Types of Motor Insurance Policies in India

Motor Insurance

Types of Motor Insurance Policies in India  10th May 2021


The importance and relevance of motor insurance policy are increasing day by day in India. The accident rate has not reduced much in recent years, and thus, vehicle owners today are more inclined towards the idea of purchasing a motor insurance policy.

Further, with online motor insurance renewal becoming as easy as a few clicks, it is more convenient and easy for users to pay the dues of their claims. Therefore, vehicle owners can now buy and claim insurance in the easiest and fastest way ever.

Different Types of Insurance Policies

Today, there are various types of motor insurance in India. You can choose the one that is suitable for your vehicle and match your requirements. However, there are some common factors in every insurance policy. Purchase of online insurance, online motor insurance renewal, and claiming the insurance; these procedures are more or less the same across all insurance policies.
Motor insurance policy mostly covers all types of vehicles. Nevertheless, the policies can be differentiated and divided into some categories. Let us look into these categories:

● COMMERCIAL VEHICLE INSURANCE - Under this policy, you get all your vehicles covered. In case of any accident, theft, burglary, and other vehicle damages, commercial vehicle insurance would provide complete financial support. Any vehicle like a car, tractor, truck, taxi, bus, crane, pick-up, etc., is protected with this insurance plan. Commercial vehicle insurance plans offer unlimited financial aid to any third-party injury or damage. It also compensates for the damage done to the third-party. Moreover, it offers facilities for personal accidents and loss and damage protection.

● CAR INSURANCE - Starting from online motor insurance renewal to online insurance claiming, all tasks can be done digitally. Car insurance secures you, and your drive from all the financial pressure in the events of an accident. Further, it also offers assistance for a third-party to the insured person in case of any damage or injury. This policy also covers personal accidents and loss and damage protection. Unlimited third-party liability is also provided. Also, the facility of cashless claims makes it more suitable and convenient.

● TWO WHEELER INSURANCE - These policies cover the cost of damages over scooters and bikes. One of the most cost-effective options for two-wheeler owners, these policies provide you with comprehensive coverage. Besides the facility of

online motor insurance

renewal is also offered. You can easily extend your claims for 2 to 3 years, without having to worry about your two-wheeler insurance.

● COMPREHENSIVE MOTOR INSURANCE POLICY - This type of policy provides financial support to the insured person and the vehicle and offers financial assistance to the third-party of the registered person. Complete financial aid is offered by this insurance policy. Besides, all types of vehicles (car, bike, scooters, etc.) are covered in this insurance policy.

● THIRD-PARTY INSURANCE POLICY- This policy is suitable for third-party liabilities and covers all kinds of vehicles. It compensates for any damage or injury to a third-party vehicle or person respectively.

These are the main types of motor insurance policies available in India. Now, let us learn about the situations when you are going to get assistance around different policies:

● Road accidents

● Fire or explosion

● Theft and burglary

● Terrorist acts

● Natural calamities (flood, storm, etc.)

● Protection for any third-party damage and injury

● Criminal acts

● Personal accident incidents

Do you know the cases when you may not get any assistance from the insurance company?

Here are the situations when you must not expect any help from the company:

● Any damage is done without an accident

● Ding or dent done after the accident

● When an accident happens because of a drunk driver

● When the driver doesn't have a license

● Damage as a result of radioactive or nuclear accidents

Final Thought

Among these types of motor insurance policies, which one did you choose? Do not forget to select the cost-effective option that facilitates buying, renewing, and claiming the insurance.

Tip: Never claim your insurance policy provider for minor damages to your vehicle. This way, you become entitled to receive benefits of no claim bonus.