Monsoon Safety Checklist for your cars

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Monsoon Safety Checklist for your cars  09th Oct 2019

Monsoons might not be the ideal time to drive around. The roads are slippery, and there are higher chances of meeting with an accident. However, the rainy season does not mean that you should stop driving altogether.

Instead, you should make sure that you follow some safety points to make sure that your driving experience is smooth and safe.

Here, we will look at some of the safety checkpoints that you should follow during monsoon. However, before we dwell on that, it is crucial to make sure that you get car insurance online in India so that your car is covered in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Fix those exhaust holes

Exhaust holes are made of iron, which means that they are vulnerable to rust. If there is a hole in your exhaust, then there are more chances for the rainwater to get in, besides the fact that a faulty exhaust is no food. Make sure that you have checked your exhaust for holes and other damages to ensure the smooth running of your car.

Cover your headlights

With time, your car headlights tend to develop spaces with them due to constant wear and tear. If they are damaged, then it is highly likely that the rainwater will get inside them, further leading to the damage. Make sure that you patch up these spaces so that your headlights are safe. Faulty headlights can lead to driving problems at night — something which no driver wants!

Check the door of your car

The doors in your car have a rubber attached to it. With constant usage, they may loosen up and make room for the raindrops to seep and ruin your interiors. To make sure that your interiors are as good as new, make sure to check on these doors now and then. If needed, replace them, as a repair might not be the easiest or the most convenient of ways.

Check your brakes

If you are driving around in rains, through clogged puddles, some water might just get deposited in your brake pads which can hinder the braking process and might lead to the deterioration of your brake pads. To get rid of the moisture, find a dry stretch of road and gently apply the brakes. The heat which comes out of friction will take the moisture away. If you find mud deposited on your pads, then go to a mechanic and get it clean. Remember that brakes are one of the most critical components of your car and you should always have them in good shape.

The way you treat your car is the way the car treats you. One cannot stress enough on the importance of taking care of vehicles. Magma HDI

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