How to check your claims online?

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How to check your claims online?  24th Jan 2020


Having insurance is like having a safety deposit. That means if anything goes wrong, you would not be at a total loss. Insurance policies from the leading general insurance companies in India minimize loss and damage by reimbursing you for the expenses incurred during any unfortunate situations.

A wide range of insurance policies, ranging from life to non-life, are available in the market. Life insurance, as the name suggests, is about reimbursing your family members in case you lose your life due to specific reasons. Non-life insurance, on the other hand, is also known as general insurance, which is for automobiles, housing, commercial, travel and other similar purposes. If you suffer a loss from either of them, the insurance plan can help you in recovering from the same.

The process to check the claims online

While filing the claims correctly as per the terms and conditions of the insurance company is essential but it is equally essential that you track and check your claim online to know about the status of the claim and take corrective actions as and when necessary.

• When you file your claim with the insurance company or the TPA, they will provide you with the receipt number or file number along with an acknowledgement of filing of the claim.

• Usually, the insurance company or the TPA specify at the time of filing the claim as to how much time they will take in processing the claim. This is usually capped at 90 days but can vary according to the company policies.

• To track your health insurance or life insurance claim, you need to register your updated contact details with your health insurance company or the TPA. Once you have filed the claim, the TPA will send you the updates regularly on your mobile number or email.

• Alternatively, you can log-on to the website or mobile app of the TPA or the insurance company and track the status of your claim. To retrieve your claim details, you must have the following details with you: -

· Policy number

● Claim number

● Date of birth of the insured person

Once you enter all the details and submit them, you will be able to check the status of your claims online.

Different claim status and the steps to be taken

Depending on the status of your claim, either of the following status messages would be displayed on the screen. You must take the necessary steps according to the requirements.

Under process: -If your claim is under process, then you need to wait for a few more days and then check the status online again.

Issues/Details required: - If there are any issues with the claim, then it will be mentioned on the status page. You must get in touch with the insurance company or the TPA. They will be able to explain the problem in the processing of the claim. If any documents are required or any further details are required, you must provide the same to them at the earliest.

Approved: - If your claim has been approved, then you need not do anything else. The payment shall be credited into your account within a few working days.

Rejected: - If the claim has been rejected, you need to get in touch with the insurance company or the TPA to enquire about more details. If required, you will need to file your claim again.

Life is precious, and so are your belongings. It is the best to secure each of them right after purchasing as many general insurance companies in India provide covers for such belongings, thereby preventing you from being in a huge loss.