Getting retired? Five best places to consider for a post-retirement life in India

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Getting retired? Five best places to consider for a post-retirement life in India  29th Sept 2021


Retirement is a beautiful stage of life. It's the time when you finally decide to take a vacation from the fast-paced lifestyle. Retirement can be an excellent time to relocate to a more tranquil location that is both economical and has pleasant weather.

We've listed some of the ideal retirement destinations in India to assist you in discovering a delightful new way of life that may be a little slower-paced but enriching. So have a look at these places and see whether one of these beautiful cities is somewhere you'd like to retire in.

1. Bhubaneshwar, Odisha:
This ancient city has magnificent temples, opulent fabrics, finger-licking seafood, and tranquil hidden beaches. Because of its electricity distribution innovations in India, Bhubaneshwar is considered a World Bank Model City and is well-known for the lowest electricity prices in India. If it isn't enough to persuade you to move here, then the range of multi-speciality and super-speciality hospitals will do the trick. Moreover, Bhubaneshwar is well connected to most parts of India by air and train, making it quite accessible.

2. Nashik, Maharashtra:
Nashik is one of the most incredible places in India for retirement because of its rich greenery, temperate climate, and old-world charm. This Maharashtrian city was also named to have the best air quality index city in India in 2019.
The crowd from all walks of life come to see the lovely gardens, inherent culture, and historical places. It is known for its diverse art and culture and iconic tourist and religious attractions. In comparison to Mumbai or Pune, Nashik has a lower cost of living and is less congested. Nashik is also connected to all major cities in the state.

3. Chandigarh:
This wonderfully constructed city, recognized as a senior citizen's heaven, is well connected by road and train to all the country's major highways. It is also close to the capital city of India, New Delhi. Chandigarh is recognized for its pleasant climate, relatively clean environment, low crime rate, and excellent medical facilities, making it famous for retirees and older citizens.

4. Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu:
Coimbatore, dubbed the "Textile Capital of the South", boasts a vibrant cosmopolitan culture, low pollution, and a consistent climate throughout the year. Coimbatore is also one of the greatest cities in India to retire because of its fast-growing infrastructure, public facilities and excellent travel connections.

5. Panaji, Goa:
The Goans have every right to be proud of having built a distinct lifestyle that reflects their easy-going culture. Their culture is just as lovely as their laid-back approach to life and to take things as they come. This attitude towards life can be seen and felt all around Goa, especially in Panaji. People here don't strive to outrun life because they adore it so much.

Post-retirement happiness can be doubly celebrating if you are physically fit, mentally active, and have a plan to enjoy your retired life the way you had dreamt of! The above-listed tier 2 and tier 3 cities make it easy to decide the destination that will suit your requirements. Besides a good location, make it also convenient for your post-retirement life to have perfect health insurance that provides complete coverage for your medical expenses. Enjoy a happy retired life!

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