Five safety tips every female driver should know

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Five safety tips every female driver should know  20th Sept 2021


Women taking over the world has defeated the dependency on others to get things done. Female drivers are just another example of this scenario as they are considered safer drivers than males.

However, the risks for women on the road are twice as compared; especially if you are a lady driving alone as you are exposed to many dangers. A female driver needs to be extra cautious to avoid undesirable events such as falling victim to hijacking, stalking, assault, or worse, murders. Here are a few tips to prevent from these situations happening and keep you driving safe.

1. Maintain your vehicle:

• Maintenance will assure you fewer chances of the vehicle breaking down midway through your journey.

• Get the car thoroughly checked before every long trip and in regular intervals for daily commute.

• Do not forget to keep an eye on the fuel indicator.

• Look out for unfamiliar noises of the car and get it checked from a reputed garage immediately.

2. Learn the basics:

• Acquire complete knowledge of the car, including its engine capacity, tyres, oil, and fuel capacity.

• Every female driver should know how to change a flat tyre, jumpstart the battery, clean up the carburettor, etc.

• Top up your oil, antifreeze whenever needed.

3. On-road safety:

• Lock the car doors first as soon as you enter.

• Park the car in a settled area and check your backseat when you get in the vehicle.

• Do not interact with anyone on the road.

• Never offer a ride to strangers, especially when alone.

• Always inform at least one person from your circle about your trip details and plans.

• Avoid pulling over at dark and isolated places.

• Install a certified GPS device in the car and give access to your close people

4. Driving suggestions:

• Beware of easy distractions such as using your phone, loud music, zoning out, eating or drinking. You need to keep your eyes on the road and stay alert while driving.

• When required to stop, make sure to turn on the flashers and then pull over slowly.

• Flashers should be on in case of breakdowns, illegal parking, tyre change, lousy weather or slowing down to exit.

• If you notice someone following your car, drive to the closest police station to get help.

• Honk your horn only in critical situations like blind turns, warning someone, to avoid collisions or possibly dangerous circumstances.

• Maintain a distance of at least 8-10 feet from every vehicle ahead of you.

5. Insure your vehicle:

• Refrain from driving without car insurance.

• Insurance can serve as a support aid when caught in unfortunate situations such as road accidents, breakage, etc.

• The insurance company will also track down your location and reach there in emergencies.

• Keep your car insurance up to date. Car insurance renewal is requisite when it is about to expire or expired.

Driving alone is not always scary and of insecurity. Yet, women have to take precautions to ignore indulging in misfortunate events and be their own protector. Increase your safety while driving by being alert, paying attention to your surroundings, keeping your car maintained, car insurance renewal before expiry, follow driving instructions and so on. We hope that these tips will add to your security and keep you guarded when driving around alone.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.