A Comprehensive Health Insurance Checklist

A Comprehensive Health Insurance Checklist  09th Oct 2019

The health of you and your family is something that cannot be traded. You must make sure in all walks of life that it is well taken care of, and that if something falls stray, you have good health insurance to back things up.

If you are looking to

buy health insurance in India

for your parents, then you should put special effort into choosing a policy which caters to the need of growing age — a policy which has an extended cover period at reasonable rates.

Here is a checklist that you can follow to make sure that you make the best out of your health insurance.

Claim settlement rate

One of the deciding factors that you should look at while buying a health insurance policy is the claim settlement rate. The higher the claim settlement rate of a company, the quicker is the process of payout. A higher settlement rate also means that the insurance provider is doing a good job with administering the policy so that no hindrances come at bay when the insured individuals decide to make a claim.

Hospitalization expenses

Medical fees, especially the pre and post hospitalization expenses, can leave you sweating. It would be best if you opted for health insurance which covers your entire hospitalization cost for free. A good insurance policy should pay for your visit to the doctor, prescribed medicines, surgeries, hospitalization costs, and follow up investigations.

Network of hospitals

Accidents and ailments can happen anytime, anywhere. Thus, you should opt for a policy that has a wide network of partner hospitals, so that you or your family can be treated anytime, anywhere, without having to move to a different place. More importantly. All of this should be free of cost. Having accessibility to good hospitals can not only save you time but also save you much money which you might have to shell out with travelling.

Support for daycare

To claim your health insurance, you should be hospitalized for at least 24 hours. However, there are several cases that do not require hospitalization. All they need is daycare — someone to take care of you while you are bedridden, perhaps at home, or even going around with a disease such as cataracts and neurological problems where you are still quite functional, if not completely. To have this covered, opt for a policy that provides maximum daycare support.

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