Know how yoga and meditation are taking centre stage in the workplace as stress relievers

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Know how yoga and meditation are taking centre stage in the workplace as stress relievers  28th Sept 2021


Work-related stress is a significant public health issue affecting a massive population of people doing desk jobs. And, yoga has proved to be an effective way to manage this stress. Even the simplest forms of yoga and meditation can help you melt away the majority of your stress.

To raise awareness for well-being, International Yoga Day on the 21 June has become very popular in recent years. More and more people now understand the benefits of this three-thousand-year-old practice. Both meditation and yoga are increasingly finding their way into the corporate world as these small healthy practices performed on the desk can be a lifesaver. The rising demand for workplace health has created a greater priority for corporates to focus on the art of living, yoga, and other mindful activities in offices.

But why do companies care about employee well-being?
Good physical and mental health can result in efficiency and greater job satisfaction at the workplace. Also, studies have pointed out that poor employee healthcare is costing a massive loss to the companies. Hence, companies are adopting wellness programs to cut down medical leaves, paid health insurance policies, and other expenses related to health services. When employees are healthy, they can perform better and contribute more to the organization.

One might even think, why not just buy everyone a stress-relieving toy? It would save company's time and money, right? Well, that is not the complete solution. Here, yoga and meditation stand out from everything else; it has multiple benefits that make it a good choice as a stress reliever. A few of the benefits of yoga are listed below.

Improved concentration: Often a busy schedule including endless meetings, deadlines, unlimited calls and emails to answer can create chaos in your mind, which affects your focus on tasks and prevents you from making intelligent decisions. Yoga and meditation can effectively help you stop these unnecessary noises in your brain meddling with your productivity and freeing the mind clutter.

It is not always necessary to physically visit your 'silent corner or happy place'; just a quick mental trip can do the job for you. For example, many yoga practices increase the blood circulation in our body, which improves the brain function for a sharp and focused mind.

Prevents burnouts: Working round the clock is bound to create a feeling of tiredness, which lowers energy levels and burnouts in the long run. We recommend doing any sort of physical activity like stretching or even standing every 30 minutes because it significantly increases your blood circulation and oxygenation rate, which are both highly crucial to energy production. Yoga stretches help to get your heart pumping and blood flowing.

Taking deep breaths and filling your lungs with fresh air can help your anxious mind find some peace and comfort.

Do you think everyone needs yoga? If only a few people are stressed out, will it affect others too? To answer your question, yes! Stressed employees are more likely to be agitated and irritated, which disrupts the peace in the office and negatively affects the work environment causing everyone to be less motivated. A harmonious workplace is necessary to achieve excellence as productivity increases when employees are collaborative and willing to help.

Companies are driving health campaigns in their premises to promote a healthy work environment by encouraging everyone to do yoga and meditation. The corporate sector also makes investments in online health insurance for employees to secure their finances during a health crisis.

Encouraging employees to take ten minutes out of their work hours to practice a few stretches and breathing exercises can help create an active, less stressed, and supportive system that is far more productive and cost-efficient for organizations. So follow this mantra and see the magic happen!

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