Some top stories about bike insurance

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Some top stories about bike insurance    29th March 2020

Nothing beats the feeling of cool winds engulfing you as you glide past the scenery on your bike. The bike is one of the most convenient modes of transportation that you can own. It is compact and can easily tackle the traffic. It is the easiest way to reach your office on time without suffering a backlash from traffic. Bikes have better mileage when compared to cars, and their maintenance is cheaper too. The bike is the most budget-friendly mode of transportation. You must always remember to drive with a helmet. It is for your safety and is mandated by the government. Not wearing a helmet while riding a bike will attract fines from local authorities.

There is a government policy that makes it mandatory to have your bike insured at all times. This takes care of the situation if you run into an accident, and there are third party damages that you will be unable to pay from your pocket. Having bike insurance protects you from the financial burden of the damages you will face in case of an accident. Bike insurances are more convenient than ever before. Now you can even renew bike insurance online. Here are some top stories about bike insurance: -

  • Having bike insurance will protect you from third-party liabilities. Often in case of bike accidents, there can be substantial damage to other vehicles and surroundings. If you do not have bike insurance, you will be liable to pay them from your pocket. Failing to do so will involve a visit to the court. Bike insurance will take care of this financial burden, and you can ride stress-free.
  • You will also have coverage for your bike. While there may be damages to the surroundings, your bike will also be heavily damaged. Getting your motorcycle repaired involves spending a large sum that you may not be able to afford at the time. This can leave you in a situation where you can no longer use your bike while you are saving money to get it repaired. Right bike insurance will cover all the damages, and your bike will be in running condition in no time.
  • You will not face any penalties that come with not having bike insurance. The government has mandated that all bikes must be insured. You must also produce a hard copy of the insurance whenever asked by the authorities. If you do not have the hard copy of your insurance, you can be fined for Rs. 1000 and may even have to face a 3-month prison sentence.
  • Peace of mind is necessary when driving a bike. Constant worrying will only distract you from the road and may increase the chances of an accident. Bike insurance takes all the stress away from riding a bike. You will not be fined by any official, nor will you be liable for any damages that you incur due to an accident.
  • Bike insurance serves many purposes. Though it does not mean that you can ride over the speed limit or without a helmet. Both of these measures are for your safety and safety of people around you. If your bike insurance is near its expiry now, you can renew bike insurance online. Bike insurance has never been more convenient ever before.