Planning a long bike tour? Read these motorbike riding tips beforehand

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Planning a long bike tour? Read these motorbike riding tips beforehand  17th Sept 2021


For adventure seekers, biking trips across India have become more common than you would have imagined. Bike riders are known for their love of long, challenging excursions and trips. For any bike owner, going cross-country is always on the bucket list.

A long-distance bike ride will put your riding skills and your bike’s endurance to test, so it is suggested to prepare thoroughly. Before starting your journey, make sure you have insured your vehicle with valid bike insurance.

While you have shortlisted your destination, we have also made this list for you to look at quickly:

• Tip 1 – You should plan a budget to spend on the trip and try not to exploit it.

• Tip 2 – Do invest in safety gear like helmets, gloves, jackets, glasses, shoes, knee elbow guards, and so on. Also, ensure that everything you buy is certified and genuine. Your safety is paramount for a pleasant trip.

• Tip 3 – Schedule a bike servicing right before leaving for the journey. Facing issues midway is certainly something you would not want.

• Tip 4 – Learn how to ride for long hours and the highways. Just starting with your tour is not how it works. You will have to practice at least a month before you begin the trip because these long journeys are the actual test of your endurance.

• Tip 5 – While packing for the trip, do not forget the following: two-wheeler documents, PUC, your ID (preferably Aadhar card), a spare key for the bike, and bike insurance papers.

• Tip 6 – Pack light for the ride. Don’t end up carrying the unnecessary weight. Be smart and only pack the bare minimum.

• Tip 7 – Be prepared for unexpected changes in the weather. When travelling for a long distance, chances are very high that the climate will keep varying.

• Tip 8 – Stick to your schedule and try not to take any detours. Install a GPS device on your bike and carry a physical map, which helps you navigate your journey.

• Tip 9 – Avoid late-night rides. Starting early and ending early is the bikers’ motto. Riding late at night can be tiresome as well as risky.

• Tip 10 – Stop at regular intervals. In your spare time, let your bike cool down, inspect it, or take some time for refreshments before you set off again.

• Tip 11 – Plan up an itinerary. Set a time for daily rides, breaks, stay and follow it.

• Tip 12 – Don’t miss out on the fun. You may face difficulties, but everything about this trip will be worth it. So, enjoy the ride and give yourself a break from the daily hustle.

The most important tip out of all is to ensure bike insurance before travelling anywhere. Keeping your two-wheeler insured is a step towards security and should not be neglected.

Put in some effort and follow the above tips to create an unforgettable journey to cherish for yourself. Good memories make great stories, so pick your bike and don’t miss the opportunity to do something thrilling in life.

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