Personal Accident Insurance Policy – How does it Work

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance Policy – How does it Work?  05th May 2021


What do you think personal accident insurance is? A policy that will take care of your monetary needs if you ever get into an accident or a tool with economic benefit?

Here’s the answer: A personal accident policy is a tool that serves you beyond economic gains. It insures you against death and / or different disabilities, in case of an accident.

In layman’s term, a personal accident insurance policy is a safeguard against any expenses or losses that may incur due to an accident. These expenses can be of the victim or the compensation given to the third party for the losses incurred due to the accident.

Sound important, right? Now that you understand its significance, we’re sure you would want to understand more about how this tool works for you and its benefits. Let’s get started!

What are the types of Personal Accident Policy?

There are two main categories of accidental insurance policy:

a. Individual accident insurance: This policy covers the insurer under circumstances like loss of limbs, vision, or accidental demise of an individual due to accident.

b. Group accident insurance: Group accident insurance is the plan normally offered by organizations to their employees. These insurance claims have limited features and are very basic in nature.

What coverage do you get under this policy?

ccidental Death: A The total sum assured goes to the name of the nominee, in case of accidental death of the policyholder.

Permanent Disability: In case of a permanent disability caused by an accident, the policyholder is entitled to receive a pre-agreed amount.

Permanent Partial Disability: If the accident causes either partial or permanent damage to the insured, the policyholder is entitled to receive 100% benefit of the sum assured.

Temporary Total Disability: If the policyholder meets an accident that causes them to be bedridden for a short span, a pre-agreed amount will be paid to the policyholder.

How does a personal life insurance policy work?

When you buy an accident insurance policy, you will be informed of the procedural aspects of how the claim is to be made for the policy whenever any accident or mishap happens. The procedure explained below is the basic procedure of making claims. There are going to be certain discrepancies in each of the companies’ claim processes. They are not universal.

1. Right after any mishap occurs the first thing you need to do is inform your insurance provider’s customer service. You need to give them the necessary details of the accident.

2. The next thing that will take place is that they will ask for your insurance documents; any family member of yours can provide them. After verifying the documents, the company will immediately carry out an initial inquiry about the accident.

3. They will ask for your claim form after their preliminary inquiry.

4. The rest of the documents like identification, disability certificate (in case of any), next of kin details, etc., are to be submitted to the agent handling your claim.

5. The primary inquiry and scrutiny about the accident are done at this stage. After completing all the paper formalities, the agent conducts a detailed investigation regarding the accident.

6. The final decision of the claim depends on the previous step.

Benefits of personal accident insurance policy-

1. Monetary- Kind of obvious! The major benefit of a personal accident insurance personal accident insurance policy is in monetary terms. This policy covers your hospital expenses to third-party damages. Other perks of having a personal accident insurance policy are disability compensation, vehicle modification, and even family transportation! This is just basic. Truly speaking you cannot even imagine the advantages best personal accident policy in India provides.

2. Psychological- When the

personal accident insurance policy

covers your huge hospital bills, you are tension-free. Accept it or not! You are relieved at some level, at least psychologically. The perks in monetary terms directly affect the psychological state of the victim and his family.

Final Words

Remember, Insurance policies are not just any decision in your life. It is the decision that will have a huge impact on your as well as your family’s future. Make sure that you choose the option of the best personal accident policy in India. All the best!