How to File a Claim Quickly In Case Of an Accident

Personal Accident Insurance in India

How to File a Claim Quickly In Case Of an Accident  05th May 2021


Accidents can happen at any time and are often uninvited. Since such events can have a tremendous effect on your financial health, having personal accident insurance is your key to ensure financial assistance for your family and your treatment.

Applying for

personal accident insurance

in India is convenient and comfortable as the process can be completed online. But do you know the procedures to claim the insurance facilities after an accident? If not, then here are the instructions.

What are the Steps to Claim a Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal accident insurance in India, can be availed over multiple plans. But the standard features are to assist the treatment of the injured, provide financial aid to the family (depends on the seriousness of the accident), and take steps to repair the damaged vehicle. Now, let us see how you can access these facilities when you face an accident.

Here is a step-by-step instruction to claim personal accident insurance in India:

● The first task is to report to the nearest police station about the accident and collect an FIR copy.

● The next step is to immediately call up the insurance policy provider and report the accident.

● You may also choose to report the insurance provider online by notifying them on their official website.

● One of the employees will then visit and check the condition of your vehicle.

● The insurance company will send the vehicle for repair.

● After the company approves your claim, it will pay all the bills, and you can simply relax.

● Personal accident insurance in India also identifies if any person gets injured. It pays for the treatment of the wounded person as long as he needs it.

But there are some conditions that you need to follow to get the facilities. Let us look at some of those.

List of information required to file your claim successfully:

● Insurance policy number

● Name of the person who owns the insurance policy

● Registered mobile phone number

● Accurate date and time of the accident

● Number of damaged vehicles

● Specifications of the vehicle

● A description of exactly how the accident happened

● Name of the driver

● The insured person's details should be provided if the injured person is not the same

You have to be careful about giving out the correct information. Otherwise, the company may decide to reject your claim.

List of documents you need to get the insurance facilities:

● Fill up the claim form and sign it properly

● A copy of the FIR filed at the local police station

● Registration certificate of the insurance

● A copy of the driving license

● An idea of the repair needed to the vehicle

● An estimate of the injuries and treatment required

There can be many other documents that you may need to submit. The procedures vary from company to company.

Tips to Avoid the Rejection of Your Claim

To avoid insurance rejection, you have to follow some common points. You should not risk it and make a strong case. Provide all the information to support the incident.

Here are some tips that can help you to avoid rejection of personal accident insurance in India:

● Provide some photographs and videos of the vehicle and the injured person as supporting evidence

● If there is any witness, provide his details to the insurance provider

● Don't miss out on informing the police, as providing a copy of the FIR is mandatory

● Don't be late. There is a time limit within which you need to report the accident. Report it as soon as possible

● Don't exaggerate the condition. Tell the truth to the insurance provider. If they find you deceptive, they will immediately reject your claim

● Don't decide anything before informing the insurance company. Let them examine and do the needful


Now that you understand all the essential steps required to file a claim, we hope that you get your accounts settled without much hindrance.

Lastly, here are a few takeaways to add value to your readers:

● Ensure that you click pictures of damages and injuries to submit as proof

● Note down the name and number of any witnesses present on the spot (if available)

● Don’t refrain from lodging an FIR

● Be honest about the entire incident, don’t try to lie or cook up the incident

● Ensure that you file the claim in the suggested time limit by your provider