How to stay healthy at home - During the COVID-19 Lockdown

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How to stay healthy at home - During the COVID-19 Lockdown  27th November 2020


With extended lockdown being the most current happening around the country, we aren’t expecting things to get normal anytime soon. However, what stays intact even during this pandemic is the fact that we need to stay healthy by ourselves.
Being healthy is not only a part of fighting Covid-19 but is also necessary for us to come out with healthy habits and improved versions of ourselves. For once, where the entire country is searching for general insurance online quote , staying healthy, both mentally & physically is the only free alternative for saving ourselves from the disease.
Yes, we understand that you are not used to staying at home for undefined periods, be it on your own or with family members or flatmates. Staying indoors for several weeks can be a daunting task.
However, what if we told you that even this could be too sportingly if you carry a lifestyle that is a mix of planning, understanding and a bit of healthy eating. Remember, this is certainly not the time to be gathering or moving out; now is the time to stay isolated for a better future.

Listed below are our

five tips for stay healthy at home during the lockdown:

1. Maintain a proper schedule:

While this might seem to be something weird for you to be staying home and maintaining schedules, it is essential. We advise you to devise a plan and stick to a routine.
When you live by a schedule, it gives structure to your entire day and gives you an account of the whole day, besides a sense of stability and peace of mind.
However, your schedule should be an equal composition of relaxation, exercise, sleep and healthy eating. Remember, too much of anything is not good!

2. Revitalise your lungs:

Being in constant touch with the feel of moving breeze is also necessary. Fresh air not only cleanses you on the inside, but it also helps uplift your mood.
We suggest you move to the terrace pf your building or apartment or reach out the garden and lawns to have a quick walk as it is excellent and helpful for your natural well being.
While moving out of your house once in a while is a good idea, keep a note of the restrictions regarding the lockdowns and contaminated areas in your locality. `

3. Keep a healthy intake of foods:

Now that you are staying home, eating healthy foods and a well-balanced diet. Having a balanced diet keeps you fit on the inside as well. To ensure that you are living a healthy life on the inside as well, make sure that you are consuming over five meals a day.
Fruits and vegetables are your best bets at staying healthy without having to worry about coronavirus. We advise you to avoid unnecessary intake of snacks and add vitamins, minerals and zinc in your diet. Moreover, you should also keep an eye on your alcohol intake and find other ways to relieve stress.

4. Exercise inside your house:

Besides relaxing your mind, it is always advisable to exercise regularly inside your house. Take out some time, each day of the week to keep yourself in shape and be in shape.
You could consider doing a wide range of exercises like yoga, dancing, weight lifting or other similar forms of exercises.
Interestingly, these days, many websites and applications offer free virtual exercise classes. You could easily follow the lessons to keep yourself in great shape and keep your mental peace intact.

5. Have some ‘Me’ time:

Now seems to be the perfect time to get in touch with your ‘to-do list’. You could lookout for that one hobby that you have shelved out for long and work around the same. You could also try your hands on gardening or hone your skills.
Besides that, enhancing your skill set is also a good thing to do during this lockdown phase.