Family on the road trip? What to know before you go

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Family on the road trip? What to know before you go  20th Sept 2021


Road trips are the best part of any vacation, and if it is with family, then nothing can be perfect than this. Family road trips can turn into a great time for everyone by strengthening the bond among the members.

A road trip can either feel like an exhausting chore with endless hours of constant irritation or a fun-filled adventure with memories that will last a lifetime. It depends entirely on planning a trip and what engaging elements you try to include during your journey.

Are you in a dilemma about how your family trip turns out to be? Then, before you hit the road, be sure to read our recommendations to prepare for a family road trip. These tips will help keep the children happy, parents sane, grandparents comfortable, and make your trip a memorable one.

1. Make frequent halts: Go on the internet to look for exciting places you can stop by on your way to keep everyone engaged. Even stopping at a regular park or a garden space allows everyone to stretch their bodies and get to enjoy themselves. You can also carry a Frisbee to play as these small fun activities keep the excitement intact for the long drive. Driving can be exhausting, so taking breaks helps the driver to de-stress and helps to regain concentration. Refreshment stops are a must. You can discover varieties of food and great highway-side restaurants if you decide to have a meal on the road.

2. Plan your route: Nowadays, most cars come equipped with GPS. Still, you should plan a route suitable for you before leaving. Check if the weather conditions, in any way, would affect your course. It is difficult and dangerous to drive on certain roads in monsoon season, especially the landslide-prone mountain areas. So, try to avoid them as some have traffic congestion while others may be blocked. Keep a physical paper map to navigate through the journey. It comes in handy when you lose a network connection. Plus, it will be a great real-life geography lesson for your kids while travelling.

3. Food and Entertainment: We can quickly be bored on a long trip. And we tend to eat whenever we are bored. So, pack healthy goodies like sandwiches, protein bars, and fruits. Avoid carrying and consuming eatables that can make a person with motion sickness feel nauseous. Instead of sitting in your car and uncomfortably having your meal, you can also plan a picnic at a rest stop or try new hotels and dhabas on your way. Another solution for boredom is to have some good entertainment. Enjoy some good music, make a playlist with songs that everyone likes. Audiobooks are a great way to listen and learn something new.

4. Get comfortable, but safety first: Carry a couple of comforters, blankets, and pillows to ensure a refreshing nap. A neck pillow can be a favourite item for long drives. Along with comfort, ensuring safety is also essential. Make sure to buckle your kids safely in a car seat or a booster seat. Also, have an emergency first-aid kit ready with you. Check your car's tires, oil changing status, wirings, and level of fuel. Carelessness on the roads is something that you cannot afford to do, especially with your family and kids.

What do you think about going on long road trips with your family? With Covid restrictions easing out, you can now plan a long road trip soon to make some priceless memories with your family. Before you leave, double-check your driver's license and other essential papers like PUC and motor insurance. As online motor insurance is available, you don't need a hard copy of the documents; a soft copy will be enough. Nonetheless, have a fun drive, and enjoy a vacation with family!

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