Road Safety Tips that may Potentially Save your Life

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Road Safety Tips that may Potentially Save your Life  10th May 2021


Even after the countless campaigns and awareness programs on road safety, the accident rate has not reduced noticeably. India is one of the most accident-prone countries in the world. However, people are still not aware and careful about obeying traffic rules and taking safety measures before driving. Moreover, people refuse to opt for personal accident insurance plans to ensure proper treatment and financial support to their families.

The ultimate solution for road accidents is to maintain your own safety. It is necessary to make yourself conscious first before blaming others. Also, as the accident rate will not reduce drastically overnight, it is recommended to choose a personal accident insurance plan from all the available options to secure your financial condition after a mishap.

Personal accident insurance plans include all types of financial aids and assistance provided to the injured after an accident. Your treatment will be done properly and your family will get help if you can't generate any income.

The main causes that are responsible for increasing the accident rate rapidly are given below:

● Driving at high speed

● Drinking and driving

● Overtaking other vehicles from the wrong-side

● Not wearing a helmet and not fastening a seatbelt

● Disobeying traffic rules

These are the top 5 reasons for which accidents happen every day. When the causes are identified, it is easy to figure out what we should do to avoid road accidents.

Top Tips to Avoid Road Accidents:

● Control Speed:It has become a trend to drive at high speeds. But every road has a speed limit that you should not cross to stay safe. Also, when there is fog or rain, and the roads are risky, always drive slowly. Strictly avoid overtaking when you are on the highway as a vehicle may come anytime from the other side. So, the foremost condition to stay safe is to control speed and follow the given speed limit.

● Obey Traffic Rules: Traffic rules are there to ensure road safety. If you refuse to obey traffic instructions, then there is a high chance of an accident. Slow down where instructed. Stop when the red signal is on. Use indicator while taking a turn. Let pedestrians cross the road and slow down your vehicle. Control the speed when you see a speed breaker. All these indications, signals, and infrastructures are made for the purpose of maintaining road safety. Thus, you should follow the traffic rules to maintain your safety.

● Don’t Drink and / or Use Cellphone While Driving: Driving needs concentration. Driving while talking on your phone is dangerous. Driving after drinking is equally dangerous. You may not notice the signals and face an accident. You may not only bump into another vehicle but may also hit trees, road dividers, etc. Remember not to drink before driving and also avoid using your cell phone.

● Use Helmet & Seat Belt: Even if you come across an accident, your helmet and seatbelt can minimize the injury. Seatbelts can protect you from suddenly moving from the seat and bumping into something. You stay fixed on the seat and thus, chances of injury reduces. Similarly, in an accident, a helmet can help you to avoid or reduce head injury. Do wear a helmet and fasten your seatbelt according to the vehicle you are driving.

Final Words

Prevention is better than cure! Besides aligning with the precautions, ensure that you opt for

personal accident insurance

plans to ensure your treatment and minimize the financial strain on your family after an accident. Insurance will ensure this security.