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Heart Diseases   15th May 2020

Many times it is when we have come across a mourning family who have lost their near and dear one due to heart disease. The question of what will happen next to the grieving family immediately turns up. Any heart disease is a fatal health crisis that must be tackled the right way through the correct information. Subscribing to a health insurance policy for a family is a must in today’s world, but even more important is to analyze and avoid the factors that lead to heart diseases and hence, must be treated at all costs. Here are some of the most common factors that lead to heart diseases include: -

  • High and low HDL (cholesterol)
  • Uncontrolled high pressure
  • Physical stagnancy
  • No control over diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Inadequate diet
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Obesity (especially with a BMI greater than 25)
  • Presence of high C-protein

How can one treat these components?

Following are some of the most common ways in which you can quickly get a grip over the health of your heart and get a better understanding of its importance: -

  • Say no to smoking Smokers are always at a risk of heart attack and usually twice at the risk of suffering from heart disease compared to non-smokers. They are most likely to die from it, too, since they are exposed to a high level of tobacco.
  • Fight cholesterol The total amount of cholesterol is directly proportional to the risk of facing heart disease. The ideal total cholesterol goal should be around 200mg/dl. The interpretation and understanding of cholesterol levels must be considered along with the various risk factors that persist for heart disease. An ideal diet is the one which is low in cholesterol and has saturated or trans fat, along with high complex carbohydrates since it automatically reduces the risk for heart disease.
  • Keep a tab on the blood pressure High blood pressure is one of the most common ways of suffering from a heart attack. Most adults say about one in every three suffers from systolic blood pressure. Like cholesterol, even blood pressure must be individualized as a unique component in analyzing the risk factors. Blood pressure can be controlled through regular exercise, weight management, and checking on the consumption of salt.
  • Fight diabetes Diabetes is one of the fatal factors that can lead to intense damage to your heart. A sedentary lifestyle must be given up for a more active one, where exercise is one of the most integral parts of your daily routine. Even activities like gardening and morning walks are extremely helpful in keeping diseases at bay. More vigorous activities are associated with higher benefits such as aerobics and swimming, but it is always good to keep an advisor in the loop.
  • Eat right and sleep well Increase your intake of nutrient-rich food, especially content which has a high number of antioxidants and has proven themselves to lower the risk of heart disease. Nuts, fruits, and vegetables are also essential to maintain your diet. Indulge in some anger management techniques and practice yoga or mediation to experience the benefits. Give your body at least 7-8 hours of proper sleep.
All these steps are important, but it is also essential to buy a

health insurance policy for family

, which will always safeguard them in the direst of situations.