5 Preparations You Should Do Before Buying Health Insurance

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5 Preparations You Should Do Before Buying Health Insurance    29th March 2020

Buying a health insurance policy is a significant responsibility since it will determine how financially capable you are of dealing with any illness or accident. A health insurance policy will pay for a particular portion or all of your medical bills and will also provide access to proper healthcare, and thus, you must put in a lot of thought into the kind of policy you choose. Whether it is health insurance in India for parents, individuals, or other family members, you must not be influenced by what others say, and you must conduct thorough research before buying one. Here are five preparations you should do before purchasing a health insurance policy:

  • Understand the Terms of the Premium and the Sum Insured: When you buy health insurance, you need to pay a certain amount of money regularly to the insurance company for maintaining the policy; this is the premium. On the other hand, the amount you receive is the Sum insured, and it depends on the premium. Thus, before you buy a policy, you must read all the terms and conditions and understand how much you need to pay and how much you will receive when needed.
  • When to Buy Insurance: One key factor to consider is your age. You must make sure to buy health insurance at a younger age since you would most probably have enough time to pay for it and receive a good amount. If you decide to buy it later in life, you might already begin to have health issues and might not be able to benefit from the insurance policy. The younger you are, the more claims you can make.
  • Employment Situation: Many companies and employers provide their employees with health insurance policies and also pay for part of the premium. While it is great to have health benefit provided by your employer, it is crucial to understand the downside to it too. In case you switch to another job or are unemployed for a while, you might not be able to avail of the benefits of that policy and might not be able to afford one soon enough. It is essential to evaluate the pros and cons of such a policy and to have your own health insurance.
  • Whether They Provide Family Benefits: One crucial thing to consider before buying health insurance is whether it offers benefits to your family members as well. You need to find out whether it includes healthcare and financial benefits for them, too, and also whether they would be financially compensated if you pass away.
  • Post Hospitalisation Care: When you get into an accident or have to go through a medical procedure, you might also require medical or financial assistance even after being discharged from the hospital. Before you buy insurance, check whether the policy also includes post-hospitalisation care, since that is important and could prove to be costly.
  • It goes without saying that having health insurance is extremely important, and the decision to get one should not be made lightly; you need to understand what the provisions are and what your role is before you buy one. With so many great options in the market, finding health insurance in India for parents, family members or yourself has become much easier today.