Buying insurance? We’ve removed the fear factors.  18th Jun 2019

We understand your fears and apprehensions and here’s what we have done to put an end to them, Magma HDI General Insurance’s range of policies for your health and assets:

1. Insurance is no longer tedious

It’s as easy as shopping online. Get a quick quote for general insurance policies click here

2. Claims settlement is now transparent

We ensure a fair, transparent, and convenient claim settlement process.

In FY 18-19, Magma HDI has maintained a claim settlement ratio of 91.85% as compared to the industry average of 87.2%.

Our customer service wing works round the clock to have your queries addressed irrespective of the time of the day.

3. Perplexing T&Cs demystified

We believe in highlighting the important clauses of the Terms & Conditions,

You deserve simple hassle free claims!

At Magma HDI, ”Truth must be told” is the foundation of everything we do. Magma HDI has always attempted to change the game through significant efforts in making the claiming process simpler and less tedious. Securing the things most precious to you has never been this stress-free.