Festival sale! How to get a good deal for a new bike

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Festival sale! How to get a good deal for a new bike  20th Sept 2021


It is the festive season in India, the perfect time for family get-togethers, mini-vacations and the excitement of shopping! Irrespective of the socio-economic factors and the varied buying habits of customers, Indians dominate the world in their crazy obsession with shopping.

And this creates an excellent business opportunity not only for the wholesalers but also the retailers. With super busy markets, sales reach new heights, and people begin to recognize themselves as shopaholics. But we can't blame them, can we? With all the exciting deals around, no one will be able to resist the urge to buy things.

And, so it seems like a pleasant occasion to buy the new bike you have wanted for a long time now. In this article, we will assist you in getting an excellent deal for the new bike you wish to bring home this festive season.

1. Evaluate different options: Check out all the options available to you, as the same bike might be available at different prices across different showrooms. Evaluating alternatives and substitutes always result in a better price. Compare the offers that all the showrooms or private dealers have for you during this festival. Always go for offers with a monetary discount and not just some freebies.

2. Do not rush, take it slow: Take your time to do things your way. People always have a fear of missing out. 'Last day' and 'limited stocks' are a few of the many things dealers say to make you swipe your cards. Also, don't stress if the festival ends. Often the sellers extend the offer for the next few days. If you miss Ganesh Chaturthi, there is always a Navratri sale, and the following is a Dhanteras offer, not to forget about the Diwali season. So, the bait of 'last chance, hurry up!' is not for you to fall prey to.

3. Payment mode of smart finances: We often neglect the payment mode thinking it does not make a huge difference, but it does. If you pay close attention, you will notice that net banking charges, credit and debit cards, or a payment application are different for different brands and dealerships. Certain bank cards provide you with an extra 5% or more discount. Making a cash payment at the counter might also earn you a concession. So do not overlook all these aspects if you want to grab the best deals that don't loosen your pocket much!

4. Beware of fake deals: Many dealers trick you by hiking prices just before the season starts and then provide discounts, making no difference in your price. Do not fall for freebies! Not all of them are useful. And if they attract you, you will only end up gathering a load of unwanted items.

Bike insurance will always be a necessity when you buy a new bike. Even the insurance companies flash exciting offers and unique festive benefits to attract potential customers. You can check the bike insurance online, compare the deals of multiple companies, and buy the one offering the best value-for-money.

Do you think is it fair to select products solely based on their price? Sure, money matters, but so do standards and features. It is safe to do some market research beforehand to bring good fortune for you this festive season. Look beyond the offer and also focus on the specifications of the bike you decide to buy. That is how you make a real deal.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.