Why health insurance claims get rejected


Why health insurance claims get rejected  09th Oct 2019

One of the best ways to safeguarding your finances while availing medical treatments is getting health insurance. Good health insurance protects you and your family against the various health risks that life toss at us over time — it lets us have that peace of mind.

However, not all the claims that are raised are settled. There are various reasons for a claim application getting rejected. A claim rejection could lead to much unwanted financial stress. By making sure of certain things, you can put away the anxiety of your claim rejection.

Here will look at the reasons why health insurance policies get rejected.

Claim process

Health insurance is a contract between the insurance provider and you. To make sure that all the terms in the agreement are retained while filing a claim, you need to input correct details in the application. If you decide to hide any bit of information about your health in your insurance documents, then you may get into some trouble while filing a claim. Misinformation can lead to your claim being rejected.

Health conditions

Some health insurance companies do not provide cover for specific illnesses. So if you happen to fall ill with these diseases, then your insurance might come of no use. It is advisable to get an insurance which has support for critical illnesses, as it will save you much hassle later on. To begin with, you should get a thorough health checkup (most of the insurance companies provide this option). This will help you know what the potential illnesses that you might face in the future are.

Policy period

Health insurance policies expire after a certain period, depending on the terms that you have agreed with. Expired health insurance is no good. If you make a claim after your health insurance has expired, then your claim is bound to be rejected. Make sure that you keep on paying your insurance premiums before your policy expires, or get insurance which lasts you throughout your life.

Exclusion policies

There are certain conditions — depending on the insurance provider — under which you are not liable to file a claim. These conditions are also called insurance exclusions. So if you happen to raise an insurance claim against these exclusions, then your policy might get rejected. To deal with this situation, it is best to read the policy terms and conditions carefully. You can even consult your insurance provider if you do not understand a particular clause.

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