How is technology making the lives of truck drivers easy

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How is technology making the lives of truck drivers easy?  07th Oct 2021


Technology is undoubtedly a key driver for the economic growth of a country. Fuelled by the revolution in internet connectivity, it has evolved over the years and made many advancements. As a result, it plays a significant role in improving people's lives in every field, including the transport industry. Truck drivers encounter multiple issues in their day-to-day life, but the latest introduction of technology in truck drivers' lives has made things smoother for them. In this post, we share how technology is making the life of truck drivers easy on the wheels.

1. ELDs – Electronic Logbook Devices:
Truck drivers are required to manually fill forms or papers to enter the number of hours they drive. To avoid this hassle, ELDs are attached to the engine, which automatically calculates the number of driving hours. Besides, ELDs also assist in helping the truck driver with fuel consumption by the truck. Another perk of these devices is that it monitors the driving route and thus helps the truck driver's safety. Furthermore, if truck drivers encounter accidents, ELDs play a crucial role in proving the evidence.

2. Load boards:
Load boards are another vital tool used to find new shippers who need to haul their loads. This is widely used by truck drivers, owners, freight brokers, and more. You can go to load board sites and enter all the necessary information, including types of loads you can haul, weight allowance, and currently available destinations. Once you fill up all this information, shippers can contact you.

3. GPS systems for truck drivers:
GPS units are a standard device that assists truck drivers to reach their destination quickly with the shortest route. It avoids unnecessary travelling for them and results in efficient delivery. In case of traffic jams and bad weather conditions, the drivers can avoid those routes and save fuel and time.

4. Best use of smartphones:
Smartphones are excellent technology examples that are helpful for truck drivers. Through smartphones, truck drivers can communicate seamlessly and share their exact locations. This is also crucial for knowing how long the truck driver will take to reach their destination. Additionally, you can use smartphones to check out the nearest gas stations, accommodations, and more. During the breaks, truck drivers can use their phones for entertainment, such as listening to their favourite music or watching shows and movies.

5. Hands-free communication:
Voice assistant devices and other hands-free communication devices serve great purposes for truck drivers. Using hands-free communication devices ensures their eyes are on the road while informing people about their route. Since we all are aware of the consequences of holding a phone while driving, truck drivers can use hands-free communication devices and stay in contact with the dispatcher. This is also essential when the driver is confused about the exact route and needs guidance.

It is no surprise that technology innovation is pushing the limits and changing how the transport business functions and improving life on highways. However, as the industry evolves and expands, it also requires safe cover for efficient operation through motor insurance. Good motor insurance addresses the worry of mishaps on the road and puts you away from unwanted risks. Thanks to the technology, you can have online motor insurance renewal even on the move from your smartphone. So, use the technology advancement to your advantage and remain ahead in the business!

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.