Things to Know before bike alterations

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Things to Know before bike alterations  09th Oct 2019

If you are someone who loves riding bikes, then you would not mind spending hours end on trying to make the best out of it, modifying it so that it stands out and reflects your personality.

However, before you decide to start modifying your bike, it’s advisable to get it past your warranty period, so that you won’t be missing out on the factory servicing — something which can otherwise cost you quite a bit.

When you are ready to modify your bike, you need to make sure you have received all the legal permission from the respective local bodies, just to make sure that your modded engine fits well with the law.

Performance modification

A performance mod enhances your bike’s performance. However, insurers are quite wary of you doing it, as it may call for higher risk of accidents. For example, if the mod increases the top speed of your bike, it will go faster, thus increasing the chance of road accidents. To deal with these, insurance companies might increase your premium rates.

Visual modifications

Often, people like to decorate their beloved motorbikes in a way which reflects their personality. A large part of it includes paint jobs and additional frames that give the body a different and unique look. However, a good looking bike — one which particularly stands out — is more prone to theft. Knowing this, insurance companies tend to increase premium rates.

However, if you make some cosmetic changes to your bike — colour, mirrors, and such — then your insurance premiums might not increase. The increase in the premiums is directly proportional to the value of the bike — a basic rule of thumb.

Installing anti-theft devices

If you are particularly wary of your bike being stolen, then you can add an anti-theft device to it. Such gadgets are available easily in the market and work on a GPS system which helps you track your bike, in case it is stolen. It is a great security feature and can also be used to reduce the premium of your bike, as a good security measure in place ensures that there are reduced chances of your bike being stolen. This way, insurance companies have one less thing to worry about.

To make sure that your mod job is right, you must get in touch with a good mechanic and designer who can suggest you the best parts for your bike. It is also essential that you get two-wheeler insurance in India to make sure that your bike is protected from thefts and accidents. Magma HDI

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comes with attractive premium rates and support for anti-theft devices, which makes sure that the future of your bike is safe.