Twenty-one handy tips to protect your home from burglary

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Twenty-one handy tips to protect your home from burglary  07th Oct 2021


Problems come uninvited, so do thieves. While modern technology makes it safer than before, no homes can be declared as "burglar-proof". The skills of burglars are advancing too with time. So, to avoid clever thieves from attacking your house and stealing valuables, you need to take considerable precautions. Below are the twenty-one tips to prevent burglary at your home so that you feel guarded.

1. Get a pet dog to guard your home: Most common and convenient option is to get a pet and train it to safeguard your home. Believe it or not, most thieves are badly scared of dogs!

2. Keep your spare keys in a place known only to you: Unlike old times, you cannot keep your spare key under a flowerpot or doormat. Unsurprisingly, invaders are aware of this trick. So, it is advisable to keep your keys at some safe place, or you can hand them over to your trustworthy neighbours till you return home.

3. Keep your car keys accessible to you: At the time of intrusion, you can make them scared by pressing the car alarm with your keys.

4. Always use the peephole before opening the door: Use the peephole to see who's outside, confirm the unknown person's identity, and then only open the door.

5. Draw curtains and blinds: Surely you won't like to give some stranger an option of window shopping to your home. To ensure privacy inside your house, make a habit of drawing curtains and blinds.

6. Be a friendly neighbour: A neighbourhood watch is one of the best ways to protect your home. Protect their home when they are not around and request them the same when you are away for a long period.

7. Install security cameras for surveillance: Make this one-time investment in installing CCTV outside your home premises. No invader will break in quickly.

8. Keep your valuables safe: Considering the worst case, even if the intruder breaks into your house, make sure that your valuables, essential documents, and ornaments are in a fireproof and password-protected safe or locker.

9. Hide expensive items: Don't keep your expensive items like jewellery, watches etc., at bay where everyone can see them. It's easier for visitors and strangers to scan through while you open the door for them.

10. Install a video doorbell camera: It is a modern-day alternative to the peephole, providing a better and broader view and a clear channel for communication.

11. Keep multiple layers of defence: Using a single door is not safe. Keeping fences, external gates on the entrance further prevent invaders.

12. Shift your door hinges: Doors having hinges outside are highly vulnerable. Anyone can break in with simple tools. So, make sure hinges are inside the home.

13. Shine a light of security: Having a light outside the home and keeping the gate well-lit makes burglary less possible. Burglars usually try to avoid attacking homes that have lights on!

14. Keep the external switches and wires covered: The invaders will likely break in after cutting the cables and CCTV camera connections. So, ensure that all the cables are covered safely and not visible to intruders.

15. Timely update and upgrade doors and locks: Old doors and locks are easily breakable and cannot provide durability. Update your locks and doors from time to time.

16. Use multiple locks: Like multiple doors, use multiple locks for additional protection.

17. Secure the windows: The window is a familiar and most found intruding means by which burglars break-in. Make it safer by using good quality windowpanes, glasses, and handle locks.

18. Declutter your door: When you are not at home, ask your neighbours or inform some friend to empty your garbage bin, collect your daily newspapers or any parcels and packages dropped at your doorstep.

19. Keep security signboards: 'This property/home is under the surveillance of CCTV.' Such signboards will easily break the will of an intruder, preventing them from entering your house.

20. Don't overshare or overexpose: Make wise use of social media. And don't overshare your personal information, things about the home, or any upcoming events and trips too. It might risk your home and privacy in the first place.

21. Get a home insurance plan: A good house insurance India plan guards your house against losses in case of a burglary. Your insurance company will reimburse the value of the lost items.

Phew! Many of the above tips will save your home from burglary and make it secure inside out in your day-to-day life. The future of safe homes lies in home automation or smart homes. If you have a reasonable budget, you can also opt for such options. However, thinking of additional protection for a home is not a wrong thought. So, always invest in home insurance that provides you additional protection.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.