can look at it and in case it suits you, you can purchase the respective insurance policy. You must make the premium payment on time to keep the policy active and enjoy its coverage. Any delay in the premium payment beyond the grace period would render the policy ineffective, exposing you to various liabilities and losses.