Benefits of getting car insurance

Car Insurance

Benefits of getting car insurance  01st Nov 2019

An increasing number of vehicles on the road, along with the insufficient infrastructure to support them, is leading to a rise in the number of accidents and fatalities. There were over 4.61 lakh road accidents just in 2018 and these are only the ones that were reported. Car insurance becomes very important at times like these.  It saves you from paying massive amounts to repair the damages to your car.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the benefits of buying a

car insurance policy

Protects your finances in case of an accident

If an accident happens, your car insurance can protect your finances by covering the repair expenses. If there's a third party involved and you are liable to pay them for any property damage or medical help, you can rest assured as your insurance can take care of that as well. In fact, it doesn't even have to be a road accident, as it also covers claims resulting from man-made and natural calamities like storms, floods, theft, vandalism, or riots.

Offers coverage for theft

You spend so much time, effort and money on buying a new car. The last thing you'd want is for someone to steal it. As sad as that is, it's not impossible. Which is why a good motor insurance policy also covers you against it. If your car is stolen, your policy will reimburse you the cost of your car. It can also cover the cost of repairs resulting from the break-in attempt.

Avail cashless services

When you buy motor insurance, you are entitled to getting cashless services at your insurance provider's network garages. This essentially means that you can get covered services without having to pay a single rupee. Say you damage your vehicle, all you need to do is go to your nearest network garage, show proof of your insurance and get the repairs done.

Covers personal accident liabilities

Motor insurance policies also cover disability or death leading from a car accident. So your motor insurance covers both you and your vehicle. For a person other than the owner/driver, you can separately buy a personal accident cover. The cost of your cover will depend on the extent of coverage you choose

Provides customization with riders

Riders or add-ons offer additional coverage on your basic motor insurance plan after payment of a nominal fee. The standard rider options are:

  • Zero depreciation add-on where your insurer bears the cost of repairs without considering the depreciated value of your car. This feature helps you maintain the value of your car despite wear and tear.
  • Road-side assistance add-on helps you out on the spot whenever you encounter any issues such as a flat tire, dead battery etc. You may even get additional road-side assistance with Magma HDI.
  • Engine protection add-on covers damages to the engine due to malfunction, water damage or leakage of lubricants.
  • Loss of personal belongings add-on is protection against accidents or burglaries where you end up losing valuables such as your phone or laptop. Your insurance provider helps you out with this cover by reimbursing you for your loss.

So, having the right car insurance is like always having someone watching your back when you’re driving your vehicle. It ensures the safety of your car, passengers, and pedestrians.