Bought A New Car This Monsoon Season? Don’t Forget to Buy Car Insurance Too

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Bought A New Car This Monsoon Season? Don’t Forget to Buy Car Insurance Too   12th September 2019

Driving around in a new car is an exciting feeling. But with owning a car, comes the responsibility of keeping it safe on the roads. In case of an event involving accident, theft, or fire, you may need compensation for damages sustained. Weather is also one of the primary factors due to which your car may suffer damage. Getting car insurance is a great way to provide a cover for your financial losses, especially during the monsoon season.

Why should you get car insurance in India?

Remember that a car is made up of a complex system of mechanical components and accessories. With comprehensive car insurance, you can easily get coverage for:

  • Damage after a road accident, fire, or vandalism
  • Damages that take place due to a natural disaster such as floods
  • If the vehicle is stolen
  • Unforeseen circumstances such as waterlogging

Accidents happen, but when you’re covered for the financial losses, it helps reduce your stress and brings you peace of mind.

Why do you need car insurance for the monsoons?
During the monsoon season, its even more important to consider securing your vehicle with a proper

car insurance

policy. Natural disasters like cyclones and flash floods can cause severe damages to property, including your car.

During monsoon water also collects in low lands and potholes making it really difficult to tell their presence. This often leads one to drive into potholes or park their cars in waterlogged areas. While the first one can cause damage to the body of the car, the latter can cause the engine to seize. But with the right insurance and the right add-on, both can be covered.

What would your car insurance policy cover during monsoons?

In the rainy season, no matter how cautious you are, there is always a risk of accidents due to poor visibility and slippery roads. Moreover, water damage like rusting, engine water-logging etc. are also quite common during heavy rains. Waterlogging happens if you drive through or start your car in deep water and the water gets into the engine. This leads to damage to the engine as well as electrical components. Sometimes, car insurers may exclude damage to the engine, but an engine protect add-on can offer you the required coverage. Similarly, roadside assistance add-on can be vital in ensuring you have help even during heavy rains.

While you have no control over the weather and road conditions, you can always be prepared to face them without any worries. Choose a good auto insurance policy such as Magma HDI's Private Car insurance and drive through monsoon worry-free.